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of May 16, 2015 No. 98

About Frontier of the Kyrgyz Republic

(as amended on 04-08-2023)

Accepted by Jogorku Kenesh of the Kyrgyz Republic on April 2, 2015

This Law establishes and fixes the organizational and legal basis of the state boundary policy and proper protection of Frontier of the Kyrgyz Republic by authorized state body in the sphere of protection of Frontier in interaction with other state bodies and local government bodies, and also governs the relations connected with ensuring boundary safety of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Chapter 1. General provisions

Article 1. The basic concepts and determinations used in this Law

Frontier of the Kyrgyz Republic (further - Frontier) - the line and the vertical surface passing across this line, the determining limits of the state territory (sushi, waters, subsoil and airspace) the Kyrgyz Republic, that is spatial limit of action of the state sovereignty of the Kyrgyz Republic;

the state control at the check point - border, customs, sanitary and epidemiologic, veterinary, phytosanitary control, control of drug trafficking and other types of control concerning persons and vehicles crossing Frontier and also freights, goods and the animals moved through Frontier;

delimitation of Frontier - contractual determination of Frontier between the Kyrgyz Republic and the adjacent states according to maps with creation of the detailed description of its passing;

demarcation of Frontier - the exact determination and designation by border markers of the line of Frontier on the area performed on the basis of agreements (agreements) on delimitation of Frontier;

the valid document - the identity document which all parts and details correspond to the samples established by competent authorities of the state which issued it which is drawn properly up by bodies, competent on that, is not delayed belongs to the bearer and has no counterfeits;

the identity document - the document confirming the status of person crossing Frontier which sample was directed through diplomatic channels and is recognized the Kyrgyz Republic this quality if other is not provided by the international treaties which came in the procedure established by the law into force, the participant which the Kyrgyz Republic is;

Frontier infrastructure - complex of the boundaries, objects, the hydraulic engineering, engineering and other constructions and obstacles erected, equipped and used for the purpose of protection of Frontier;

boundary safety is component of homeland security of the Kyrgyz Republic aimed at providing the vital interests of the personality, society and state from internal and external threats in boundary space and is performed by all public authorities of the Kyrgyz Republic and local government bodies;

the boundary policy represents the coordinated, approved activities of state bodies and local government bodies aimed at providing boundary safety;

borderline case - the incident on Frontier which resulted from illegal actions of citizens, military personnel or local authorities of the adjacent states, expressed in violation come in the procedure established by the law into force of international treaties which participant is the Kyrgyz Republic, the adjacent states infringing on interests and connected with violation of the mode of Frontier or causing material or other damage;

border conflict - accidental or purposely organized collision of opposite interests (intentions) of persons crossing Frontier and official representatives of the public authorities performing protection of Frontier or control functions at the check point which is expressed in open counteraction between them. The conflicts can be short-term, long or long;

border control - type of the state control at check points through Frontier which consists in carrying out complex of actions for recognition of legal causes for crossing of Frontier by persons driving to the Kyrgyz Republic or in permission to crossing of Frontier by persons leaving the Kyrgyz Republic and also in implementation of actions for detection and detention of violators of Frontier, and in the cases established by the legislation on detection and detention of the freights, goods and animals prohibited by the legislation to import to the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic or export from the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic;

borderland - part of the territory, adjacent to Frontier, within which the specific mode of entrance, temporary residence, movement and works determined by the Cabinet of Ministers of the Kyrgyz Republic is introduced;

boundary space of the Kyrgyz Republic - Frontier and the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic adjoining it, and also the territory of check points through Frontier within which boundary activities are performed;

boundary representatives are the representatives of the adjacent states appointed to certain sites of general border for the solution of the questions connected with maintenance of the set Frontier mode and also for settlement of borderline cases and conflicts;

boundary regime - system of the regulations and rules established by the Cabinet of Ministers of the Kyrgyz Republic, regulating procedure for entrance, accommodation, movement, movement and works in the border territory it is exclusive for the purpose of creation of necessary conditions for protection of Frontier;

boundary representatives - the persons who are consisting in employment relationships with authorized state body in the sphere of protection of Frontier, directly living on permanent basis within the border territory;

crossing of Frontier - crossing of Frontier by persons, aircrafts and other vehicles, movement through Frontier of freights, goods and animals;

the border territory - the territory within administrative and territorial unit (the area, the city, ail), adjacent to Frontier within which the boundary regime is set and is effective;

the check point through Frontier - the territory within the railway station (station), the airport, airfield open for the international messages (the international flights), and also specially equipped place in close proximity to Frontier where the state control and the omission through Frontier of persons and vehicles, cargo transfer, goods and animals according to the legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic is exercised;

border markers - artificial long-term constructions - the columns established on the line of Frontier with the adjacent states. Border markers happen the main and intermediate. Forms, the sizes of border markers, their description and procedure for establishment are determined by the international treaties which came in the procedure established by the law into force which participant is the Kyrgyz Republic, and the Cabinet of Ministers of the Kyrgyz Republic;

border duty - one or several armed frontier guards executing the order on protection of Frontier;

the Frontier mode - the rules of content of Frontier, crossing established by international treaties and regulatory legal acts her faces and vehicles, movements through Frontier of freights, goods and animals, maintaining on Frontier of economic, trade and other activity, permission of the borderline cases connected with violation of the specified rules;

border redemarkation - recovery of the line of Frontier on areas and designation by its border markers on the basis of the existing contractual documents. Provides repair of the border markers, recovery lost and installation of additional signs, creation of the new protocol description, cards and protocols and arrangement of border markers. New documents are subject to approval according to the current legislation of each of the parties;

the mode at check points - the procedure for entrance (entrance) to check points, stay, movements and departure (exit) from them of persons, vehicles, import, stay and cargo exportation, goods and animals established by the Cabinet of Ministers of the Kyrgyz Republic;

regime actions are the organizational form performed by authorized body in the sphere of protection of Frontier and consisting in the strengthened control of observance of the mode of Frontier, boundary regime and the mode at check points through Frontier;

the adjacent state - the neighboring state having the general site of Frontier with the Kyrgyz Republic;

office animals - the dogs and horses used for strengthening of border duties for the purpose of the prevention, identification, establishment and suppression of offenses in boundary space and also the physical, psychological, blocking and other impact on offenders;

special actions - complex of the army, operational, regime and frontier representative events held for the purpose of suppression of illegal actions on Frontier and at check points through Frontier;

establishment of Frontier - the documentary description of passing of Frontier, and also designation of its passing on the area;


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