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Ministry of Justice

Republic of Tajikistan 

 On April 11, 2013 No. 2-636

No. 1136 is ratified by the Resolution of Majlisi namoyandagon of Majlisi Oli of the Republic of Tajikistan of April 3, 2013

The charter of the International agency on renewable energy

of January 26, 2009

Article I.

The agency is based on the principle of equality of all the members and pays due attention to observance of the sovereign rights and competences of the members when implementing by the activities.

Article II. Purposes

The agency promotes wide circulation and the increased implementation, and also steady use of all forms of renewable sources of energies, in view of:

a) the national and internal priorities to benefit received from the combined approach to renewable energy resources and measure for energy efficiency.

b) contribution which is made by renewable energy resources in preserving the environment by means of restriction of pressure on natural resources and deforestation reduction, in particular, cuttings down of rainforests, desertification and reducing biological diversity in protection of climate, in the economic growth and social unity, including liquidation of poverty and sustainable development, in access to power supply and its safety to regional development and the cross liability of generations.

Article III. Determination

In this Charter the term "renewable energy" means all forms of the energy which is constantly developed by renewable sources which, in particular include:

1. bioenergy;

2. geothermal power;

3. hydroelectric power;

4. energy of the ocean, including in addition, tidal energy wave energy and heat energy of the ocean;

5. solar energy;

6. wind energy.

Article IV. Activities

A. Being the center of the high level of development of technology of use renewed by power source and being effective as the coordinator and the initiator providing the work experience for practical application and policy giving support on all questions relating to renewable energy resources and also the help to the countries in extraction of benefit from effective development and knowledge transfers and technologies. The agency performs the following types of activity.

In particular, for the benefit of the members the Agency:

a) analyzes, controls and without obligations concerning policy of members the current practicians in the field of renewable energy resources, including tools of policy, Mary systematizes encouragement, investment mechanisms, the common practices available to technology, the integrated systems and the equipment, and also the factors influencing their success.

b) initiates discussion and provides interaction with other government organizations and communities in this and other respective areas;

c) provides recommendations about development of policy and assistance to the members about their request, in view of their corresponding requirements, and also stimulates the international discussions about policy in the field of renewable energy resources and its framework conditions;

d) enhances the corresponding knowledge transfer and technologies and promotes development of local opportunities and competence of state members, including necessary interrelation,

e) offers the members actions for increase in potential, included preparation and training;

f) provides to the members, on тсс to request, the recommendation concerning financing of the activities connected with renewable energy resources and also promotes use of the related mechanisms;

g) stimulates and supports research work, including social and economic problems, and promotes development of research networks, joint surveys, development and use of technologies;

Ь) provides information on development and application of the national and international technical standards concerning renewable energy resources based on the correct understanding owing to active participation in the corresponding forums.

2. Besides, the Agency distributes information and increases awareness on benefits and potential of renewable energy resources.

B. When implementing the activities the Agency:

1. is effective according to whole and to the principles of the United Nations on assistance to the world and international cooperation, and according to policy of the Organization Integrated the Nations, promoting sustainable development:

2. distributes the resources so that to provide their effective use for the purpose of the relevant decision of all the purposes, and performs the activities for achievement of the greatest possible benefit for the members to in all regions of the world, in view of special needs of developing countries and the isolated and remote regions and islands:

3. closely cooperates and aims to establish mutually beneficial relations with the existing organizations to the organizations to avoid excess duplication of work, and also is based, effectively and productively uses resources and the activities performed by the governments, other organizations and the agencies which pursue the aim of promotion of renewable energy resources.

C. Agency:

1. annually submits to members the report on the activities;

2. informs members on the provided recommendation about development of policy;

3. informs members in consultation and cooperation with the existing international organizations which performs the activities of this area, and their work.

Article V. Working program and works

A. The agency performs the activities on the basis of the annual working programs prepared by the Secretariat, considered by Council and approved by Assembly.

B. The agency can except the working programs, after consultation with the members and, in case of discrepancy in opinion, after approval by Assembly, perform the projects offered and financed by members on condition of availability of non-material resources of the Agency.

Article VI. Membership

A. Membership is open for those states which are organization members of the United nation and the regional intergovernmental economic integration organizations showing willingness capable to perform the activities according to the activities purposes stated in this Charter. To have the right to membership in the Agency, the regional intergovernmental economic integration organization shall be founded sovereign state, at least, one of which is member of the Agency and to which its state members betrayed powers at least, on one of questions which enter competence of the Agency.

B. Such states and the regional intergovernmental economic integration organizations become:

1. founder members of the Agency through signing of this Charter and delivery on storage of the ratification letter:


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