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The document ceased to be valid since  January 13, 2015 according to article 32 of the Law of the Kyrgyz Republic of December 30, 2014 No. 175 


of April 12, 2005 No. 61

About veterinary science

(as amended on on April 14, 2009)

Accepted by General Court of Jogorku Kenesh of the Kyrgyz Republic on January 18, 2005


This Law determines general, legal, organizational and financial basis of veterinary science.

The law regulates activities in the field of veterinary science according to the international requirements, determines legal status and structure of veterinary science, establishes necessary veterinary health requirements and bases of veterinary control and is directed to health protection of animals, protection of people against diseases, general for the person and animals, ensuring production and realization of high-quality animal products in the veterinary and sanitary relation.


Article 1. Determination of concepts

In this Law the following concepts and determinations are applied:

biological waste - corpses of animals, abortirovanny and mortinatus fruits, meat, meat and fish animal products, waste of industrial conversion of food and nonfood staples of animal origin, unsuccessful on veterinary and sanitary indicators;

veterinary science - set of the scientific knowledge and practical activities directed to studying of diseases of animals, their prevention and treatment, protection of people from diseases, general for the person and animals, control of ensuring production of high-quality and safe animal products in the veterinary and sanitary relation, the solution of questions of environmental protection;

veterinary case - complex of the governmental, public, economic and special events for animal protection from infectious and noncontagious diseases and to their treatment, ensuring production of good-quality products of animal origin, prevention of disease of people of diseases, general for the person and animals, and also to the solution of veterinary and sanitary problems of environmental protection;

the veterinary and sanitary conclusion - the document certifying compliance (discrepancy) to veterinary rules of animal products, forages, feed additives, veterinary medicines, and also regulations of designing, construction projects of objects of veterinary supervision and operational documentation;

veterinary medicines - the biological, vegetable, chemical and pharmaceutical medicines, other means intended for diagnostics, immunoprevention of diseases and treatment of animals;

veterinary and sanitary measures - system of the actions directed to prevention of origin and spread of infectious and mass noncontagious diseases of animals, protection of people against diseases, general for the person and animals, the prevention of damage caused by diseases of animals;

veterinary supervision - any procedure for check and ensuring accomplishment of veterinary health requirements;

the veterinary standard rate - the admissible maximum or minimum quantitative or high-quality measure value established by researches, characterizing veterinary or veterinary and sanitary factor from the point of view of its safety (harmlessness) for the person, animals, the surrounding environment;

veterinary and sanitary situation - condition in certain territory, in specifically specified time which is characterized by availability of diseases of animals, their distribution and the illness rate, and also the organization and completeness of accomplishment on objects of veterinary supervision of veterinary health requirements;

veterinary rules and standard rates - (further - veterinary rules) the regulatory legal acts establishing veterinary and veterinary health requirements (including veterinary and sanitary standard rates of safety) which non-compliance creates threat of origin and spread of diseases of animals, including general for the person and animals, and food poisonings (defeats);

veterinary practice - sphere of activity legal (veterinary organizations of all patterns of ownership and the state organizations) and physical persons (veterinary specialists) on rendering the veterinary services connected with carrying out prophylaxis, diagnostic testings and treatment of animals, and also production and realization of veterinary medicines;

veterinary and sanitary examination - complex of special researches for the purpose of quality evaluation of products of animal and plant origin in the markets and solutions of question of their use;

veterinary service - the state, departmental, production organizations, organizations, the companies or their divisions exercising within the competence control of veterinary and sanitary situation, the organization and holding antiepizootic actions and the solution of other tasks in the field of veterinary science established by regulations on these services;

diagnosis of infectious diseases of animals - system of the actions performed for the purpose of detection of infectious diseases of animals by carrying out special researches;

animal there are farm, domestic, zooparkovsky, circus, laboratory and wild animals, and also fur animals, birds, fishes, bees, other representatives of fauna, hatchable eggs, the impregnated caviar, seed of producers and embryos;

immunoprevention of infectious diseases of animals - system of the actions performed for the purpose of the prevention, origin, restriction of distribution and liquidation of infectious diseases of animals by carrying out preventive inoculations;

immunobiological medicines - vaccines, anatoxins, the serums, immunoglobulins and other means intended for creation of specific immunity to infectious diseases;

quarantine - complex of the temporary veterinary and sanitary and administrative rationing measures directed to the prevention of spread of infectious diseases of animals;

the address of veterinary medicines - the activities including development, testing, production, marking, packaging, storage, transportation, the state registration, standardization, certification, quality control, advertizing, sale, application and utilization (destruction) of the become useless medicines;

the particular quarantine treatment - particular legal regime of activities of state bodies and local government bodies, companies, organizations, organizations and farms, irrespective of patterns of ownership, directed to localization and liquidation of the centers of quarantine infections, allowing temporary establishment of the restrictions provided by this Law in implementation of the rights of citizens and legal entities and assigning to them subsidiary duties;

risk assessment - determination of probability of penetration of causative agents of infectious diseases of animals in case of commodity import or impact of other factors of required veterinary and sanitary measures for prevention of origin and spread of diseases and forecasting of biological and economic effects;

animal products - meat of animals and bird and meat products from them, milk and molokoprodukta, eggs and egg products, fish and seafood, fish products, products of beekeeping, skin, wool, hair, furs, down and feather, endocrine glands, blood, bones, horns, hoofs, other live stock products;

antiepizootic actions - system of the organizational and special events directed to the prevention, identification or liquidation of epizooty;

the epizooty - wide circulation of infectious disease among animals, at the same time the illness rate exceeds the regular level characteristic of this territory and this time;

epizootic wellbeing - territory condition in case of which there are no especially dangerous diseases of animals and the illness rate their other diseases does not exceed the regular level characteristic of the territory and this time.

Article 2. The relations regulated by this Law

This Law governs the relations of bodies of the state veterinary science, the state bodies of the Kyrgyz Republic, local public administrations and local self-government, legal entities, individual entrepreneurs and citizens performing the activities in the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic in the field of veterinary science, and also in the field of drug circulation, the animals intended for treatment.


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