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of December 2, 2004 No. 402-XV

About Courier bureau

(The last edition from 27-07-2018)

The parliament adopts this organic law.

This law establishes the legal basis, the principles of activities, task, obligation and right of Courier bureau, and also methods of control of its activities.

Chapter I General provisions

Article 1. Courier bureau

(1) the Courier bureau (further – Bureau) is the administrative authority subordinated to Bureau of information and safety, with functional autonomy, acting on the basis of the structures and Provisions approved by Board of Bureau of information and safety.

(2) Voided according to the Law of the Republic of Moldova of 09.12.2016 No. 270

(3) Voided according to the Law of the Republic of Moldova of 09.12.2016 No. 270

(4) the Bureau is legal entity, has separate balance, bank details, seal with the image of the State Emblem.

Article 2. Legal basis

The legal basis of activities of Bureau are the Constitution of the Republic of Moldova, this law, other regulations, and also the international agreements, one of the parties of which is the Republic of Moldova, the regulating legal relationship in this sphere.

Article 3. Principles of activities

The bureau performs the activities on the basis of the following principles:

a) legality;

b) the guaranteed safety of correspondence and efficiency of its delivery;

c) protection of the state and trade secret, and also other data protected by the law;

d) one-man management and the personal responsibility for the charged site of work according to this law;

e) constant control behind activities of officials of Bureau;

f) interactions with other bodies of public management.

Article 4. Interaction of Bureau with other bodies of public management

(1) the Bureau performs the functions assigned to it in interaction with other bodies of public management which within the powers shall render Bureau assistance in the organization of operational delivery of correspondence and ensuring its safety, and also the employees assistance of Bureau in case of execution of the obligations by them.

(2) For the purpose of ensuring operational servicing with courier communication of the supreme bodies of the public power the staff of Bureau with providing at the same time with the room for processing of correspondence of data of bodies can be attached to them.

Chapter II of the Task, obligation and right of Bureau

Article 5. Tasks of Bureau

(1) Tasks of Bureau are:

a) operational free delivery on the basis of the agreement of parliamentary, presidential, government, diplomatic correspondence, the departures containing the state and commercial secrets of bodies of public management, correspondence of heads of states and heads of governments of the State Parties of the Agreement on Intergovernmental courier communication of the Commonwealth of Independent States;

b) delivery on the basis of the agreement and on the rates of correspondence of bodies of public management and correspondence of business entities approved by the Government (including confidential).

(2) Tasks of Bureau are exhaustive and cannot be changed or added differently as the law.

Article 6. Obligations of Bureau

In pursuance of the tasks of Bureau assigned to it shall:

a) perform the activities in strict accordance with the Constitution of the Republic of Moldova, this law and other regulations;

b) organize and provide operational delivery of correspondence of persons and bodies determined by this law;

c) enhance and develop network of courier routes;

d) take in emergency situations measures for ensuring safety of the delivered correspondence up to its destruction in case of criminal infringement of it and impossibility of ensuring its further safety;

e) provide mutual coordination with other states and use of single technology of acceptance, processing and delivery of intergovernmental correspondence;

f) provide protection and safety of the data which are the state and trade secret, and also protected by the law of other data which became known in case of accomplishment of the assigned tasks;

g) develop actions for safety of staff of Bureau;

h) interact on the basis of the signed agreements within the competence with similar bodies of other states;

i) provide professional training and retraining of personnel;

j) provide the ordinary and commanding structure of Bureau on duty with the service weapon and special remedies and communications used for equipment of the private and the commanding structure of law-enforcement bodies;

k) provide the ordinary and commanding structure of Bureau with the corresponding regimentals and certificates issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs;

l) perform measures for material logistics of Bureau, operation of transport, implementation of financial and economic activities, legal and social protection of employees, improvement of working conditions and the organization of clerical work;

m) provide integrity and the secrecy of the delivered correspondence in case of accomplishment of the tasks assigned to it.

Article 7. Rights of Bureau

For accomplishment of the tasks assigned to it and obligations of Bureau the right is granted:

a) establish procedure for acceptance and delivery of correspondence, limiting amounts, regulations and types of departures;

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