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of August 28, 2015 No. 903

About approval of criteria of determination of the objects which are subject to federal state ecological supervision

The government of the Russian Federation decides:

1. Approve the enclosed criteria of determination of the objects which are subject to federal state ecological supervision.

2. The subitem "b" of item 4 of the criteria approved by this resolution becomes effective since January 1, 2019.

Russian Prime Minister

D. Medvedev

Approved by the Order of the Government of the Russian Federation of August 28, 2015 No. 903

Criteria of determination of the objects which are subject to federal state ecological supervision

1. Object is placed:

a) in borders of especially protected natural territory of federal importance;

b) in borders of the central ecological area of the Baikal natural territory, except as specified, when object is located in borders of especially protected natural territory of regional or local value;

c) in borders of wetland ground of the international value;

d) in borders of zones of protection of the objects of cultural heritage carried to especially valuable objects of cultural heritage of the people of the Russian Federation, the objects of cultural heritage and (or) objects of the world natural heritage included in the List of the world heritage, except as specified, when object is located in borders of especially protected natural territory of regional or local value;

e) in internal sea waters of the Russian Federation, in the territorial sea of the Russian Federation, in exclusive economic zone of the Russian Federation or on the continental shelf of the Russian Federation, including within the Russian part (the Russian sector) of the Caspian Sea.

2. Object is used for the purpose of ensuring space activities, defense of the country and safety of the state.

3. Object is:

a) object of federal state supervision in the field of use and protection of water objects;

b) object of land relations concerning which the state land supervision within federal state ecological supervision is exercised;

c) the port located on inland waterways of the Russian Federation, allowing passage of the vessels with the displacement of 1350 tons and more;

d) seaport;

e) the object of pipeline transport intended for gas transportation, oil, gas condensate and products of oil refining and gas (the bulk and infield distribution line);

e) infrastructure facility of rail transport;

g) Item of storage of nuclear materials and radioactive materials, storage Item, storage of radioactive waste, Item of burial of radioactive waste.

4. Object makes negative impact on the environment and according to the criteria established according to article 42 of the Federal law "About Environmental Protection" belongs:

a) to category object I;

b) to category object II on which complex ecological permission is issued.

5. On object are operated:

a) nuclear installations, including nuclear power plants, installations on production and conversion of uranium ores, except for research nuclear installations of zero capacity, space and aircraft;

b) radiation sources, except for the radiation sources containing only radionuclide sources of the fourth and fifth categories of radiation hazard in the structure on condition of availability on object of sources of emissions and dumpings of radioactive materials into the environment.

6. On object activities are performed:

a) on acceptance and sending aircrafts, servicing of airborne transportations in the presence of landing strip 2100 m long and more;

b) on building of the areas of bedding of minerals and (or) connected with use of subsoil plots, except for subsoil plots of local value;

c) on utilization of the pesticides and agrochemicals which became useless and (or) prohibited to application;

d) on storage and warehousing of oil, oil refining products with project capacity of 200 thousand tons and more;

e) on storage of pesticides and agrochemicals with project capacity of 50 tons and more;

e) on collection, transportation, processing, utilization, neutralization, placement of waste of the I-IV classes of the danger which is subject to licensing according to article 12 of the Federal law "About Licensing of Separate Types of Activity";

g) on cultivation and cultivation of cattle with design capacity of 400 places and more;

h) on storage and (or) destruction of chemical weapon.

7. On object activities with use of the equipment are performed:

a) for graphitization or production of artificial graphite with rated output capacity of 24 thousand tons of artificial graphite in year and more;

b) for gasification and liquefaction of coal, bituminous slates, other solid fuels with rated design capacity of 20 MW and more;

c) for production of the processed asbestos fibers, mixes on the basis of asbestos and products from them, products from asbestos cement and fibrous cement;

d) for fusion of mineral substances, including production of mineral fibers, with project amount of melting of 20 tons per day and more;

e) for production of silicate brick with design capacity of 1 million pieces a year and more.


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