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of November 17, 1995 No. 769

About approval of Rules of buying up at the population of precious metals and gemstones in products and scrap

(as amended on 27-02-2019)

For the purpose of regulation of activities for buying up at the population of precious metals and gemstones in products and scrap the Government of the Republic of Moldova DECIDES:

1. Approve Rules of buying up at the population of precious metals and gemstones in products and scrap (are applied).

2. To the Ministry of Finance to develop and approve in a month:

The instruction about accounting treatment, storages, registrations of transactions on buying up, assessment and sending the precious metals and gemstones which are bought up at the population in products and scrap;

Regulations on procedure for licensing of activities of the companies performing buying up at the population of precious metals, gemstones in products and scrap.

3. To department of trade:

together with the Ministry of Justice and other interested ministries to develop and provide to the Government of the Republic of Moldova offers on responsibility of persons for the violations allowed by them in case of buying up at the population of precious metals, gemstones in products and scrap in a month;

in coordination with the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Internal Affairs to develop and provide in accordance with the established procedure to the Government of the Republic of Moldova for approval the draft of the resolution "About Rules of Retail Trade, Acceptance, Storage and Accounting of Products from Precious Metals and Gemstones in the Trade Enterprises Located in the territory of the Republic of Moldova".

4. Declare invalid the Resolution of Council of Ministers of the Moldavian SSR No. 142 of May 16, 1988. "About measures for improvement of the organization of buying up at the population of precious metals and gemstones".


Premnr-ministr Republic of Moldova

Andrey Sangeli

Rules of buying up at the population of precious metals, gemstones in products and scrap

I. General provisions

1. Buying up at the population of precious metals, gemstones in products and scrap (further - values) is performed in the specialized Items organized by business entities according to the Law No. 282-XV of July 22, 2004. "About the mode of precious metals and gemstones" irrespective of pattern of ownership in which are provided accounting, reliable safety and conditions for buying up of the specified products.

Physical (private) persons are forbidden to be engaged in the specified type of activity.

2. The Item on buying up of values performs the activities based on the license granted according to the current legislation.

3. For calculations with the population skupochny Items can use own and borrowed current assets, and also the credits of bank.

4. For determination of tests of values and their weighing skupochny Items shall have:

chemical reactants for determination of tests of precious metals and products from them, and also in scrap;

analytical or electronic scales for weighing of the bought-up values;

tools (magnifying glasses, karatomer, shaber, scalpels, nippers, flat-nose pliers, etc.).

5. For storage of the bought-up values skupochny Items shall have safes, lattices or metal sun blind at windows of utility rooms.

All windows and doors shall be blocked and have the internal and external alarm system with obligatory connection to the panel of centralized protection.

II. Buying up of values at the population

6. Skupochny Items buy up at the population in cash the valuable objects in the form of jewelry, products of household purpose and other nonindustrial products, and also scrap of precious metals which are not forbidden by the legislation of contract prices.

7. Skupochny Items are forbidden to buy up:

diamond raw materials and semifinished products, technical diamonds;

precious metals in nuggets, wire, plates and details

gold leaf, disks and other semifinished products of jewelry and dentoprosthetic production;

precious metals in products of production and laboratory appointment (contacts, laboratory glassware, etc.);

gemstones (diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, alexandrite, and also natural pearls) in a raw state;

precious metals in the form of production waste (sawdust, shaving);

the awards and medals containing precious metals;

objects which are withdrawn from civil circulation or for sale of which the special procedure is established (cold, firearms in frame, etc.);

values at the state and public companies, the organizations and organizations;

values at children and teenagers;

scrap and industrial wastes, and also taken from written off the machinery and equipment, containing precious metals.

8. Buying up of values is performed at sight by the deliverer of the identity certificate or the document replacing it.

9. All transactions connected with buying up of values are made in the presence of the deliverer of values (test determination, weighing, removal of pins). Products are accepted in the type cleared of fat, dirt, fillers.

Weighing of values is made with accuracy:

products from gold and platinum - to gram 0,01;

products from gemstones without frame - to carat 0,01.

The mass of gemstones which cannot be vykreplena from product or which it is inexpedient vykreplyat from product is determined by means of karatomer to within carat 0,1.

Opportunity to be convinced of correctness of determination of mass of the precious metals and gemstones which are handed over to them shall be given to the deliverer of values.

10. The merchandiser buyer in case of the consent of the deliverer of values, by their assessment, writes out the receipt of the established form in duplicate which is signed by the merchandiser buyer and the deliverer of values. The cashier issues to the deliverer of values the amount which is due to him and one copy of the receipt with stamp "is paid".

11. In the receipt are specified the bought-up values:

the name of product, its parts, their quantity, the description of prints of mark and assay brand, and in case of their absence distinctive signs of product;

in import products - import brand;

the name of precious metals, test, weight, purchase price for one gram and cost (in chains - length in centimeters, in brasletakhkolichestvo of links (sectors);

the name of gemstones (according to the price list of the skupochny prices), quantity, weight, purchase price for one carat, cost;

diamonds large (from 1 carat and above), averages (from 0,30 to carat 0,99), emeralds, sapphires, rubies - the name of each stone, group, color, weight, purchase price for one carat and cost;

facet diamonds "rose", diamonds small (to 0, carat) and diamonds of the simplified facet - the name, group, color and deficiency, quantity, weight, purchase price for one carat and cost;

pearls natural or cultivated - the description provided by the price list of the skupochny prices, quantity of pearls, weight, purchase price and cost;

semiprecious cut stones - the name, weight, purchase price for one gram and cost;


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