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The agreement on cooperation between National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan and National Bank of Moldova in the field of exchange of information and researches in financial bank system

till September 17, 2003

The National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan and National Bank of Moldova which are hereinafter referred to as "Party"

based on intentions on further development of cooperation of the Parties, proceeding from mutual interests of the Parties on development of economies and financial banking sectors of the states of the Parties,

aiming at closer cooperation in the field of information and statistical exchange for the purpose of development of instruments of monetary policy and the financial markets,

agreed as follows:

Article 1

The parties will perform regular exchange of statistical and other information on the main indicators of economic, monetary, financial and bank statistics on the approved list which is integral part of this agreement (is applied).

If one of the Parties has no possibility of submission of any information from the approved list because of its absence, it will not be the refusal basis in submission of such information by other Party.

Article 2

Mutual exchange of information and experience of research work is performed in the area:

macroeconomic analysis and forecasting (creation of macromodels); cash (monetary) analysis and forecasting;

financial programming;

monitoring and analysis of the financial markets;

monitoring of real production sector;

exchange rate and currency control.

Article 3

The parties will exchange experience of development of techniques of collection and assessment of information.

Article 4

The parties will exchange copies of regulatory legal acts of national legal systems of the states of the Parties regulating the areas stipulated in Article 2 of this agreement.

The parties direct each other the special periodicals and publications founded by them or with their participation.

Article 5

For the purpose of this agreement, the Parties will organize periodic carrying out joint surveys, seminars, conferences, training, working meetings on the most topical issues and problems.

Article 6

The parties routinely, through the authorized representatives, determine order of interaction and cooperation for implementation is more whole than this agreement. Authorized representatives of the Parties are the divisions which are engaged in researches and the analysis through which working contacts are performed.

The expenses connected with submission of information and business trips of authorized employees are paid by the Party providing information and sending to official journey.

Article 7

The parties agreed that in submission of this or that information (material) or regulatory legal act, and also for the purposes of this agreement can be refused making of any action if it is necessary in state interests. In this case, causes of failure are in writing reported and the refused Party shall take all measures for rendering other possible assistance to the requesting Party.

Article 8

Changes and additions which are drawn up by the relevant protocol which is its integral part can be made to this agreement.

Article 9

Any disputes and disagreements between the Parties concerning interpretation or application of provisions of this agreement, and also other disagreements concerning obligations of the Parties within this agreement will be permitted by negotiation and consultations.

Article 10

This agreement becomes effective from the date of its signing and is not limited on effective period.

Each of the Parties has the right to denounce this agreement, in advance having notified in writing other Party, at least in 2 months prior to the termination of its action. It is made in Chisinau on September 17, 2003 in two authentic copies, everyone in the Kazakh, Moldavian and Russian languages, and all texts have identical legal force. In case of disagreements in interpretation of provisions of this agreement, the Parties will address to the text in Russian.


For National Bank

Republic of Kazakhstan

For National Bank



to the Agreement on cooperation between National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan and National Bank of Moldova in the field of exchange of information and researches in financial bank system

¦   ¦Показатели                                              ¦Период ¦
¦1  ¦Информация из сводного баланса банков Республики        ¦       ¦
¦   ¦Остатки средств на корреспондентских счетах банков      ¦       ¦
¦   ¦и других учреждений в учреждениях национального         ¦       ¦
¦   ¦(центрального) банка                                    ¦       ¦
+---+--------------------------------------------------------+-------¦                                                        ¦       ¦
¦   ¦Фонд для регулирования кредитных ресурсов банковской    ¦       ¦
¦   ¦системы (резервный фонд)                                ¦       ¦
+---+--------------------------------------------------------+-------¦                                                       ¦       ¦
¦   ¦Краткосрочные кредиты, всего                            ¦       ¦
+---+--------------------------------------------------------+-------¦                                                             ¦       ¦
¦   ¦в т.ч. в национальной валюте                            ¦       ¦
+---+--------------------------------------------------------+-------¦                                                             ¦       ¦
¦   ¦       в иностранной валюте                             ¦       ¦
+---+--------------------------------------------------------+-------¦                                                             ¦       ¦
¦   ¦Долгосрочные кредиты, всего                             ¦       ¦
+---+--------------------------------------------------------+-------¦                                                             ¦       ¦
¦   ¦в т.ч. в национальной валюте                            ¦       ¦
+---+--------------------------------------------------------+-------¦                                                             ¦       ¦
¦   ¦       в иностранной валюте            


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