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Ministry of Justice

Republic of Moldova

On January 23, 2015 No. 1018


of January 17, 2015 No. 7

About approval of the Instruction about method of carrying out cadastral works at the level of buildings and the isolated rooms

(as amended of the Correction of the Republic of Moldova of 27.03.2015 No. 74)

According to part (3) Art. 18 of the Law No. 1543-XIII of February 25, 1998 on the inventory of real estate and Item 8 the subitem b) Provisions No. 383 of May 12, 2010 on the organization and functioning of the Agency of land relations and the inventory, structure and the extreme number of staff of its central office approved by the Government of the Republic of Moldova, PRIKAZYVAYU:

1. Approve the Instruction about method of carrying out cadastral works at the level of buildings and the isolated rooms it (is applied).

2. The instruction about method of carrying out cadastral works at the level of buildings and the isolated rooms becomes effective since February 2, 2015.

3. To impose control of execution of this order on the deputy director general Mr. Stefan Krigan.

CEO of the Agency of land relations and inventory

Anatoliye Gilash


to the Order of the Agency of land relations and the inventory of the Republic of Moldova of January 17, 2015 No. 7

The instruction about method of carrying out cadastral works at the level of buildings and the isolated rooms

Chapter I. General provisions

1. The instruction about method of carrying out cadastral works at the level of buildings and the isolated rooms establishes:

1) the procedure of accomplishment of cadastral works at the level of constructions and the isolated rooms (further – cadastral works);

2) structure and content of technical case and the documents constituted for issue which are applied to technical case;

3) storage and provision of information on buildings and the isolated rooms.

2. For the purpose of this Instruction the following general concepts are used:

hall – the room of the apartment or the individual apartment house with the actual exit to the placements intended for general use by residents of the apartment apartment house to the general yard or on the street;

the apartment – the premises consisting of one or several living rooms with auxiliary rooms which meet the requirements of conditions of accommodation for one face or family and is part of the apartment apartment house;

extension – the integral part of the building which is outside border of external walls, having at least one general wall or load-carrying structure with the main building;

mezzanine – the site occupying upper part of general space of the room, created for the purpose of increase in total interior area and arrangement of auxiliary rooms;

balcony – the platform with handrail leaving external wall of facade, opened from 3 parties, intended for rest in summertime. Can be glazed;

balustrade – partial or integral barrier from tree, metal (continuous or hollow) 90-110 cm high, located at edge of balcony, terrace, ladder, etc. for the purpose of protection against accidents;

the cellar – the underground room isolated from external environment, intended for storage of foodstuff or materials;

the apartment apartment house – the building with two and more apartments (premises) intended for housing into which structure, in addition to apartments, enter: non-residential premises of other assignment - public, technical rooms, plumbing and technical equipment, basic elements of design (the base, walls, floor, roof and other elements);

kitchen – part of the building / the isolated room equipped with the equipment and engineering networks intended for preparation and storage of foodstuff, food; The Kitchen can be combined with other room with different assignment, but on condition of providing necessary specifications;

the room – the room in the apartment, the individual apartment house or the building with general functions which is directly intended for accommodation in it;

structure - the complex of the areas with certain functions limited to structural elements which constitute building cover, including the related objects. The term "structure" determines both the building entirely, and its parts which were designed or changed so that to be used separately;

the individual apartment house – the residential building consisting of one or more living rooms and utility rooms with one or more than levels, intended for the permanent residence, as a rule, of one family;

attic – space between roof, external walls and floor covering of the most top level;

incomplete structure - structure which construction is not carried out up to the end and/or which was not handed over in operation;

the main building – structure which is considered prevailing from the point of view of construction, architectural, economic characteristics and characteristics of its assignment. On the parcel of land there can be one or several main buildings;

additional structure – structure which is intended for auxiliary in relation to the main activities;

corridor – the non-residential premise of the apartment / the isolated non-residential room / building which provides communication with other rooms of the real estate unit;

reducing coefficient – the coefficient used for recovery/addition of the area of balconies, loggias and terraces to the total interior area of the residential building / the isolated room which is part of the residential building;

the semibasement room (abbr. P.P.) – the level which includes part of floors of the room below existing grade to half of maximum height from floor-to-ceiling height;

technical case – final result of cadastral works, consisting of set of the acts and technical drawings constituted within these works during the whole time of existence of the real estate unit, including all necessary data for determination of the respective real estate unit and its development (evolution) during time;

the floor (abbr. E) – each following level located over next;

first floor (abbr. item E.) – the level, lower from the earth, which is below building floors, but is not lower than the level of earth. Can have residential assignment or be used for the rooms having other assignment;

penthouse (abbr. M.) – the functional floor of the building which is between roof and the last floor of this building. The floor provides observance of requirements for safety, protection and the comfort corresponding to certain purpose of the room (residential or other assignment), the penthouse also includes elevated floors. Internal height of penthouse on external walls from floor to ceiling shall not exceed meter 1,5;

the technical floor (abbr. T.E.) – building level for placement of technical and lifting equipment and placement of communications. Placement can be: lower (the technical cellar), average (between elevated floors) and upper (technical attic);

constructive parts – constituent parts of the building which serve for support of external and internal loadings, providing adequate operation of the building;

finishing – the plastered surfaces (plaster, paint, stucco molding, etc.) intended for protection of visible surface of elements of the building against external and internal factors of depreciation;

garage – the structure or the room which is specially intended for servicing and content of vehicles;

bathroom – the sanitary room of the isolated room/building equipped with toilet bowl, bathroom or shower and wash basin. Can be combined or divided into certain rooms: for toilet bowl (toilet) and for other parts of the sanitary equipment (bathtub);

the lift Hall – the room at entrance to the elevator;

the room – the area of the building used for carrying out different activities by the person;

the general room of the building – the room public located out of the apartment / the non-residential premise, intended for ensuring operation of the apartment residential house / building (lobby, corridor, connecting passage, house ladder, flight of stairs, corridor, etc.);

the general room of the isolated room (residential/non-residential) – the room public located in the apartment / the non-residential premise, intended for requirements satisfaction of co-owners of the room;

the isolated room - the part of the building separated the next parts of this building by walls or partitions without door openings, having separate exit to stair landing in general corridor, to the yard or on the street;

level height – distance from floor is up to one floor height higher than the lying floor;

building height – the total height of all levels of the building;

lining – the covering made of different materials, applied on surface of internal walls, entirely or only up to the certain height from floor with the decorative or protective purpose;

loggia – not heated room with floor, with the elements closing it from three parties (from two corners) which is built in or attached to structure opened outside or glazed intended for rest in summertime and for protection against the sun;

cadastral work – complex of the types of activity aiming at determination, collection, archiving and provision (as necessary) of information on technical parameters of the real estate unit, and also data on its arrangement for date of inspection;

construction work – complex of the works which are carried out by means of mechanisms, machines, and also manually for the purpose of construction, reconstruction, restoration or strengthening of the building;

works on demolition of the building – complex of the works which are carried out by means of mechanisms, machines, and also manually for the purpose of the whole or partial destruction of the building;

works on modification – the works connected with change of constructional, structural and/or nonstructural elements for the purpose of modification (complete or partial) these elements, for change of the internal or external layout or scope change of the building;

level – the area of structure which is between two following one after another floors. There are semibasement floor, the hall, attic, floors of the building and the mansard floor. Constitutes the level of supant which area constitutes more than forty percent from the area of building/space in which it is;

stair landing – the horizontal site of ladder which is between groups of ladders;


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