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of October 7, 2015 No. 578

About approval of standard documents on rendering dopsikhologichesky, psychological and mental health services, persons to victims of gender violence during emergency situations

For the purpose of implementation of the order of the Government No. 78 of February 18, 2013. "About approval of the Action plan on implementation of the Resolution 1325 of the Security Council of the United Nations on role of women in providing the world and safety", I order:

1. Approve:

1.1. The standard instruction for prevention of gender violence and rendering dopsikhologichesky, psychological and mental health services to persons which were injured during emergency situations including from gender violence (appendix 1).

1.2. Standard regulations on mobile group / crew on rendering emergency psychological assistance by the victim of emergency, crisis and conflict situations, including, to persons which were affected by gender violence (appendix 2).

2. To heads of Department of health care Bishkek, regional joint and territorial hospitals, regional, city and district centers of family medicine, centers of all-medical practice, to directors of the Republican, Osh and Zhalal-Abadsky regional centers of mental health, chief physicians of Republican lunatic asylums of the village of Chym-Korgon and item Kyzyl Heat:

2.1. provide delivery of health care to persons who were affected by gender violence according to the clinical protocol "The Organization and Representation of Medical Care to Persons Who Underwent to Sexual Violence";

2.2. to systematically provide training of medics in methods of diagnostics and to medical documentation of cases of GN;

2.3. provide with necessary amount of psychotropic drugs mobile crews.

3. To heads UOMPILP MZ of the KR (Toymatov S. Sh.), RTsPZ (Ismailov U. I.), to the chairman of the Kyrgyz psychiatric association (Galako T. I., under approval) to develop the guidelines manual for specialists in the field of mental health in psychological assistance to the women who were affected by gender violence.

Term: The IV quarter 2015.

4. To impose control over the implementation of this order on the deputy minister A.Dzh. Murzaliyeva.


T. Batyraliyev

Appendix 1

to the Order of the Ministry of Health of the Kyrgyz Republic of October 7, 2015 No. 578

The standard instruction for the prevention of gender violence and rendering dopsikhologichesky, psychological and mental health services which was affected by gender violence during emergency situations in the Kyrgyz Republic

I. General provisions

This instruction regulates preparation for rendering and procedure for provision of dopsikhologichesky, first psychological, professional psychological and mental health services to victims of gender violence as a result of emergency, in particular - interethnic and other social conflicts.

Terms and determinations

Gender call the social distinctions between men and women firmly fixed within certain culture.

Gender violence - the term designating any action breaking physical and personal borders of the person made against her / his will based on socially ordered (gender) distinctions between the man and the woman.

Treat acts of gender violence:


Attempt rapes

Touch to genitals, mammary glands and buttocks

Rape by the husband / sexual partner

Domestic violence

Stealing for the purpose of sexual violence

Coercion to actions which in this culture are determined as shameful

Forced marriage and coercion to scrap

Sexual harassments on workplace

Coercion to prostitution, etc. and other types of gender violence.

Mass traumatic factor, excessive on force (in literature - natural disaster, natural cataclysm, accident, terrorist attack, etc.) - the event significantly breaking, and at times and destroying usual life of the personality and/or society. In this context treat traumatic factors as the events caused by the natural reasons (earthquakes, mudflows), technogenic (explosions, falls of passenger airplanes) and human (mass slaughters and armed conflicts, acts of terrorism, civil wars).

Emergency situation - result of sudden, unexpected event (the injuring factor) which is estimated as extraordinary on traumatic force for all persons living in this territory. During emergency the measures which are beyond regular existence shall be taken for prevention of development of catastrophic crash.

Social crisis is called the situation which results in instability and dysfunction of social systems.

Catastrophic crash is determined as the situation which is going beyond human opportunities of satisfaction of basic requirements that leads to serious threat of life.

The Traumatic Stress (TS) - set of the nonspecific physical, emotional, cognitive and behavioural reactions developing in response to event which is perceived by the personality as excessive on force of destructive action. Classically allocate four immediate types of behavioural reactions: fight - flight, dying down (hardening) and automatic actions. The traumatic stress in a varying degree can be observed at everyone during emergency and is sometimes determined as normal reaction of the personality who appeared in abnormal conditions.

The acute reaction on stress (ORS) - the mental disturbance corresponding to criteria of the international classification of diseases of the 10th review is diagnosed by the doctor - psikhiator, develops at 35%-40% of victims in emergency.

Post-traumatic stressful frustration (PTSR) - mental disturbance which develops at 16-20% injured with the postponed traumatic stress and is diagnosed only by the psychiatrist according to criteria of the international classification systems.

The Dopsikhologichesky help - complex of the elementary urgent actions directed to prevention of further travmatization and deterioration in mental and physical health of the victim of GN which are carried out on site incidents by the victim (self-help) or other person which is nearby (mutual assistance). Dopsikhologichesky help is given to the victim before arrival of the professional help and the purpose is rescuing of human life, not assumption of deterioration in its condition, creation of conditions for its further treatment and recovery.

The first psychological assistance is specific set of the skills used or the nonprofessionals who passed trainings or specialists in the field of mental health, or the staff of rescue services for ensuring support to persons which were affected by crisis or emergency situation.

The first psychological assistance is directed on:

- achievement of stabilization at victims;

- reduction of level of distress;

- satisfaction of basic needs;

- assistance in the solution of the main problems and recovery of control over situation;

- in case of desire or in case of need - ensuring with the victim access to other resources.

Professional psychological assistance - set of the non-drug interventions which are carried out by the skilled specialist psychologist or the psychotherapist for correction of psychological problems of the victim.


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