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of April 22, 2005 No. 896-IIQ

About organization of the award "Heydar Aliyev"

(as amended of the Law of the Azerbaijan Republic of 03.02.2014 No. 896-IVQD)

Long-term, rich political activities of the national leader of the Azerbaijani people, architect and founder of the independent Azerbaijani state Heydar Aliyev played exclusive role in the history of statehood of our people.

As a result of Heydar Aliyev's activities in the seventies the last century the social and economic foundation for independent Azerbaijan was laid. Under the leadership of Heydar Aliyev in 1969-1982 Azerbaijan as a part of the USSR turned into the republic having modern economic potential strong prerequisites for future state independence of our country were created. As a result of bystry economic development Azerbaijan became one of the few republics which are independently providing themselves and not receiving the grant from the Allied budget. These years thanks to Heydar Aliyev's efforts the actions which gave impetus to development of national consciousness, culture and language were performed. Azerbaijan was one of three republics as a part of the USSR in which Constitution - to Azerbaijani - the state status was provided to the main spoken language.

In the first years after recovery of the state independence by Azerbaijan as a result of inexperienced policy of forces replacing each other in power there was danger of disintegration of the country and fall of national statehood. Azerbaijan was on the threshold of civil war. The occupational policy of Armenia, the political contentions reigning within the country threatened existence of the state. During such difficult and difficult period return of Heydar Aliyev having wide political experience to management of the country according to the persistent requirement of the people became the main factor for preserving and strengthening of the state independence of Azerbaijan.

Heydar Aliyev elected in June, 1993 the chairman of the Azerbaijani parliament managed to reach elimination of the political crisis which arose in the country and vacuum of the power. There came the end of anarchy, to arbitrary behavior, practice of coming to power in the armed way, social and political stability was recovered. In the country the professional parliament was created. In implementation of all these cases Heydar Aliyev always relied on the people and got its support.

The first Constitution of the independent Azerbaijan Republic drafted and accepted under the direction of and with direct participation of Heydar Aliyev created strong legal base for strengthening of modern state system in the country. Carrying out judicial reforms, creation of the Constitutional court and other important organizations played important role in promotion of democratization process in the country.

During the ten-year period of management of the independent Azerbaijan Republic Heydar Aliyev, having saved our country from threat and difficulties, removed it on the way of consecutive development. Within these years the mechanism of public administration was recreated, the regular army is created, large-scale political, legal, economic, social and cultural reforms are performed, dynamic development of national economy is provided, the new oil strategy representing great value for independent Azerbaijan is prepared and begun to be implemented. Finally in Azerbaijan the constitutional, democratic and secular state was created, serious steps in the direction of strengthening of civil society are taken. Our state took the worthy place in the world community, gained huge international authority, having strengthened the geopolitical line items in the region. The idea of azerbaydzhanstvo got into minds, the national unity and solidarity were provided.

Considering exclusive historical merits before the people and the state of the national leader of the Azerbaijani people, architect and founder of the independent Azerbaijani state Heydar Aliyev, and for the purpose of perpetuating of his memory of Millie the Majlis of the Azerbaijan Republic decides:

I. Found the award "Heydar Aliyev".

II. Article 1 of the Law of the Azerbaijan Republic "About organization of awards and medals of the Azerbaijan Republic" of November 10, 1992 (The sheet of the Supreme Council of the Azerbaijan Republic, 1992, No. 23, Article 996; 1993, No. 23, Article 676; The Collection of the legislation of the Azerbaijan Republic, 2003, No. 12 (the book I), Article 677) to give in the following edition:

"1. Found the following ordena of the Azerbaijan Republic:

the award "Heydar Aliyev" - the highest award of the Azerbaijan Republic;

award "Independence";

the award "Shah Ismail" - the highest military award of the Azerbaijan Republic;

award "Azerbaijani Banner";

award "Honour";

award "For Service to the Homeland"."

III. Approve the statute and the description of the award "Heydar Aliyev" (are applied).

President of the Azerbaijan Republic

Ilham Aliyev

Approved by the Law of the Azerbaijan Republic of April 22, 2005, No. 896-IIQ

Statute of the award "Heydar Aliyev"

1. The award "Heydar Aliyev" is handed to citizens of the Azerbaijan Republic in the following cases:

1.1. For the exclusive merits which served to progress, growth of greatness and glory of Azerbaijan;

1.2. For courage and valor in case of protection of the Homeland, protection of state interests of the Azerbaijan Republic.

2. The award "Heydar Aliyev" is handed to the President of the Azerbaijan Republic for its status.

3. The award "Heydar Aliyev" is handed to foreigners in the following cases:

3.1. For outstanding merits in front of the Azerbaijan Republic;

3.2. For special merits in the embodiment of the idea of azerbaydzhanstvo in life, strengthening of solidarity of Azerbaijanians of the world;

3.3. For special merits in adjustment and development of political, commercial, scientific and cultural ties between the Azerbaijan Republic and other states.

4. Star with swords and chain with swords of the award "Heydar Aliyev" stipulated in Item 32 articles 109 of the Constitution of the Azerbaijan Republic are handed according to the procedure.

5. The medal "Heydar Aliyev" is worn on the left side of breast, in the presence of other awards and medals of the Azerbaijan Republic - over the others.

Approved by the Law of the Azerbaijan Republic of April 22, 2005, No. 896-IIQ

Description of the award "Heydar Aliyev"

The award "Heydar Aliyev" consists of star, medal chain, sign and the breastplate.

The star and chain of the award "Heydar Aliyev" happen to swords and without swords.

The eight-pointed star of award provided for attachment to breast is made of silver. The ends of star are processed in the form of flower petals. Distance between opposite corners of star of 82 mm.


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