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Approved by the Order of the Minister of investments and development of the Republic of Kazakhstan of December 30, 2014 No. 357

Rules of ensuring industrial safety for hazardous production facilities on preparation and conversion of gases

(as amended on 14-07-2023)

Chapter 1. General provisions

1. These rules of ensuring industrial safety on preparation and conversion of gases (further - Rules) are developed for hazardous production facilities according to subitem 94-15) of Item 16 of the Regulations on the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Kazakhstan approved by the order of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan of October 23, 2020 No. 701 and determine procedure for ensuring industrial safety for hazardous production facilities by preparation and conversion of gases.

2. In these rules the following basic concepts are used:

1) subjects to preparation and conversion of gas - devices, the equipment, structures, buildings and constructions connected in single engineering procedure of preparation and conversion of gas;

2) the schedule of scheduled preventive maintenance - the schedule of holding the technical actions for repair of processing equipment directed to the prevention of premature depreciation of details, nodes and mechanisms and their content in operating state approved by the technical lead of object;

3) installation of preparation of oil and gas - the installation intended for acceptance of products of oil and gas wells, its preliminary separation into oil, associated gas and reservoir water;

4) the work permit - task for the works which are drawn up when carrying out installation and construction works in the territory of operating plant when there is available or can be production danger proceeding from operating plant;

5) production schedules - the document determining technology of conducting process or its separate stages (transactions), the modes and the production technology of products, safe working conditions, approved by the technical lead;

6) No. 360 is excluded according to the Order of the Minister of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Kazakhstan of 30.12.2022

Chapter 2. Procedure for ensuring industrial safety by preparation and conversion of gas

3. On subjects to preparation and conversion of gas (further - PPG) are developed and are on workplaces:

1) operational and technical documentation;

2) the project on construction of facilities;

3) production schedules;

4) the liquidation plans of accidents (further - PLA) considering factors of danger and regulating actions of personnel, means and the methods used for liquidation of emergencies, the prevention of accidents for the maximum decrease in weight of their possible effects (the statement from operational part).

4. As a part of the project documentation of objects of PPG the organizational technical solutions aimed at safety working and the populations are proved and are determined in case of emergencies, for operational localization and liquidation of the specified situations.

5. Building designing, forming the closed and half-closed yards on platforms of objects of PPG, is not allowed.

6. As pro-masonry materials apply the materials steady against the repumped circles and the corresponding parameters of engineering procedure to flange connections.

7. Depressurization of the equipment without written permission of the head of object is not allowed.

8. On workplaces, about means of communication, hang out plates with indication of procedure for giving of signals and challenge of fire protection, health center, gas-rescuing service and the dispatcher of object of PPG.

9. In case of detection of gas contamination of air of the working area without delay warn service personnel of nearby installations about possible danger, protect the gas-polluted site and take measures according to the approved PLA.

10. Cleaning of half of production rooms is made as required, but at least once in change wet, wet or others, the methods which are not allowing pylevydeleniye. Use of flammable liquids (further - LVZh) for mopping is not allowed.

The used cleaning cloth is put in special metal boxes with densely closed covers and upon termination of change deleted from production placements to the specially allotted place.

Temporary storage of materials and the equipment perform in the rooms or places allocated for this purpose.

11. The outer side of each door of the explosive room is supplied with text with indication of characteristics of its potential of explosion.

Objects of PPG shall be provided with the necessary technical means of emergency communication and the notification providing operational informing working and the population about possible danger.

For the purpose of ensuring early detection of emergency emissions are provided with technical means of the automated control system of the air circle.

The personnel working at objects of PPG are provided with individual and collective remedies from hazardous substances.

12. In the territory hazardous production facilities of PPG and in production rooms carry out:

1) external examination and check of operability of action of ventilating systems before each change by service personnel;

2) survey and check of condition of instrumentations (further - KIP), automatic equipment and safety devices at least once in change by the employee of KIP.

13. Laying of the buried channels and tunnels in buildings and in the territory of outside installations for placement of cables in rooms and in the territory of outside installations is not allowed:

1) the hazardous substances having sources of possible allocation in the atmosphere;

2) sources of possible passages of combustible and serovodorodsoderzhashchy liquids.

14. Joint laying in the buried tunnels and channels of pipelines of vapor and hot water with technology pipelines, including pipelines of systems of collection and utilization of serovodorodsoderzhashchy industrial drains is not allowed.

15. On the platform of object of PPG, irrespective of its sizes, roads and at least two main entrances are provided in the directions forming corner at least 90 degrees and providing free evacuation of personnel and the equipment in case of accident.

16. Along the trunk and production line roads, drives and entrances sidewalks provide in all cases irrespective of intensity of pedestrian movement.

17. The territory of objects of PPG is equipped with walking paths with hard surface, arrangement and which content provides free movement of personnel including in case of emergency evacuation.

Trays, trenches, ditches and deepenings in night-time light, cover with plates or protect with handrail at least 1 meter high.

18. Blocking up and pollution of roads, drives, entrances, staircases, passes and exits from buildings, approaches to the fire-fighting equipment, fire extinguishing means, communication and the alarm system is not allowed.

19. In the territory of object of PPG, in places of the crosswalk via pipelines, trays and trenches establish bridges at least 1 meter wide, with height of handrail at least 1 meter.

Roads, bridges, moving and passes keep clean and operability, supplies with necessary route signs, including journey dimensions under platforms of pipelines, and lights in night-time.

Movement of the autotractor machinery without spark arresters on the territory of explosion-fire-hazardous objects of PPG is not allowed.

20. Crossing in one level of the main entrances on the industrial platform and railway tracks is not allowed.

In places of crossing of railway lines with pedestrian roads arrange continuous floorings level with heads of rails and establish the warning and prohibition signs.

21. The repair work connected with closing of the carriageway of roads carry out with the permission of the technical lead.

22. The site of the territory of object of PPG on which repair construction works were conducted, plan and clear of construction debris. Start-up of installations on the specified site before the termination of its layout and cleaning of the territory of construction debris is not allowed.

23. In the territory of objects of PPG use of naked flame, except for certain places of permanent and temporary hot work is not allowed.

24. In case of flood in the territory of objects of PPG of oil products and other LVZh measures for liquidation of flood and safe utilization are taken.

25. Latches and other armature which is in wells, trays and deepenings are supplied with devices for management of them from surface (the extended rods or steering wheels of management, electropneumatic actuators) and provide safe access for repair and scheduled maintenance.

26. On each of the main organizational technical solutions aimed at safety working and the populations on objects of PPG for emergencies, in the project documentation are proved and determined specific types and quantity of individual protection equipment (further - SIZ), necessary devices, materials and the equipment, the place and special constructions for their placement.

27. During the work in places where formation of concentration of harmful gases, vapors and dust in air above admissible sanitary standards is possible, workers are provided with appropriate means of individual protection of respiratory organs (further - CEESE AUDE).

28. On each hazardous production facility provide emergency inventory of CEESE AUDE in number of 3 - 5 sets.

Provide at least two sets of hose emergency gas masks.

It is not allowed to lock emergency inventory of gas masks on locks.

Integrity of seals of emergency inventory is checked by service personnel in case of acceptance and delivery of change. Availability and condition of emergency inventory is checked by the responsible person of gas-rescuing service of the organization at least once a month according to the schedule approved by the technical lead of object of PPG.

29. In case of hand-operated drainage of the locking device, works are performed in CEESE AUDE and in the presence of observing after check of gas contamination on workplace.


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