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of July 8, 2005 No. 66-III ZRK

About state regulation of development of agro-industrial complex and the rural territories

(The last edition from 02-04-2019)

This Law determines legal, organizational, economic and social basis of implementation of state regulation of development of agro-industrial complex and the rural territories in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Chapter 1. General provisions

Article 1. The basic concepts used in this Law

In this Law the following basic concepts are used:

1) the agrofood market - set of the relations connected with acquisition, realization and other elements of turnover of agricultural products and products of its deep conversion;

2) agrometeorological monitoring - set of the actions directed to carrying out observations by land agrometeorological network; system of collection, transfer, the analysis and information processing on planning of agrotechnical works and creation of agroweather forecasts for the benefit of agricultural industry;

3) agro-industrial complex - set of the industries of economy including production, procurement, storage, transportation, conversion and sales of products rural, fishery and also the food industry, the accompanying productions and fields of activity providing with their modern equipment, processing equipment, money, information and other resources, veterinary and sanitary and phytosanitary safety, scientific providing and training;

4) subjects of agro-industrial complex - the physical persons and legal entities performing activities in agro-industrial complex;

5) authorized body in the field of development of agro-industrial complex - the state body performing state regulation in the field of development of agro-industrial complex, except for developments of fishery;

6) information marketing system of agro-industrial complex - the single system of information, technical, electronic information resources of the central and local executive bodies, and also specialized organizations aimed at information and marketing and consulting providing subjects of agro-industrial complex;

6-1) agrotechnical (forest cultural) meliorative actions - complex of technical actions for radical land improvement which includes:

clearing of the reclaimed lands from wood and grassy vegetation, stones and other objects;

deep loosening, sandsing, zemlevaniye, plantazh, claying;

soil-protective actions;

6-2) agrochemicals - fertilizers of chemical or biological origin, the chemical ameliorants intended for power supply of plants, regulation of fertility of soils (except for peat, organic fertilizers, natural materials having properties of ameliorants);

6-3) state registration of agrochemicals - the procedure completing process of testing of agrochemicals by results of which the registration certificate on the right of use of agrochemicals in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan is issued to physical persons and legal entities;

7) provisions - agricultural, fish products and products of their deep conversion, and also drinking water and salt which are intended for consumption by the person;

8) physical availability of provisions - availability of provisions in all territory of the republic in each timepoint and in the amounts sufficient for population requirements satisfaction;

9) economic availability of provisions - possibility of acquisition by the population of provisions according to physiological regulations of consumption in case of the provisions existing to structure of consumption, price system, level of the income, social benefits and privileges;

10) regional stabilization fund of provisions - the operational inventory of provisions created for rendering the regulating impact on the agrofood market and ensuring food security in the territory of areas, the cities of republican value, the capital;

10-1)  No. 241-VI ZRK is excluded according to the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan of 02.04.2019;

10-2)  No. 241-VI ZRK is excluded according to the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan of 02.04.2019;

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