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of April 28, 2015 No. 279

About approval of standards of the state services in the social and labor sphere

(The last edition from 15-04-2019)

According to the subitem 1) article 10 of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan of April 15, 2013 "About the state services" PRIKAZYVAYU:

1. Approve standards of the state services:

1) "Purpose of retirement benefits on age" according to appendix 1 to this order;

2) "Purpose of lump sum payment to burial" according to appendix 2 to this order;

3) "Establishment of disability and/or extent of disability and/or determination of necessary measures of social protection" according to appendix 3 to this order;

4) "Issue of information on receipt and movement of means of the investor of the single accumulation pension fund" according to appendix 4 to this order;

5) "Purpose of the state base retirement benefit" according to appendix 5 to this order;

6) "Purpose of the public social benefits on disability and on the occasion of loss of the supporter" according to appendix 6 to this order;

7) "Purpose of the public special welfare payments" according to appendix 7 to this order;

8) "Purpose of social payment to cases of social risks: disabilities; losses of the supporter; work losses; losses of the income in connection with pregnancy and childbirth; losses of the income in connection with adoption (adoption) of newborn child(children); losses of the income in connection with child care of age of one year on reaching it" according to appendix 8 to this order;

9) "Purpose of benefits for the birth of the child and on child care" according to appendix 9 to this order;

10) "Purpose of special public welfare payment" according to appendix 10 to this order;

11) "Purpose of benefit of mother or to the father, the adoptive father (adopter), the guardian (custodian) who is bringing up the handicapped child" according to appendix 11 to this order;

12) "Registration of the citizens who were injured owing to nuclear testing on the Semipalatinsk test nuclear test site, payment of immediate state monetary compensation, certification" according to appendix 12 to this order;

13) "Document creation on disabled people for provision of the prosthetic and orthopedic help by it" according to appendix 13 to this order;

14) "Providing disabled people with surdo-tiflotekhnichesky and obligatory hygienic means" according to appendix 14 to this order;

15) "Purpose of the government address public assistance" according to appendix 15 to this order;

16) "Document creation on disabled people for provision of service of the individual assistant by it for the disabled people of the first group having difficulty in movement and the specialist of sign language for hard of hearing persons" according to appendix 16 to this order;

17) "Provision to disabled people of chair carriages" according to appendix 17 to this order;

18) "Providing disabled people with sanatorium treatment" according to appendix 18 to this order;

19) "Document creation on rendering special social services in medico-social organizations (organizations)" according to appendix 19 to this order;

20) "Document creation on rendering special social services in the conditions of home care" according to appendix 20 to this order;

21) "Purpose of the public assistance to separate categories of the needing citizens according to decisions of local representative bodies" according to appendix 21 to this order;

22) "Cost recovery on training at home handicapped children" according to appendix 22 to this order;

23) "Purpose of the public assistance to the specialists of the social sphere living and working in rural settlements on fuel acquisition" according to appendix 23 to this order;

24) "Issue of the reference confirming belonging of the applicant (family) to receivers of the address public assistance" according to appendix 24 to this order;

25 "Issue of the directions to persons on participation in active measures of assistance of employment" according to appendix 25 to this order;

26) "Assignment or prolongation of the status of the oralman" according to appendix 26 to this order;

27) "Issue and prolongation of permission to attraction of foreign labor power to employers for implementation of labor activity in the territory of the corresponding administrative and territorial unit, or within the internal translation" according to appendix 27 to this order;

28) "Certification to the rehabilitee" according to appendix 28 to this order;

29) "Purpose of the public assistance in type of monthly payments to citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan after completion of the period of capitalization of payments on indemnification caused to life and health of workers by the legal entities liquidated owing to bankruptcy" according to appendix 29 to this order;

30) "Issue or prolongation of the reference to the foreigner or the stateless person about qualification compliance for independent employment" according to appendix 30 to this order;

31) "Registration of persons who are looking for work" according to appendix 31 to this order;

32) "Registration of persons who are looking for work as the unemployed" according to appendix 32 to this order;

33) "Payment of difference between the amount of actually brought compulsory pension contributions, compulsory professional pension contributions taking into account the rate of inflation and the amount of pension accruals" according to appendix 33 to this order;

34) "Purpose of public welfare payment to the mothers having many children awarded with suspension brackets "Three-copecks piece of alg", "Kum_s of alg" or who were entitled earlier "Mother heroine", awarded with the degree awards "Maternal Glory" I and II" according to appendix 34 to this order;

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