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of December 29, 2004 No. 190-FZ

(The last edition from 02-08-2019)

Accepted by the State Duma of the Russian Federation on December 22, 2004

Approved by Council of the Russian Federation on December 24, 2004

Chapter 1. General provisions

Article 1. The basic concepts used in this Code

For the purpose of of this Code the following basic concepts are used:

1) town-planning activities - the activities for development of the territories, including the cities and other settlements performed in the form of territorial planning, town-planning zoning, the layout of the territories, architectural and construction designing, construction, major repair, reconstruction, demolition of capital construction projects, upkeep of buildings, constructions, improvement of the territories;

2) territorial planning - development planning of the territories, including for establishment of functional zones, determination of the planned placement of objects of federal importance, objects of regional value, objects of local value;

3) sustainable development of the territories - providing when implementing town-planning activities of safety and favorable conditions for life activity of the person, restriction of negative impact of economic and other activity for the environment and ensuring protection and rational use of natural resources for the benefit of these and future generations;

4) zones with special conditions of use of the territories - security, sanitary protection zones, zones of protection of objects of cultural heritage (historical and cultural monuments) of the people of the Russian Federation (further - objects of cultural heritage), protective zones of objects of cultural heritage, the water protection zones, inundated areas, floodings, zones of sanitary protection of sources of drinking and economic and household water supply, zone of the protected objects, the aerodrome environs, other zones established in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation;

5) functional zones - zones for which documents of territorial planning determine borders and functional purpose;

6) town-planning zoning - zoning of the territories of municipalities for the purpose of determination of territorial zones and establishment of town-planning regulations;

7) territorial zones - zones for which in rules of land use and building borders are determined and are established town-planning regulations;

8) rules of land use and building - the document of town-planning zoning which affirms regulatory legal acts of local government bodies, regulatory legal acts of public authorities of subjects of the Russian Federation - the federal cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg and in which territorial zones, town-planning regulations, procedure for application of such document and procedure for introduction of changes in it are established;

9) town-planning regulations - the types of the permitted use of the parcels of land established within borders of the corresponding territorial zone, it is equal as everything that is over and under surface of the parcels of land and is used in the course of their building and the subsequent operation of capital construction projects, limiting (minimum and (or) maximum) the sizes of the parcels of land and extreme parameters of the permitted construction, reconstruction of capital construction projects, restrictions of use of the parcels of land and capital construction projects, and also in relation to the territories in which borders implementation of activities for complex and sustainable development of the territory, settlement indicators of minimum tolerance level of security of the corresponding territory with objects utility, transport is provided, social infrastructures and settlement indicators of the most tolerance level of territorial availability of the specified objects to the population;

10) capital construction project - the building, structure, construction, objects which construction is not complete (further - objects of construction in progress), except for non-capital structures, constructions and inseparable improvements of the parcel of land (zamoshcheniye, covering and others);

10. 1) linear objects - power lines, communication lines (including linearly - cable constructions), pipelines, motor-roads, rail lines and other similar constructions;

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