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of May 23, 2015 No. 223-V

About protection of public health

(as amended on 03-06-2023)

This Law governs the relations arising in the sphere of protection of public health.

Chapter I. General provisions

Article 1. The basic concepts used in this law

For the purposes of this Law, the used basic concepts mean the following:

1) protection of public health - set of the measures of political, economic, legal, social, cultural, scientific, medical, sanitary and hygienic and anti-epidemic nature directed to preserving and strengthening of physical and mental health of each person, maintenance of his long active life;

2) health of the person - lack of signs of disorder of functions of the human body caused by diseases, consequences of injuries or physical defects and also its spiritual and social wellbeing;

3) medical care - the help having preventive, diagnostic, medical, rehabilitation or research orientation;

4) medical service - the measures taken for the purpose of prevention, diagnostics, treatment, medical rehabilitation;

5) prevention - development and implementation of sanitary and improving and treatment-and-prophylactic measures for the prevention of incidence, disability, to creation of safe working conditions, increase in life expectancy of citizens, environmental protection;

6) diagnostics - complex of the medical services directed to recognition of the state of health of the person, availability of disease or its absence;

7) the diagnosis - the medical certificate about the state of health of the patient, about the available disease (injury) or about cause of death;

8) treatment - package of measures, directed to elimination, suspension or simplification of course of disease, and also the prevention of progressing of disease;

9) medical rehabilitation (further - rehabilitation) - complex of the medical and preventive actions directed to recovery or compensation of the broken functions of human body;

10) the patient - person who addressed for delivery of health care, medical service and (or) to which medical care, medical service are provided;

11) the health worker - the physical person having professional medical education and performing medical activities;

12) medical activities - the activities directed to preservation and promotion of health of citizens, prevention of diseases (injuries), treatment, performed according to the legislation of Turkmenistan;

13) the doctor - the specialist with the higher medical education having the right to be engaged in medical activities;

14) the attending physician - the doctor to whom functions on the organization and rendering to the patient medical care, medical service during observation of it and its treatment are assigned;

15) the family doctor - the doctor giving primary health care to the citizen and members of his family in the territory served by him irrespective of the place of their accommodation;

16) medical examination - one of forms of the treatment-and-prophylactic help performed by means of inspection of citizens for the purpose of determination of the state of health and early detection of diseases;

17) primary health care - actions for prevention, detection of diseases, diagnostics, treatment, rehabilitation, forming of healthy lifestyle and sanitary and hygienic education of citizens, observation of the course of pregnancy;

18) the diseases constituting danger to society - the infectious diseases which are characterized by the high level of prevalence, leading to reducing life expectancy of citizens or their disability;

19) the medical document - the document containing medico-statistical information on the state of health of the patient, various national groups, on amount, on quality of the provided medical care, medical service, and also on activities of medical institutions;

20) clinical nutrition - the food providing the satisfaction of physiological needs of human body for feedstuffs and energies taking into account disease development mechanisms including diets which have the established chemical composition, energy value consist of certain products, including specialized products of clinical nutrition subjected to the corresponding technological processing;

21) specialized products of clinical nutrition - foodstuff with established by the chemical composition, energy value and physical properties proved by medical effect which exert impact on recovery of the functions of human body broken or lost as a result of disease, and also on increase in adaptive opportunities of its organism;

22) person with disability - person with steady physical, mental, intellectual or touch violations which in case of interaction with various barriers can interfere with its complete and effective participation in life of society on an equal basis with others;

23) medical secret - data on the fact of the request of the citizen for delivery of health care, medical service, state of his health and the diagnosis, and also other data received in case of its physical examination or treatment;

24) telemedicine - complex of the organizational, technological and financial events held with use of modern computer and telecommunication technologies for exchange of medical information between specialists for the purpose of improvement of quality and efficiency of consultation of patients, diagnostics, treatment.

Article 2. Legislation of Turkmenistan on protection of public health

1. The legislation of Turkmenistan on protection of public health is based on the Constitution of Turkmenistan and consists of this Law and other regulatory legal acts of Turkmenistan in the sphere of protection of public health.

2. The regulations of protection of public health containing in other regulatory legal acts of Turkmenistan shall not contradict regulations of this Law.

3. The regulations of protection of public health provided by this Law cannot be changed or cancelled by other regulatory legal acts of Turkmenistan precisely by introduction of amendments and amendments to this Law.

4. It is excluded according to the Law of Turkmenistan of 25.11.2017.

Article 3. Coverage of this law

Operation of this Law extends to citizens of Turkmenistan, and also to foreign citizens and persons without citizenship if other is not established by the legislation of Turkmenistan or international treaties of Turkmenistan.

Article 4. The basic principles of state policy in the sphere of protection of public health

The basic principles of state policy in the sphere of protection of public health are:

1) equality of the right of citizens to receipt of safe and high-quality medical care, medical service;

2) general availability of medical care, medical service;

3) preventive orientation and social focus in activities of medical institutions;

4) priority of maternity welfare and childhood;

5) social security of citizens in case of disability;

6) unity of medical science and practice in determination of prospects of their development;

7) inadmissibility of refusal in delivery of health care, medical service;

8) participation of public associations in providing the right of citizens to health protection.

Article 5. Activities in the sphere of protection of public health

1. Activities in the sphere of protection of public health are performed by medical institutions. Which on nature of the carried-out functions are subdivided into treatment and prevention facilities, sanitary and epidemiologic organizations, medico-social organizations, sanatorium-and-spa institutions, medicolegal and pathological organizations, scientific clinical centers, and also the organizations of medical statistics, the pharmaceutical companies, pharmaceutical institutions and other organizations, organizations, the companies and associations performing activities in the sphere of protection of public health.

2. The medical institutions specified regarding 1 this Article can be under authority of the Ministry of Health and the Medical Industry of Turkmenistan, and also under the authority of other ministries and departments (further - the public medical institutions).

3. Activities in the sphere of protection of public health can be performed by the physical persons who are individual entrepreneurs, and entrepreneurial legal entities according to the procedure and on conditions, determined by the legislation of Turkmenistan.


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