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Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan and Government of Georgia on procedure for transit

of September 17, 1996

The government of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Government of Georgia, hereinafter referred to as "Contracting parties",

being guided by the principles of respect of state interests of Contracting Parties, proceeding from the friendship existing between both Contracting Parties

recognizing need of implementation and development of transport movement through the territory of the states,

confirming the commitment to the principles of the international relations,

agreed as follows.

Article 1

For the purposes of this agreement the terms below have the following value:

a) "the third countries" - the states which are not participating in this agreement;

b) "transit movement" - following of people, vehicles, baggage, loads, including goods, the international mailings of one Contracting Party when such pass with overload, warehousing, separation and collection of consignments or change of type of vehicles or without these actions is only part of the complete way which is beginning and coming to an end outside the transit State territory;

c) "transit State" - the state through which territory transit movement is performed;

d) "vehicles" - railway rolling stock, road transport, ocean, river crafts, oil and gas pipelines, and also other modes of transport.

Article 2

Contracting parties grant each other the right of implementation of transit movement through the territories of the states according to provisions of this agreement and the national legal system of the states of Contracting Parties.

Article 3

Contracting parties will not levy transit movement duty, taxes and fees within interstate agreements, except for the charges levied for the specific services rendered in connection with ensuring transport movement.

Article 4

1. The loads which are taken out to the third states and not drawn up by customs of the state of departure are not allowed to transit through the territories of the states of Contracting Parties and to the omission to the third states. Such loads linger on the territory of the transit State and return for customs clearance to the state of departure. All expenses connected with transit delay belong on account of the sender.

2. Passing of load across the territory of the transit State is regulated according to the international rules of transportations.

3. Transportation of particular loads and military products is regulated by the free standing agreement.

Article 5

Competent authorities of Contracting Parties provide each other freight lists, prohibited to import, export and transit through their territory.

Article 6

1. The forwarding services, surveyor and agency transactions and services connected with ensuring transit movement will be carried out by the companies and the organizations having the licenses granted by competent authorities of Contracting Parties.

Contracting parties will assist in opening of representative offices of these companies and organizations.

2. The sizes of the rates and charges applied in the territory of the state of each of Contracting Parties to calculation of expenses on accomplishment of the specified transactions shall not exceed price level and the charges established according to international agreements which participants are Contracting Parties.

Article 7

Payments according to this agreement will be made according to the intergovernmental trade payment agreement when it is transported according to the state order, in other cases payments will be made by direct transfers between buyers and sellers.

Article 8

Customs formalities concerning the transit movement which is performed through the territories of the states of Contracting Parties will be reduced to minimum. Competent authorities of Contracting Parties will not check transit cargoes and baggage if serious reasons to believe are not had that the objects prohibited to transportation by the domestic legislation of the transit State are transported. It will be performed in this case according to the customs legislation of transit countries.

Article 9

Contracting parties will grant each other the rights and privileges established owing to special geographical location of the states which do not have outlet to the sea according to the principles and rules of international law.

Article 10

The matters of argument connected with interpretation and application of provisions of this agreement will be solved competent authorities of Contracting Parties by negotiations.

Article 11

Entering of amendments and changes into provisions of this agreement shall be approved and drawn up by competent authorities of Contracting Parties in writing.

Article 12

In this agreement sense competent authorities are: from the Kazakhstan Side:

under Articles 6 and 10 - the Ministry of Transport and Communications of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

under Articles 5 and 8 - Customs committee of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

from the Georgian Side:

under Articles 6 and 8 - the Ministry of transport of Georgia;

under Articles 5, 8 and 10 - Customs department of Georgia.

Article 13

This agreement becomes effective from the date of the notification on accomplishment by the Contracting Parties of the interstate procedures necessary for its entry into force which signed it.

This agreement is signed for a period of 5 years. Its action will be prolonged automatically for the next five-year periods until one of Contracting Parties at least in 6 months notifies other Contracting Party on the termination of its action.

The obligations undertaken by both Contracting Parties according to this agreement keep the force and after the termination of its action up to their full implementation.

It is made in the city of Tbilisi on September 17, 1996 in duplicate, everyone in the Kazakh, Georgian and Russian languages, and all texts are equally authoritative.


For the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan

For the Government of Georgia

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