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Ministry of Justice

Russian Federation

On May 28, 2015 No. 37426


of December 31, 2014 No. 631

About approval of Federal regulations and rules of industrial safety of "The requirement to production schedules of chemical and technology productions"

According to subitem (1) the Regulations on Federal Service for Environmental, Technological and Nuclear Supervision approved by the order of the Government of the Russian Federation of July 30, 2004 No. 401 "About Federal Service for Environmental, Technological and Nuclear Supervision" (The Russian Federation Code, 2004, No. 32, Art. 3348; 2006, No. 5, Art. 544; No. 23, Art. 2527; No. 52, Art. 5587; 2008, No. 22, Art. 2581; No. 46, Art. 5337; 2009, No. 6, Art. 738; No. 33, Art. 4081; No. 49, Art. 5976; 2010, No. 9, Art. 960; No. 26, Art. 3350; No. 38, Art. 4835; 2011, No. 6, Art. 888; No. 14, Art. 1935; No. 41, Art. 5750; No. 50, Art. 7385; 2012, No. 29, Art. 4123; No. 42, Art. 5726; 2013, No. 12, Art. 1343; No. 45, Art. 5822; 2014, to No. 2, of the Art. 108, No. 35, of the Art. 4773), I order:

1. Approve the Federal regulations and rules of industrial safety of "The requirement to production schedules of chemical and technology productions" attached to this order.

2. This order becomes effective after six months after its official publication.


A. V. Alyoshin

Approved by the Order of the Federal Service of the Russian Federation on ecological, technology and atomic supervision of December 31, 2014 No. 631

Federal regulations and rules of industrial safety of "The requirement to production schedules of chemical and technology productions"

I. General provisions

1. These Federal regulations and rules of industrial safety of "The requirement to production schedules of chemical and technology productions" (further - Federal regulations and rules) establish mandatory requirements to production schedules of chemical and technology productions of hazardous production facilities on which turn out, used, processed, will be formed, stored, transported, dangerous substances, including toxic, highly toxic and constituting danger to the environment, and also capable to form Paro - gazo-and pylevozdushny explosion-fire-hazardous mixes are destroyed (are utilized, transferred to other form) (further - dangerous substances).

2. Federal regulations and rules are developed according to Item 3 of article 4 of the Federal Law of July 21, 1997 No. 116-FZ "About industrial safety of hazardous production facilities" (The Russian Federation Code, 1997, No. 30, Art. 3588; 2000, No. 33, Art. 3348; 2003, No. 2, Art. 167; 2004, No. 35, Art. 3607; 2005, No. 19, Art. 1752; 2006, No. 52, Art. 5498; 2009, No. 1, Art. 17, 21; No. 52, Art. 6450; 2010, No. 30, Art. 4002; 2010, No. 31, Art. 4196; 2011, No. 27, Art. 3880; No. 30, Art. 4590, 4591, 4596; No. 49, Art. 7015, 7025; 2012, No. 26, Art. 3446; 2013, No. 9, Art. 874; No. 27, the Art. 3478) (further - the Federal Law No. 116-FZ) regarding establishment of mandatory requirements to safety of engineering procedures on hazardous production facilities.

3. Requirements of these Federal regulations and rules do not extend on:

productions on which the process charts determining engineering procedure act;

release of the chemicals and custom reactants made on laboratory installations by laboratory techniques.

II. Types of production schedules

4. The production schedules of chemical and technology productions (further - production schedules) determine the technology mode, the procedure for carrying out transactions of engineering procedure providing production of required quality, safe service conditions of production. The production schedules are developed based on documentation on hazardous production facility.

The regulated parameter values on conducting engineering procedure are established in basic data on development of documentation of hazardous production facilities and are specified in production schedules production.

5. The production schedules are developed for engineering procedure of production of certain types of products (or semi-products) the set quality.

Information and data provided in production schedules can be used in case of development of documentation on implementation by the operating organization of production supervision, plan development of actions for localization and mitigation of consequences of accidents on hazardous production facilities, and also declarations of industrial safety.

6. Depending on degree of familiarity of productions and the purposes of the carried-out works the following types of production schedules are provided:


temporary (starting);

one-time (experienced);

laboratory (starting notes, production techniques).

7. Permanent production schedules are developed for the mastered chemical and technology productions providing required quality of products.

8. Temporary (starting) production schedules are developed for:

new productions in this organization;

the operating chemical and technology productions to which technology basic changes are made;

productions with new technology.

10. Laboratory regulations (starting notes, production techniques) are developed for the laboratory, bench and model installations which are not turning out products.

The products operating time by amount to 1000 kg/year according to laboratory regulations (starting notes, production techniques) is allowed.

Systematization of installations by types and types is given in appendix No. 1 to Federal regulations and rules.

11. All types of production schedules shall be developed taking into account requirements of the Federal Law of June 26, 2008 No. 102-FZ "About ensuring unity of measurements" (The Russian Federation Code, 2008, No. 26, Art. 3021; 2011, No. 30, Art. 4590; No. 49, Art. 7025; 2012, No. 31, Art. 4322; 2013, No. 49, Art. 6339; 2014, No. 26, Art. 3366; No. 30, Art. 4255).

III. Structure of production schedules

12. The permanent, temporary and one-time production schedules connected with need of ensuring industrial safety of engineering procedures shall consist of the following Sections:

general characteristic of production;

the characteristic of the made products;

characteristic of raw materials, materials, semi-products and energy resources;

description of chemical engineering procedure and scheme;

material balance;

consumption rates of main types of raw materials, materials and energy resources;


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