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of October 8, 2015 No. 1074

About approval of the list of the settlements which are in borders of zones of radioactive pollution owing to catastrophic crash on the Chernobyl NPP

According to article 7 of the Law of the Russian Federation "About social protection of the citizens who were affected by radiation owing to catastrophic crash on the Chernobyl NPP" taking into account change of radiation situation including as a result of implementation in 1986 - 2014 of complex of protective and rehabilitation measures, the Government of the Russian Federation decides:

1. Approve the enclosed list of the settlements which are in borders of zones of radioactive pollution owing to catastrophic crash on the Chernobyl NPP.

2. Recognize invalid:

the order of the Government of the Russian Federation of December 18, 1997 No. 1582 "About approval of the list of the settlements which are in borders of zones of radioactive pollution owing to catastrophic crash on the Chernobyl NPP" (The Russian Federation Code, 1997, No. 52, the Art. 5924);

the order of the Government of the Russian Federation of April 7, 2005 No. 197 "About change of the list of the settlements which are in borders of zones of radioactive pollution owing to catastrophic crash on the Chernobyl NPP" (The Russian Federation Code, 2005, No. 15, the Art. 1359).

Russian Prime Minister

D. Medvedev

Approved by the Order of the Government of the Russian Federation of October 8, 2015, No. 1074

The list of the settlements which are in borders of zones of radioactive pollution owing to catastrophic crash on the Chernobyl NPP

I. Exclusion zone

Bryansk region

Krasnogorsk district

Barsukovsky Village Council

settlement. Badgers

Zaborsky Village Council

settlement. Progress

settlement of Knyazevshchina

Medvedev's Village Council

settlement. Lower Mill

II. Settling out zone

Bryansk region

1. Gordeevsky district

Mirninsky rural settlement

settlement. Mirnyi

village of Kozhany

Rudnevorobyevsky rural settlement

village of Shiryaevka

2. Zlynkovsky district

Vyshkovsky residential location

settlement of Vyshkov

der. Hay

village of Guta

village of Muravinka

village of Dobrodeevka

settlement. Red Stone

settlement Chekhov

Shcherbinichsky rural settlement

der. Barques

settlement of Savichka

3. Klintsy district

Rozhnovsky rural settlement

settlement. Red Beam

4. Krasnogorsk district

Kolyudovsky rural settlement

village of Nikolaevka

Lotakovsky rural settlement

village Chigray (Chigrai)

Makarichsky rural settlement

village of Zaborye

Yalovsky rural settlement

village of Yalovka

village of Uvelye

5. Novozybkovsky district

Demensky rural settlement

village of Demenka

settlement. Experimental station

Starobobovichsky rural settlement

page. New Bobovichi

Huth. Buldynka

page. Old Vyshkov

settlement. Mane

Haleevichsky rural settlement

settlement. Berry

Shelomovsky rural settlement

page. New Place

III. Accommodation zone with the right to settling out

Bryansk region

1. Gordeevsky district

Glinnovsky rural settlement

settlement of Berezina

settlement. Fighter

der. Cradles

der. Housewarming

village of Strugova Buda

Gordeevsky rural settlement

village of Gordeevka

village of Vasilevka

settlement. Distant Klien

village of Zhovnets

der. Plant-Koretsky

settlement. Green Klien

settlement of Medvedovka

village Pokon

settlement. Courageous

settlement of Shamry

Mirninsky rural settlement

settlement. Atheist

settlement. Hares

Petrovobudsky rural settlement

page of Petrov Bud

settlement of Vladimirovka

settlement of Zalipovye

settlement of Krishtopov Ruchey

village of Maloudebnoye

village of Peretin

village Smyalch

settlement of Sugrodovka

Rudnevorobyevsky rural settlement

village of Rudnya-Vorobyevka

settlement. Green Horn

village of Novonovitskaya

village of Popovka

village of Staronovitskaya

der. Destiny

Tvorishinsky rural settlement

village of Tvorishino

settlement Iput

settlement. Epiphany

village of Mikhaylovka

settlement of Stepan Razin

der. Black Stream

Unoshevsky rural settlement

village of Unoshevo

village of Alisovka

der. Antonovka

page. Smiths

village of Fyodorovka

village of Harmynka

village of Chernetovka (Cheretovka)

2. Zlynkovsky district

Vyshkovsky residential location

settlement of Lubin

Zlynkovsky residential location

Mr. Zlynka

settlement of Pavlovka

village Petrovka

Deniskovichsky rural settlement

village Deniskovichi

page. Bald

settlement of Netesha

village of Fyodorovka

Rogovsky rural settlement

page. Rogov

settlement of Dobrynka

settlement of Novobezhkov

settlement of Sofiyevka

Spiridonovobudsky rural settlement

village of Spiridonova Buda

village of Karpilovka

settlement. Cherries

settlement of Ozerishche

settlement Sosnovy Bor

Shcherbinichsky rural settlement

page. Big Shcherbinichi

settlement. Pitchfork

settlement of Voronova Guta

settlement Dobryn

settlement of Elovka

settlement of Sviderki

settlement. Whistle

page. Small Shcherbinichi

der. Green Grove

3. Klimovsk district

Klimovsk residential location

settlement of Klimovo

Kirillovsky rural settlement

settlement. Cherry

Lakomobudsky rural settlement

page. Delicious Buda

settlement of Arininy Lyady

settlement of Luzhki

settlement of Olkhoviki

village of Pobozheevka

Mitkovsky rural settlement

village of Mitkovka

village of Hokhlovka

Plavensky rural settlement

village of Kamenka

village of Pruska

settlement of Chernyatin

Sachkovichsky rural settlement

settlement of Vazhitsa

village Dobryn

settlement of Novosergeevka

settlement of Holupovka

Sytobudsky rural settlement

settlement. May Day

Churovichsky rural settlement

settlement. Recop

4. Klintsy district

Velikotopalsky rural settlement

settlement. Krasny Bridge

Gulevsky rural settlement

settlement Kalinin

settlement of Osobtsy

settlement. Outlaws the 2nd

village of Gastenka

settlement of Kamenukha

settlement. Red Turosna

settlement Zarechie

settlement. Krasny Bridge

settlement of Stanilov

Lopatensky rural settlement

village of Guta-Koretskaya

village of Andreevka-Pechevaya

settlement. Brawler

settlement of Kozhukhovo

settlement. New Alekseyevka

settlement. New Dawn

village Unecha

settlement of Lyadovka

Huth. Gannovka

settlement of Glinnoye

village Zarechie

Medvedovsky rural settlement

village Kivai

May Day rural settlement

village of Olkhovka

village of Tulukovshchina

settlement of Turenev

village of Rudnya-Golubovka

village of Teremoshka

Rozhnovsky rural settlement

village of Rozhny

village of Veprin

settlement of Golota

der. Smith

village of Lesnovka

settlement. New World

settlement. Berry

village of Ushcherpye

settlement of Borozenshchina

settlement of Kipen-Ushcherpsky

settlement of Kolpiny

settlement of Korma

settlement. Red Krinitsa

settlement of Novorechitsa

village of Pisarevka

settlement. Whistle

5. Krasnogorsk district

Krasnogorsk residential location

settlement. Red Mountain

village of Baturovka

village of Dubenets

settlement of Zaglodye

village of Selets

village of Velikoudebnoye

Kolyudovsky rural settlement

settlement of Krinichnoye

settlement of Rubany

settlement. Green Dubrovka

Lyubovshansky rural settlement

settlement of Yamenets

Makarichsky rural settlement

village Makarichi

page. Bears

village of Vyazhnovka

Yalovsky rural settlement

village of Gorodechnya

6. Novozybkovsky district

The city district - the city of Klintsy


The city district - the city of Novozybkov

Mr. Novozybkov

Vereshchaksky rural settlement

village of Vereshchaki

settlement of Grozny

settlement of Mokhonovka

village of Nesvoyevka

settlement of Trigolov

village Katichi

village of Vikholka

settlement. New Katichi

Demensky rural settlement

page. Transportation

Zamishevsky rural settlement

village of Zamishevo

settlement. Schitiks Ravine

village of Manyuki

page. White Kolodez

page. Blue Well

settlement of Klyukov Mokh

village of Krutoberezka

Starobobovichsky rural settlement

page. Old Bobovichi

settlement. Victory

settlement of Gatka

settlement of Grivka

settlement Yasnaya Polyana

settlement of Prudovka

Starokrivetsky rural settlement

village of Katashin

settlement. Red Guy

der. Small Krivets

village Skorobogataya Sloboda

Trostansky rural settlement

village Trostan

settlement. Friendship

settlement Mamay

village of Snovskoye

village Dubrovka

Huth. Velichka

Haleevichsky rural settlement

village Haleevichi (village Holevichi)

settlement. Antiquated

settlement of Kalinovka

settlement of Mashkinsky

settlement. Poles

settlement of Sinyavka

village Vnukovichi

der. Old Rudnya

Shelomovsky rural settlement

village of Shelomy

settlement. Pose

village of Zhuravki

village of Korn

Kaluga region

7. Zhizdrinsky district

The rural settlement - the village of Ovsorok

village of Pesochnya

8. Ulyanovsk district

The rural settlement - the village of Melikhovo

village of Goritsy

village of Gorodnichev

village of Kosovka

village Rzhevka

village of Aleksandrovka

village of Grabkovo

village of Minin

village of Petukhovka

village of Fyodorovka

The rural settlement - the village of Dudorovsky

village of Kudiyar

village of Martynki

9. Hvastovichsky district

The rural settlement - the village of Mileevo

village of Lovatyanka

village of Resseta

Oryol region

10. Bolkhovsky district

Suryaninsky rural settlement

village of Selemeneva

Tula region

11. Arsenyevsky district

Astapovsky rural settlement

settlement of Istyino

12. Belevsky district

Bobrikovsky rural settlement

settlement. Sovkhoz

13. Plavsky district

Residential location "City of Plavsk"


Kamyninsky rural settlement

der. Lower Marmyzhi

settlement of Novoselki

der. Marmyzhi's averages

Dairy and Dvorsky rural settlement

settlement. Dairy Yards

village Zarechie

der. New Slobodka

village of Orlikovo

village Rozhdestveno-1

village Rozhdestveno-2

village of Voyeykovo

settlement Gorbachevo's station

der. New Lokna

Suburban rural settlement

village of Sinyavino

village of Arsenyevo

village Vittsinsky Settlements

village of Lunino

village of Streshnevo

village of Yusupovo

14. Chernsky district

Krestovsky rural settlement

settlement. May

village of Orlovka

15. Shaki district

Lazarevskoye rural settlement

der. Petrovsky

village of Zubarevka

village of Spasskoye

village of Tsarevo

IV. Accommodation zone with preferential

social and economic status

Republic of Mordovia

1. Bolshebereznikovsky district

Guzynsky rural settlement

village of Guzyntsy

Kosogorsky rural settlement

page. Slopes

village of Sofyino

2. Ichalkovsky district

Gulyaevsky rural settlement

village of Gulyaevo

Kergudsky rural settlement

village of Kergudy

der. Small Ichalki

3. Chamzinsky district

The city district - the city of Saransk

slave. settlement Yalga

village of Kulikovka

page. Monastic

settlement of Pushkino

Bolshemaresevsky rural settlement

page. Big Maresevo

village of Ogarevka

village of Syryatino


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