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Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan and Government of the Republic of Belarus on the principles of trade and economic cooperation

of September 16, 1992

The government of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Government of the Republic of Belarus which further are referred to as with the Parties based on mutual interest in expansion of trade and economic relations, creating favorable conditions for development of the market relations between subjects of both republics, agreed as follows:

Article 1

The trade and economic cooperation between the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Republic of Belarus is performed on the principles of equality and mutual advantage and based on the arrangement between the central and territorial authorities of public administration, is direct between business entities, irrespective of patterns of ownership and organizational subordination, with observance of the legal acts existing in both republics. Responsibility for accomplishment of undertaken obligations is born by the subjects who signed agreements.

Article 2

The parties will determine till November 1, 1992 amounts (quotas) of mutual deliveries of the major types of products and goods, including the state needs for 1993, and also will take necessary measures for the conclusion till December 15, 1992 of the relevant contracts (agreements).

The procedure and amounts of mutual deliveries are drawn up by annually special Protocol which is integral part of this agreement.

The parties will provide through the relevant republican organs state regulation of deliveries of products and the goods necessary for the state needs specified in appendices.

The parties will apply economic incentives and sanctions to ensuring interest and responsibility of product suppliers according to the legal acts existing in the territory of the republics.

The parties will provide through bodies of the state statistics quarterly accounting of amounts of mutually deliveries of products and goods and exchange of information about the course of their accomplishment.

Article 3

The parties will promote deepening developed and to establishment of new direct connections between business entities, paying special attention to preserving taking into account the developing production volumes of cooperation supply of raw materials, materials, semifinished products and components.

Article 4

The parties will enhance integration processes within the Common Economic Space and to promote creation of joint businesses, including with participation of the third countries. Conditions of construction and the equity beginnings of joint businesses and distribution of products made by them is determined by separate agreements.

Article 5

The parties will provide legal protection of property of the existing and newly created joint businesses, other state-owned property, property of legal entities and citizens of one republic which is in the territory of other republic.

Article 6

The parties confirm use of ruble in calculations and payments for deliveries of products, goods and rendering services. In case of introduction of one of the Parties of national currency settlement between subjects is performed on the rate determined by the special intergovernmental agreement.

The parties will pursue the coordinated policy of the prices aimed at providing mutually advantageous economic conditions to business entities taking into account gradual transition in 1993-1994 to world structure of the prices.

The parties shall exercise control of observance of coordinated policy of pricing, applying economic sanctions to violators.

Mutual exchange of information about the accepted regulating documents on pricing, and also about the level of free prices for the most important types of products shall provide the parties.

Payment and settlement and credit relations of the Parties are governed by free standing agreements.

Article 7

The parties agreed to keep the existing procedure for driving of vehicles of both republics through their territories, to provide free transportation of transit cargoes of other Party, including export. In need of the Party will charge to the relevant state bodies to sign the agreements with state bodies of the third countries determining procedure for transfer of oil, oil products, gas and overflow of the electric power for own needs.

Article 8

The parties agreed not to allow re-export of mutually delivered goods without preliminary approval of this question of regulating authorities of the republics, authorized their Governments.

Article 9

The parties shall take the coordinated measures for ensuring effective joint operation of state bodies for accomplishment of this agreement and resolve the evolving questions of mutual consultations, for the operational solution of the arising problems to create permanent working groups.

Article 10

The parties will promote signing by the ministries and departments of the republics of the agreements, agreements or protocols in other directions of economic, scientific and technical and cultural cooperation expressing mutual interest and the developed comprehensive bonds directed to further expansion.

Article 11

The parties will provide the emergency help each other in cases of the natural disasters, catastrophic crashes and accidents which happened in the territory of one of the republics.

Article 12

This agreement can be changed and added by agreement the Parties.

Article 13

This agreement becomes effective since January 1, 1993 and will be effective until one of the Parties does not notify in writing other Party in time at least in six months on the intention to stop its action.

From coming into force of this agreement the Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Belarus and the Government of the Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic on the principles of trade and economic cooperation of November 20, 1991 stops the action.

It is made in the city of Alma-Ata on September 16, 1992 in duplicate, everyone in the Kazakh, Belarusian and Russian languages, at the same time all texts have equal force.

In case of disagreements in case of interpretation of any Article of this agreement the text in Russian is help.

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