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of November 19, 2004 No. 1273

About approval of the List of seasonal works

(as amended on 04-07-2018)

Based on part provisions (2) Article 279 of the Labor code Government DECIDES:

Approve the List of seasonal works it (is applied).

Prime Minister

Vasile Tarlev


deputy. Prime Minister, Minister of Agriculture and food industry


Dmitry Todoroglo

Minister of Labour and Social Protection

Valerian Revenko

Approved by the Order of the Government of the Republic of Moldova of November 19, 2004 , No. 1273

List of seasonal works

Operation, content and repair of heating systems (boiler rooms), professions - the fireman, the boiler operator

Works on destruction of larvae

Works on fight against blood-sicking insects

Cooking of food by cooks and cleaning of rooms by cleaners in the militarized parts of Protivogradovy service

Cultivation of field cultures (includes the works performed separately according to process charts, done during the specific period of calendar year which is not exceeding 6 (six) months

Harvesting of field cultures

Cleaning of plants for production of hay, senazh

Preparation of silo

Cleaning of leaves of tobacco

Sorting and packaging of leaves of tobacco

Tobacco fermentation

Cleaning of vegetables

Grapevine inoculation

Landing of grape saplings in shkolka

Cultivation of vineyards (includes the works performed separately according to process charts, done during the specific period of calendar year which is not exceeding 6 (six) months

Cleaning of grapes

Conversion of grapes on wineries

Landing of fruit saplings

Inoculation of trees

Cultivation of gardens

Cleaning of fruit

Acceptance of fruit and vegetables at canneries

Transfer of fruit and vegetables for conversion

Conversion of fruit and vegetables

Packaging of end products in boxes, etc.

Acceptance of sugar beet

Forming of beet kagat

Transfer of sugar beet on cleaning and sink

Conversion of sugar beet

Packaging of sugar in sacks

Conversion of raw materials of radio oil-bearing crops

Bulk works and construction of hydrotechnical and hydromeliorative designs for preserving and increase in fertility of soils

Collection of seeds of wood and shrubby breeds

Care of landing material in forest nursery

Afforestation of lands by creation of forest cultures and care of them before transfer to category of the areas covered with the wood

Collection of forest fruits, berries and herbs

Procurement of wood according to the procedure of forest ekspluatation

Assistance to natural reforestation, cabins of leaving in young growths

Works on protection of the wood against diseases and wreckers

Biotechnical actions for improvement of site class of hunting grounds

Forest management works, works on forest monitoring, on branch and valuation of cutting areas

Fire-proof works in forest fund

Works on content and improvement of forest seed base

Note. The workers participating in accomplishment of number of seasonal works which duration exceeds 6 (six) months as well as the workers hired sine die cannot be considered as seasonal workers.

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