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of March 28, 2002

Foodstuff. Information for consumers

General requirements


1.1 This standard establishes the general requirements to information for the consumer on foodstuff of national and import production realized in the territory of the Republic of Moldova, delivered to the catering establishments, schools, child care and medical institutions and other companies which are directly connected with consumer service.

Requirements of national and interstate standards to marking of specific types of products are applied in the part which is not contradicting requirements of this standard.

1.2 According to the Law of the Republic of Moldova "About standardization" and the Law of the Republic of Moldova "About consumer protection" requirements of this standard are obligatory.

1.3 In case of realization or when packing and their packing for sale directly in retail retail chain stores all information provided by this standard for the consumer shall be provided to consumers of not packed up foodstuff by the seller.


SM 200:1999 Period of use of products. Terminology

SM 45-1:1998 National marks of conformity

SM 45-2:1998 National system of certification of the Republic of Moldova. Certification of products


Determinations according to SM 200 with the following amendments are applied to the correct understanding of this standard:

3.1 Foodstuff. The food product, drink or other product received by conversion of food raw materials, intended for the use by the person, except for pharmaceutical products.

3.2 Nutritional supplement. The artificial or natural substance which is not applied in pure form as foodstuff, or typical ingredient of food which is purposely entered into the foodstuff in case of its processing, production, storage or transportation (irrespective of its nutritional value) as additional component making direct or indirect impact on characteristics of foodstuff.

3.3 Nutrition value. Complex of properties of the foodstuff providing physiological needs of the person for energy and the main feedstuffs.

3.4 Consumer properties. The properties of foodstuff providing physiological needs of the person, and also answering the purpose for which this type of product is intended and it is usually used.

3.5 Ingredient. The raw materials, additives and any other substances used for production or preparation of foodstuff, which are present at ready-made product even if they changed the form.

3.6 Label. Any written, printed, lithographed, engraved or the illustrations which contain the identifying elements of products and which accompany products when it is shown to the consumer for sale or are attached to its packaging.

3.7 Trademark. Any sign or any combination of signs promoting difference of products of one legal entities or physical person from homogeneous products of other legal entities or physical persons.

3.8 Name of the place of origin. Country name, areas or the settlement (further - geographical zone), and also their historical names used for designation of product which special characteristics only or are mainly determined by the natural and/or ethnographic factors characteristic of this geographical zone.

NOTE - The word derivative of country name or one of its administrative-territorial parts can also be the name of the place of origin of product.


4.1 The manufacturer (seller) shall provide timely to the consumer the necessary and reliable information about foodstuff providing possibility of their right choice.

4.2 Information for the consumer shall be provided directly with foodstuff the text and/or marking on packaging, the label, the insert by the method accepted for separate types of foodstuff.

4.3 The text on packaging, the label, the insert and text in marking is put in Romanian. The text and texts can be duplicated also in other languages.

4.4 Information provided in the text on packaging, the label, the insert shall be unambiguously understood, complete and reliable that the consumer could not be misled concerning structure, properties, nutrition value, the nature of origin, method of production and the use, and also and this product for another, close to it on appearance or organoleptic indicators could not accept other data characterizing directly or indirectly quality and safety of foodstuff mistakenly.

4.5 Date of production, expiration date, in case of coding, as well as other coded information shall be deciphered and provided accurately to information.


5.1 Name of product

The name of product shall specifically and is reliable characterize product, allow to distinguish this product from others. The name shall consist of several words and include names of group, the subgroup, types of product given in any sequence, to meet standards of Romanian and other languages in which information on product is given. If necessary distinctive product quality ("concentrat", "recondi\ionat", "sublimat", "pasterizat", "sterilizat", "racit", "congelat" and others) shall be specified which shall be included in the main name or is located on the label in close proximity to the name.

The name of foodstuff shall correspond to the names applied in national standards.


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