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of August 20, 2003 No. 996

About approval of Regulations on labeling of means of household chemicals

(as amended on 03-10-2018)

Based on part (1) article 2 of the Law No. 105/2003 on consumer protection (repeated publication: The official monitor of the Republic of Moldova, 2011, Art. No. 176-181, 513) DECIDES: the Government of the Republic of Moldova

1. Approve:

Regulations on labeling of means of household chemicals according to appendix No. 2.

2. Determine that Norma on labeling of means of household chemicals are represent sanitary regulations and are applied to all means of household chemicals in the market of Moldova and are obligatory for all producers acting in non-food industry irrespective of type of property and form of business.

3. To the ministries and departments, producers of non-food industry in 12-month time to bring the regulating documents, means of household chemicals into compliance with the specified regulations.

4. The products which are in warehouses or products concerning which contracts before entry into force of this resolution were signed can be realized with earlier put label before liquidation of these inventories no more than 12 months in time.

5. To the Ministry of Health, work and social protection:

develop and approve in 7-month time from the effective date of this resolution sanitary standards on labeling of games and toys, cosmetic and perfumery products;

submit within 4-month term to the Government of the offer on modification and amendments in the Code of Administrative Offences.

6. This resolution becomes effective in 30-day time from the date of publication.

7. To impose control over the implementation of this resolution on the bodies equipped with functions of control within their competence.


Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova

Vasile Tarlev

Deputy Prime Minister,

Minister of Agriculture

and food industry



Dmitry Todoroglo

Minister of Health

Andrejs Hermann

Minister of Finance

Zinaida Grechany

Minister of Industry

Mikhail Garshtya

Minister of Justice

To Vasile Dolgiyer

Appendix №1

to the Order of the Government of the Republic of Moldova of August 20, 2003 No. 996

Regulations on labeling of foodstuff

Voided according to the Order of the Government of 03.10.2018 No. 956


Appendix № 2

to the Order of the Government of the Republic of Moldova of August 20, 2003 No. 996

Regulations on labeling of means of household chemicals

I. General concepts

For the purposes of this Regulations the provided terms and expressions mean the following:

the label - any written, printing, lithographed, engraved or illustrated text containing elements of identification of product and, if necessary, the instruction for application which accompanies the product provided to the consumer for realization or is applied on its packaging.

The label may contain in addition written or attached designations and other ecological signs, and also advertizing elements with observance of legal provisions.

Means of household chemicals include: synthetic laundry detergents, detergents and care products;

synthetic laundry detergent - product which chemical composition was specially created for removal of pollution in the water circle, containing the main highly active substances (surfactants) and in addition various chemical compounds in the structure (chemical additives, excipients, substances for conditioning, additives);

ingredient - any substance or medicine of synthetic or organic origin which are part of one product;

care product - chemical medicine which improves basis of textile material after washing and contains maximum to 10% of fatty acids;

cleaner - the difficult chemical means intended for cleaning and sink of household objects and ware.

II. Obligatory data on labeling of goods

1. On the label or on packaging of the means of household chemicals realized to the population the following characteristic identification elements and data for the consumer are specified:

a) commercial name of goods;

b) name and address of the producer;

c) the content net specified in unit of measure of weight or amount;

d) the chemical composition according to Item 2 provisions;

e) the instructions for storage, application and dispensing for recommended scopes edited or, if necessary, translated into state language, precautionary measures.

2. The chemical composition registers with indication of availability of the following substances if their concentration exceeds % 0,2:



highly active anions;

highly active cations;

highly active amfoter;

highly active not ions;

the bleaching agents on the basis of oxygen;

the bleaching agents on the basis of chlorine;

etilendiaminotetrauksusny acid;

nitrilotriuksusny acid;

phenols and halogen phenols;

paradibenzene chloride;

aromatic hydrocarbons;

aliphatic hydrocarbons;

halogen hydrocarbons;




3. On the label are specified, irrespective of concentration, the following ingredients:


preservatives or disinfecting.

4. Concentration of the substances provided in Item 2, is specified on packaging on groups according to percentage in the following form:

to 5%;

from 5 to 15%;

from 15 to 30%;

it is equal or more than 30%.

5. Instructions for use of means of household chemicals for textile materials include:

a) type of recommended material;

b) dose in grams or milliliters, depending on hardness of water, extent of pollution, quantity of cycles of washing or recommended type of the machine.

III. Requirements to labeling of the products intended for the industrial sector

For the means of household chemicals intended for the industrial sector and the sector of consumer services, and also for the means realized by embankment, the requirements provided in Chapter II are stated in information entered in technical cards, documents on safety or in any other similar document accompanying product that does optional specifying on packaging.

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