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Contract on friendship and cooperation between the Republic of Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan

of May 19, 1993

The Republic of Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan, the hereinafter referred to as High contracting parties,

relying on the existing communications, friendship and traditions of mutual respect between their people,

considering that further strengthening and expansion of historically developed friendship and mutually beneficial cooperation are equitable to interests of the people of both states, being guided by the purposes and the principles of Articles of organization of the United Nations,

confirming the commitment to the Helsinki Final act of CSCE and to other fundamental documents on safety and cooperation in Europe and Asia,

recognizing priority of international law in the relations between the states,

proceeding from desire to build the interstate relations on the basis of mutual understanding, justice, equality and non-interference to internal affairs,

wishing to develop the bilateral relations in political, economic, cultural, scientific areas for the purpose of deepening of mutually beneficial cooperation and trust between them, aiming at consolidation of the universal peace and international cooperation, decided to sign this Agreement and agreed as follows:

Article 1

High contracting parties in the mutual relations and in the international activities act as the sovereign, equal, friendly states and develop the relations on the basis of the principles of respect of independence and the state sovereignty of both countries, equality and non-interference to internal affairs of each other.

Article 2

High contracting parties shall interact for the purpose of strengthening of the world, preserving stability and safety both in regional, and in global measurements.

In case of the situation creating according to one of High contracting parties, threat to peace which is committing breach of the peace in the region or on the Euroasian continent, and also violating the essential interests of its safety, High contracting parties put in action the mechanism of joint consultations for the purpose of coordination of the line items and taking measures for elimination of the arisen threat.

Article 3

High contracting parties will not participate in any unions or blocks directed against any of them. High contracting parties not allow uses of the territories, systems of communications and other infrastructures by the third state for implementation of aggression against other High contracting party, not to give any help to the third states in case of armed conflicts from one of High contracting parties.

Article 4

High contracting parties are recognized and respect territorial integrity and inviolability of nowadays existing borders of the Republic of Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan. High contracting parties will prohibit and stop according to the legislation creation and unlawful activity in the territories of the organizations and groups, and also the actions of individuals directed against independence, territorial integrity of each of the states or to aggravation of the international relations.

Article 5

High contracting parties according to the universally international standards about human rights, and also taking into account the national legal system guarantee to persons living in their territories, the equal rights and freedoms irrespective of their national or other distinctions.

Article 6

High contracting parties guarantee the rights of persons belonging to ethnic minorities to fully perform human rights and fundamental freedoms in the conditions of their full equality before the law.

High contracting parties promote development and provide protection of ethnic, cultural, language and religious identity of ethnic minorities or ethnic groups of other High contracting party in the territory and create conditions for promotion of this originality.

Article 7

Shall expand and deepen high contracting parties bilateral mutually advantageous economic and sci-tech cooperation for the purpose of the maximum use of the potentials, to develop interaction forms in the field of economic transformations, to hold mutual consultations in the field of monetary, monetarist, tax and price policy.

Each of High contracting parties will inform beforehand other High contracting party on the economic decisions affecting its rights and legitimate interests and also will abstain from implementation of the unilateral measures destabilizing economic situation of other High contracting party.

Article 8

High contracting parties will encourage in every possible way various Forms of cooperation and direct connections between the companies, Firms and other subjects of economic cooperation of both states. High contracting parties will provide favorable economic, financial and legal conditions for business and other economic activity, including stimulation and protection of mutual investments.

For the purpose of accomplishment of provisions of this Article High contracting parties will sign free intergovernmental agreements.

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