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The agreement between the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Government of Georgia on cooperation in the field of sport

of September 17, 1996

The government of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Government of Georgia which further are referred to as with "Parties"

being guided by aspiration to development of good-neighbourhood and sports bonds between the people of both countries,

confirming the commitment to the purposes and the principles of the Olympic Charter,

accepted the following cooperative principles:

Article 1 Exchange of Teams and Delegations

1. The parties will promote the organization of mutual meetings of the high-ranking heads of sport for the purpose of carrying out consultations on bilateral cooperation.

2. The parties, under approval, will promote exchange of delegations of heads of the sports organizations and federations for the purpose of approval of bilateral sports ties, and also to carrying out mutual consultations on problems of the international sports and Olympic Movement.

3. The parties will promote mutual participation in competitions and the international sporting events which will be held in these two countries.

4. The parties will promote exchange of teams and clubs on desirable sports for the purpose of holding training camps, joint trainings, friendly and match plays.

5. The parties will participate in scientific seminars concerning sport which will be held in both countries.

6. The parties, by agreement, will promote exchange of trainers and desirable sports specialists.

The article 2 Exchange of information, scientific works and programs in the field of physical culture and sport, sports science and medicine

1. The parties will take necessary measures for exchange of information in the field of sport, sports science and medicine, to experience of training of high-class athletes and sports reserves.

2. The parties will promote exchange of delegations of sports clubs, constructions, the centers for training of athletes, workers of system of physical training and training of trainer's and teaching personnel of two countries.

3. The parties will take necessary measures for ensuring mutual exchange of the scientific, educational sports books requested by other Party, editions and movies, and also the last achievements for different types of sport at the different levels and in all age groupes.

4. The parties provide preparation and retraining of trainers, teachers, research and educational personnel of different types in higher educational institutions.

Article 3 Exchange of Sportswear, equipment and stock

The parties will take necessary measures for studying of requirement and satisfaction of needs of the Parties in acquisition of sportswear, the equipment and stock and for this purpose to promote creation of joint businesses on release of sports goods, the equipment and their realization.

Article 4 International cooperation

The parties will exchange opinions and to coordinate the activities for the questions concerning the international and sports movement.

The article 5 Cooperation in construction and reconstruction of sports constructions

The parties taking into account the production capacities cooperate in case of construction and reconstruction of sports constructions.

Article 6 Financial expenses

1. The country directing sports delegations and teams pays their road to the capital of the host party and back.

2. The host party foots the bill on accommodation of visitors. The parties as necessary draw up additional working protocols and approvals which specify forms of mutual cooperation.

Article 7 Entry into force

This agreement becomes effective from the date of signing and will be valid before the expiration of six months from date when one of the Parties sends the written notice to other Party about intention to stop its action.

It is made in Tbilisi on September 17, 1996 in duplicate in the Kazakh, Georgian and Russian languages, and all texts are equally authoritative.

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