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of December 21, 2000 No. 516-p

About approval of regulating legal documents

For ensuring works with regulatory legal acts in the field of regulation of maximum permissible emissions in the atmosphere, dumpings into water objects of pollutants of the companies I order:

1. Approve the following Instructions:

1) Instruction for regulation of emissions of pollutants in the atmosphere;

2) Instruction for regulation of dumpings of pollutants into water objects of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

3) Instruction for inventory count of emissions of pollutants in the atmosphere;

4) Instruction for determination of payments for thermal pollution of surface water.

2. To provide to committee of environmental protection state registration of the specified Instructions in accordance with the established procedure.

3. To impose control of execution of this order on the Chairman of Committee of environmental protection Aytekenov K. M.


Acting Minister M. Musatayev

Approved by the Order of the Acting Minister of natural resources and environmental protections of the Republic of Kazakhstan of December 21, 2000 No. 516-p

Instruction for regulation of dumpings of pollutants into water objects of the Republic of Kazakhstan

This instruction is intended for regulating authorities, to use and protection of waters of system of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of the Republic of Kazakhstan, for all companies, the organizations and individual water users whose activities exert impact on condition of waters, and also for the project and research organizations when calculating the actual and forecast conditions of water disposal.

1. General provisions

1. Regulation of dumpings of pollutants is made by establishment of standard rates of the maximum permissible dumpings (MPD) of substances with sewage in water objects, further - PDS.

The standard rate of PDS is mass of substance in sewage, the most admissible to assignment with the set mode in this Item of water object in unit of time for the purpose of ensuring regulations of quality of water in the checkpoint. Standard rates of PDS are established taking into account the threshold limit value (further - maximum allowable concentration) pollutants in places of water use assimilating capabilities of water object and optimum distribution of mass of the dumped substances between the water users dumping sewage. Standard rates of PDS are basis for planning of actions and conducting environmental assessment on prevention of pollution of waters.

2. Standard rates of PDS in general for the company shall be established in total PDS values for the pollution sources separate operating, designed and reconstructed.

3. Standard rates of PDS for the designed and reconstructed companies are determined on various blueprint stages of objects. For again entered (reconstructed) companies standard rates of PDS shall be provided by the time of acceptance of these objects in operation.

4. The procedure for establishment of PDS for the operating plants performing dumpings of pollutants into the environment is stated in Section 2 of this instruction.

5. When dumping into the water circle of substances for which maximum allowable concentrations are not established bodies of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of the Republic of Kazakhstan have the right to make the decision on suspension of work of the company or its certain sites (processing lines).

6. Commissioning of new productions which dumpings contain substances with unspecified maximum allowable concentrations is forbidden.

2. Establishment of PDS for operating plants

7. Sizes PDS are determined for all categories of water use as the work of the maximum hour consumption of sewage, gst (m3/hour) on concentration of CSt pollutants in them (g/m 3) according to formula:

Формула 12 к Приказу от 21.12.2000 года №516-п

CSt size entering formula (1), it is determined by the known methods.

8. If the actual dumping of hazardous substances with sewage is less than settlement PDS, then as PDS the actual dumping is accepted.

9. If natural background content of pollutants in water of water object on any indicators does not provide normative quality of water in the checkpoint, then PDS on these indicators is established, proceeding from conditions of observance of natural background pollution of water in control alignment.

10. The waters of water objects this on background structure are requested in regional branches of RGP "Kazgidromet".

11. For the purpose of prevention of dumping of pollutants with the heatexchange waters which are taken away in water objects after chilling of aggregates, requirements to composition of the dumped waters shall be conformed to composition of water around water intake (on condition of water use by one water object). In case of determination of standard rates of PDS the size of CSt is established at the level of technologically reasonable and admissible increments to concentration of the normalized pollutants in water of water object in the place of water intake, and also admissible change of water temperature of water object (thermal pollution) is determined.

12. In the presence of substances of the 1st and 2nd classes of danger with the identical limiting harm signs (LHS) standard rates of PDS are established from calculation:

Формула 13 к Приказу от 21.12.2000 года №516-п

13. The operating companies water users as a part of the draft of standard rates of PDS shall develop and approve plans of specific actions for achievement of PDS with regional bodies of environmental protection and sanitary and epidemiologic service.

14. For the production and economic and household sewage taken to city sewer networks, PDS are not established.

3. Coordination and approval of PDS

15. Standard rates of PDS affirm local body of environmental protection, taking into account the conclusion of local authorities of sanitary and epidemiological surveillance.

Ensuring coordination and approval of PDS belongs to duties of the company user of nature.


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