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The declaration on further deepening of full cooperation and friendship between the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Republic of Uzbekistan

of June 2, 1997

The Republic of Kazakhstan and the Republic of Uzbekistan which further are referred to as "Party" proceeding from mutual aspiration of the people of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Republic of Uzbekistan to further strengthening and development of friendship and cooperation,

recognizing need of implementation of specific practical measures on deepening of economic integration, scientific and technical, cultural and humanitarian cooperation,

convinced that the developed partnership will also promote further expansion and deepening of interstate cooperation in political, trade and economic and welfare spheres from now on,

based on provisions of the Treaty of friendship, cooperation and mutual aid between the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Republic of Uzbekistan of June 24, 1992, other arrangements between the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Republic of Uzbekistan,

noting that the arrangements reached during negotiations on June 2-3, 1997 in Almaty allow to fill with qualitatively new content traditionally friendly bonds between both states,

declare as follows:

1. The parties intend and to develop the relations on bases of friendship, consent and mutually beneficial cooperation, mutual support of rate to strengthening of sovereignty and independence, on the principles of peaceful settlement of disputes, non-interference to internal affairs and equality from now on.

2. The parties will make all necessary efforts in assistance to development of cooperation and mutual understanding, to strengthening of stability and safety in Central Asia. They will consult for this purpose within the UN, OSCE and other international and regional organizations which members they are, in volume number concerning development of democratic institutes and the rights and fundamental freedoms of the person.

3. The parties condemn ethnic, racial and religious intolerance and consider deepening of the cross-cultural relations and development of economic cooperation as method of the prevention of emergence of new dividing lines in the world.

4. The parties emphasize need of cooperation within the international organizations and forums for the purpose of development and adoption of specific decisions concerning assistance of integration of countries with economies in transition into world system of managing.

5. The parties on the basis of mutual interest will activate the bilateral economic relations at the different levels. They will take necessary measures for assistance in mutual trade to economic integration processes and creation of favorable legal regime for physical persons and legal entities when implementing of economic interaction by them.

The parties will develop and deepen cooperation within the Common economic space.

6. The trade and economic cooperation between the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Republic of Uzbekistan will be under construction on the principles of free trade, based on the prices developing in the world market, equal economic and legal conditions for business entities, creation of the total market of goods, services, the capitals and labor power, interaction in scientific and technical, production, investment, financial, transport and social spheres.

7. The parties will encourage all forms of trade exchange, active participation of the small and medium companies in economic cooperation, exchange of necessary commercial and economic information, opinions and experiment on financial and economic policy, to promote education and activities of joint businesses, development of other progressive forms of cooperation of the national capitals in production, investment, bank and commercial spheres.

8. The parties are considered necessary to provide step-by-step forming of effective payment and settlement system.

9. The parties will expand cooperation in the field of transit and transport communications and will provide in the territories of the states favorable conditions for transportation of their passengers and loads automobile, railway, air and other modes of transport.

10. The parties will promote establishment and development of commercial, cultural, scientific and technical and other relations between the separate companies, organizations, and also the cities, areas, areas and other regions of both states.

11. The parties will develop cooperation in the field of protection and recovery of the environment, fight against effects of environmental disasters and anthropogenous impact on the environment, including in cross-border aspect and will pay special attention to problems of the basin of the Aral Sea.

12. The parties, recognizing importance of the cultural cooperation promoting strengthening of mutual understanding between the people of two countries will welcome and encourage cultural exchanges at the different levels.

13. The parties will develop and strengthen cooperation in the field of fight against illegal distribution of drugs and psychotropic substances, other types of dangerous crimes and to promote for this purpose interaction of law enforcement agencies of both states.

14. The parties will deepen interaction and cooperation in all other spheres and the directions which are of mutual interest in the field of democratic transformations and market reforms for the benefit of their people.


President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N. A. Nazarabev

President of the Republic of Uzbekistan I. A. Karimov

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