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Approved by the Order of the Minister of investments and development of the Republic of Kazakhstan of December 30, 2014 No. 360

Rules of ensuring industrial safety in case of operation of compressor stations

(as amended on 14-07-2023)

Chapter 1. General provisions

1. These rules of ensuring industrial safety in case of operation of compressor stations (further - Rules) are developed according to subitem 94-18) of Item 16 of the Regulations on the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Kazakhstan approved by the order of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan of October 23, 2020 No. 701 and determine procedure for ensuring industrial safety in case of operation of compressor stations.

For works in case of operation of compressor stations by the organization are developed and affirm, the head of the organization, production schedules (further - Production schedules) on providing safe operation taking into account project decisions, instructions of the manufacturer.

Chapter 2. Safety requirements to compressor installations

2. Safe operation, installation and repair of stationary piston and rotational compressor installations by installed capacity from 14 kilowatts (further - kW) and above, and also vessels of compressor installations (air collectors, gas collectors, maslovdagootdelitel and other reservoirs), air ducts and gas pipelines of these compressor installations using air and inert gases with pressure from 0,2 to the 40th megapascal (further - MPa) (from 2 to 400 kilograms of forces on square centimeter (further - the kgf / with m 2) is provided by observance of requirements of these rules.

3. Materials (pipes, branch pipes, bent elements (branches), compensators, flanges, caps, laying, armature, electrodes, welding wire, bolts, hairpins, nuts and so forth), the methods and amount of control of welded connections applied in case of installation and repair of pipelines of compressor stations shall be determined by the project of compressor station.

4. Connection of elements, armature and details of pipelines shall be made by welding.

Application of flange connections is allowed only for connection of pipelines to armature and the details of the equipment having flanges.

Threaded connections are allowed only for connection of the control and measuring and registering devices (manometers, sleeves of thermometers).

5. The Troynikovy connections produced from pipes with longitudinal seam are allowed to be applied to the pipelines working under pressure of no more 1,2 of MPa (12 kgfs / with m 2), at the same time quality check of welded seams on all length shall be executed by radiography or ultrasonic defectoscopy.

6. Pipelines and the bearing metal designs shall have anticorrosive protection.

7. All elements of pipelines with temperature of outside surface of wall are above 45 °C located in places, available to service personnel, shall be covered with thermal isolation.

8. Vvark of unions, drain and blowing-off tubes, and other details in zone of welded seams of pipelines is not allowed.

9. The design of curvilinear elements (bent, cast, stamped) shall be determined by pipeline project.

10. Thickness of wall of bent element (knee) on any its site shall be accepted as value which size is at least values established by calculation on durability.

11. The size of thinning of wall is checked by measurement of thickness of wall after the cutting of gib made in selective procedure at the discretion of the company owner of the pipeline.

The distance from outside surface of element which the pipe joins prior to the beginning of gib of pipe shall be at least the size of outer diameter of pipe, but at least 50 millimeters (further - mm).

12. The arrangement of welded connections of the pipeline shall provide possibility of their control with the methods determined by the project.

13. Welding end-to-end with complete pro-melting is applied to connection of pipes and shaped details.

Angular welded connections are allowed for welding to pipelines of unions, pipes, flat flanges. Angular connections shall be executed with complete pro-melting.

14. In joint welded connections of elements with the different thickness of walls smooth transition which tilt angle of surfaces shall be no more than 15 °, from bigger to smaller section, by unilateral or bilateral machining of the end of element with thicker wall shall be provided.

15. When welding pipes and other elements with longitudinal and spiral welded seams, the last shall be displaced one concerning another. At the same time the size of shift constitutes at least 100 mm. This requirement does not extend to pipes and elements with outer diameter less than 100 mm.

16. For cross joint welded connections the distance between axes of the next welded seams in direct sections of the pipeline shall make: for pipes with a diameter of 219 mm and smaller diameter - there is at least triple diameter of the welded pipe (elements), for pipes with a diameter over 219 mm - at least 500 mm. Distance from axis of welded seam prior to the beginning of pipe bend - at least 100 mm.

17. In case of installation of steeply curved, stamped and shtamposvarny knees the arrangement of cross welded connections at the beginning of curve and welding among themselves of steeply curved knees without direct site is allowed.

18. For angular welded connections of pipes and unions with elements of pipelines the distance from outside surface of element prior to the beginning of gib of pipe or axis of cross joint seam shall make:

1) for pipes (unions) with outer diameter up to 100 mm - is at least outer diameter of pipe, but at least 50 mm;

2) for pipes (unions) with the outer diameter of 100 mm and more - at least 100 mm.

19. The distance from axis of cross welded connection of the pipeline to edge of support or suspension bracket is chosen, proceeding from possibility of carrying out survey and control.

20. In case of elevated laying of air ducts and gas pipelines (inert gases) joint laying with technology pipelines of different function, except as specified, contradicting other safety rules is allowed.

21. Armature shall be established in places convenient for servicing and repair. For servicing of armature, ladders and platforms are arranged.

22. The bearing pipeline constructions, shall be expected vertical loading from the mass of the pipeline filled with water and covered with isolation taking into account the efforts arising in case of temperature deformations (stretchings, compression).

Support and suspension brackets of pipelines shall be calculated without the mass of water in case of hydraulic testing, but taking into account the mass of working environment. By the project of compressor station availability of devices for unloading of springs, support and suspension brackets in case of hydraulic testing shall be provided.

23. Motionless support are calculated on the efforts transferred to them in case of the most adverse combination of loadings.

24. The spuskny unions supplied with shutoff valves for emptying of the pipeline are provided in the lower points of each section of the pipeline which is disconnected by locking devices.

For removal of air in the upper points of pipelines vozdushnik are established.

25. For purge, the sites of pipelines which are disconnected by locking bodies shall be supplied in trailer points with the union with the gate, and with pressure over MPa 2,2 (22 kgfs / with m 2) - the union and two consistently located gates: locking and regulating.

26. The device of drainages shall provide possibility of conducting control of their work during pipeline purge.

27. The lower trailer points of pipelines and the lower points of their bends shall be supplied with devices for purge.

28. Each pipeline for providing safe service conditions shall be equipped with devices for measurement of size of pressure and temperature of working environment, the locking and regulating fittings, safety valves, means of the alarm system, protection and automation.

The quantity and placement of the regulating armature, gages, systems of automation, the alarm system and protection are determined on blueprint stage, for the purpose of providing safe operation by servicing and repair.

29. Armature is supplied with marking on the body in which it is specified:

1) name or trademark of the manufacturer;

2) conditional pass;

3) conditional pressure and temperature of the circle;

4) direction of flow of the circle (shooter);

5) steel brand.

In case of production of armature instead of conditional pressure it is allowed to specify working pressure.

30. The electric equipment of compressor station, the electric equipment, electric chains of management system and power supply grounding structures of compressor station is carried out according to requirements of Regulations for electrical installation, the Minister of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan approved by the order of March 20, 2015 No. 230 (it is registered in the Register of state registration of regulatory legal acts No. 10851) (further – Regulations for electrical installation).

31. To the territory of compressor station and to all its constructions sidings with paving are arranged.

32. The materials and semifinished products meeting the requirements of the regulations of industrial safety providing safe operation of the equipment working under pressure shall be applied to installation and repair of airgas collectors, delivery pipelines, maslovlagootdelitel and their details.

33. No. 43 is excluded according to the Order of the Minister of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Kazakhstan of 27.01.2023

34. Installation and repair of compressor stations is carried out according to instructions for installation, repair and exploitation of the manufacturer.

35. Welding of delivery pipelines and vessels (airgas collectors, maslovlagootdelitel and other reservoirs working under pressure), preparation for welding of separate nodes and details, welding materials and the equipment are made according to the project of compressor station.

36. The welders who underwent certification according to the procedure of the welders and specialists of welding production approved by the order of the acting minister on emergency situations of the Republic of Kazakhstan of September 23, 2021 No. 468 established by Rules of certification are allowed to production of welding works (it is registered in the Register of state registration of regulatory legal acts No. 24533) had training and retraining concerning industrial safety according to article 79 of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "About civil protection".


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