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of December 24, 2015 No. 332-Z

It is accepted by the House of Representatives on December 3, 2015

Approved by Council of the Republic on December 9, 2015

(In edition of the Law of the Republic of Belarus of 18.12.2018 No. 152-Z)

This Code establishes the legal basis of use, protection, protection and reproduction of the woods and is directed to rational (steady) use of forest resources, preserving and strengthening of sredoobrazuyushchy, water preserving, protective, sanitary and hygienic, recreational and other functions of the woods.

Chapter 1. Basic provisions

Article 1. The basic concepts used in this Code and their determinations

1. Forest management - holding forestry and landscape actions and ensuring rational (steady) use of forest resources.

2. Age of cabins of the wood - age of forest stands in case of which achievement cabins of the main use can be carried out.

3. Reproduction of the woods - the forestry and landscape actions including seed farming of forest plants, cultivation of landing material of forest plants, reforestation, afforestation and care of forest plantings.

4. Selective sanitary cabins - cabins in case of which are performed removal, withdrawal of the dead standing, drying-out and (or) damaged trees.

5. Removal - movement of wood from cutting areas, stubs, roots, other forest products from places of procurement on the intermediate timber industry storages specified in the process chart or to the consumer.

6. Trees of the main breed - trees which in certain forest vegetation and economic conditions in the best way answer the purposes of forest management.

7. Amendment of forest cultures - crops of seeds and (or) replanting of landing material of forest plants in forest cultures of the died on the spot forest plants.

8. Forest stand - set of the trees which are the main component of forest plantings.

9. Natural renewal of the woods - education of new generation of the woods in the natural way.

10. Live ground cover - set of mosses, lichens, mushrooms, grassy vegetation, the low shrubs and forbs growing on the lands covered and not covered with the woods of forest fund.

11. Protection of the woods - the forestry and landscape actions directed to the prevention of damage or deterioration in condition of the woods, decrease in losses of forest resources as a result of impact of wreckers and diseases of the woods, adverse factors of the environment, economic and other activity.

12. Category of the woods - the part of the woods allocated taking into account their ecological, economic and social value, the location and the functions which are carried out by them.

13. Quarter glade - the strip up to six meters wide which is cleared away from wood and shrubby vegetation laid in forest fund for the purpose of designation of borders of forest quarters.

14. The wood - the set of wood and shrubby vegetation, live ground cover, wild animals and microorganisms forming natural complex.

15. Forest products - wood (business wood and firewood) other prepared, collected, the withdrawn forest resources.

16. Forestry - industry of economy which tasks are ensuring protection, protection and reproduction of the woods, rational (steady) use of forest resources, preserving and strengthenings of sredoobrazuyushchy, water preserving, protective, sanitary and hygienic, recreational and other functions of the woods, and also providing consumers with forest products.

17. The forest genetic wildlife reserve - the site of forest fund typical on forest vegetation conditions for the specific climatic region allocated for the purpose of preserving gene pool of specific wood breed.

18. Forest quarter - taxation having manufactured set in borders of forest fund, delimited on the area by quarter glades and (or) linear constructions, fields, meadows, water and other objects.

19. Forest cultures - the forest plantings created by crops of seeds and (or) landing of landing material of forest plants.

20. Forest plantings - the wood and shrubby vegetations of certain pedigree structure and live ground cover growing on the site of forest fund.

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