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Registered by the

Ministry of Justice

Republic of Uzbekistan

on March 18, 2005 №1458


of February 25, 2005 №59

About approval of Rules of certification of products

(as amended on 27-04-2023)

   According to Item 6 of the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan of July 6, 2004 to № 318 "About additional measures for simplification of the procedure of certification of products", I order:

1. Approve Rules of certification of products, according to appendix.

2. From the effective date this Order to consider by invalid O "zDSt 5.7:2003" of NUS Ouse. Procedure for carrying out certification of products".

3. Enact this order after ten days from the date of its state registration in the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Uzbekistan.



Approved by the Order of the CEO of the Uzbek agency of standardization, metrology and certification of February 25, 2005 №. 59

Rules of certification of products

These rules are developed according to Item 6 of the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan of July 6, 2004 No. 318 "About additional measures for simplification of the procedure of certification of products" and establish general requirements to preparation and carrying out certification of the made and imported products in National system of certification of the Republic of Uzbekistan (further - NUS Ouse).

I. General provisions

1. According to these rules certification of products, including program and other scientific and technical is performed.

2. The organization and carrying out certification is performed by the certification bodies of products accredited in accordance with the established procedure (further - OS).

In case of production of customs clearance the customs authority of the Republic of Uzbekistan checks effective period of the certificate of conformity, and also the description of goods specified in the certificate of conformity with the actual name of imported goods.

3. Certain schemes of certification are established in the corresponding rules of certification of uniform products and other regulations containing requirements to products. At the same time the complexity of the scheme caused by amount of checks depends on degree of danger of these products.

The recommended schemes of certification applied in NUS Ouse are given in appendix №1 to these rules.

The scheme of certification in each case is chosen by OS taking into account proposals of the applicant, amount and the term of deliveries, test methods, features of production and risk of violation of its stability, and also potential danger of these products for consumers.

Certification within the international systems or agreements is carried out according to the schemes provided in them.

4. In case of certification confirmation of conformity of products to the requirements established by the regulating documents on certified production (further - ND) containing list of characteristics (indicators) which are subject to check in case of certification, monitoring and test methods is performed.

In case of absence in ND of the Section on certification tests or applications of the interstate standard, OS chooses from all complex of the characteristics specified in ND or in the international standard first of all the indicators characterizing requirements for safety.

5. In case of certification except ND on specific products it is also necessary to be guided by regulatory legal acts and others officially published by ND establishing mandatory requirements to products.

6. For the purpose of exception of duplication of carrying out testing on the same indicators, accredited test laboratories (further - AIL) shall perform mutually recognition of results of the testing which are carried out in other AIL.

7. Payment for work on certification is made by the applicant irrespective of their results according to the procedure, established by the legislation. At the same time, works on certification are carried out after advance payment.

II. Procedure for carrying out certification

8. Certification of products includes Ouse in NUS:

a) application for certification in OS and its consideration;

b) the analysis of ND on the declared products and other documents submitted to the request;

-1) studying and check of observance of the rights to intellectual property items (trademarks, service marks, names of places of goods origin, geographical instructions and industrial designs) (further - OIC);

c) decision making according to the request;

d) preparation and approval of the test program (except schemes 6 and 9);

e) identification, selection and delivery of samples in laboratory (except schemes 6 and 9);

e) carrying out testing of samples in AIL (except schemes 6 and 9);

g) inspection of condition of production (for schemes of certification 3, 4 and 5);

h) assessment of system of management (for schemes 5 and 6);

i) declaring about products compliance (the scheme 9)

j) the analysis of the received results, issue of the certificate of conformity or refusal in its issue;

k) registration of certificates of conformity in the State register of NUS Ouse.

9. Need of conducting sanitary and epidemiologic and veterinary examinations, phytosanitary control and environmental assessment is determined by OS in the presence of the relevant sanitary and epidemiologic, veterinary, phytosanitary or ecological requirements in ND of the declared products. These procedures can be carried out along with certification tests and shall be complete with provision of the relevant documents to the applicant before issue of the certificate of conformity.

OS according to the written application of subjects of entrepreneurship has the right to render agency services on carrying out certification and receipt of all necessary conclusions in bodies of the state sanitary inspection, in bodies of the state veterinary supervision and public service on quarantine of plants, and also in state bodies on conservation. At the same time the obligation, and also responsibility for correctness of sampling and their provision bring OS to the relevant state bodies.

10. OS shall prepare and provide to applicants according to their requirement the following information:

the list or the statement from the list of types of products which are subject to obligatory certification;

rules of certification of products on area of accreditation of OS;

price list of the prices (rates) for services in certification;

the certificate on accreditation granted by the Uzbek technical regulation agency under the Ministry of investments, the industry and trade of the Republic of Uzbekistan (further - technical regulation Agency).

11. For carrying out certification of products within NUS Ouse the applicant directs in corresponding to OS the request in the form given in appendix №2 to these rules.

In case of absence at the applicant of information on certification body of products and rules of certification, he can receive it in National authority on certification (further - sales tax) or its territorial authority.

12. In case of certification of the imported products the following documents shall be submitted:

the copy of ND on the made products (in case of its availability);

model of marking of products or information on products;

the copy of the security document (the certificate, the patent or the appendix to them) about registration of the corresponding object confirming the rights to OIC used in products or the copy of the license agreement on its use (in the presence);

the copy of the shipping document with mark about arrival on customs area of the Republic of Uzbekistan (commodity-transport delivery note, invoice, the invoice);

in the presence, the copy of the sanitary and epidemiologic conclusion with test reports containing results of testing in laboratory of body of the state sanitary inspection and data on other requirements established in ND (the veterinary and phytosanitary conclusion, environmental assessment).

the copy of the agreement in foreign trade (contract) where the specific amount (quantity) of imported goods and the agreement(s) between the supplier and the receiver of products is specified (in case of certification of products on the scheme 7A).


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