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of February 12, 2015 No. 56

About approval of Requirements to the mode of functioning and operation of strategic objects

For the purpose of increase in efficiency of ensuring national security of strategic objects of the Kyrgyz Republic, according to article 3 of the Law of the Kyrgyz Republic "About strategic objects of the Kyrgyz Republic" the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic decides:

1. Approve Requirements to the mode of functioning and operation of strategic objects according to appendix.

2. To heads of state bodies to take the measures following from this resolution.

3. To impose control of execution of this resolution on department of defense, law and order and emergency situations of Government office of the Kyrgyz Republic.

4. This resolution becomes effective after ten days from the date of official publication.

Prime Minister

J. K. Otorbayev


to the Order of the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic of February 12, 2015 No. 56

Requirements to the mode of functioning and operation of strategic objects

1. Purpose and tasks of these Requirements

1. The purpose of these Requirements is safety of strategic objects and establishment of the mode of their functioning and operation.

2. Treat the main objectives of these Requirements:

- protection of strategic objects, the prevention and suppression of illegal encroachments and administrative offenses on strategic objects;

- providing on strategic objects of the throughput and inside modes;

- participation in localization and liquidation of the arisen emergency situations, including owing to subversive and terrorist shares;

- organization of security system;

- establishment of single requirements to documentation of the strategic objects aimed at safety.

3. Provisions of these Requirements are applied in cases if other is not provided by regulatory legal acts of the Kyrgyz Republic.

2. The basic concepts used in these Requirements

The inside mode - set of the measures and rules established on the protected object, intended for providing the internal labor schedule, safety of the special and in-house documents representing the state and trade secret, material values, fire safety and safe working conditions.

Category of strategic object - the complex assessment of object considering its economic or other importance depending on nature and concentration of concentrated values, effects from possible emergency situations on them.

The controlled area - the territory of the protected object having the protective barriers excluding not permitted admission of physical persons, transport.

Protection of object - package of measures, the threats directed to timely identification and prevention of attack on the protected objects, making of act of terrorism, other illegal encroachments, including, extremist nature, and also emergence of emergency situations.

The protected object - the company, the organization, their part or combination equipped with the operating system of protection.

Access control - set of measures, rules and procedures of the admission of physical persons and transport to the controlled area of the protected object.

The panel of centralized observation - the technical tool (set of technical means) or the component of system of transfer of notices established in Item of centralized protection for acceptance from console terminals or repeaters of notices on penetration, assault on the protected objects and/or the fire on them.

Item of centralized protection - the structural division of department (department) of protection performing centralized protection of objects by means of the panel of centralized observation and providing operational departure of groups of detention on the protected object in case of receipt from it of notices on operation of the alarm system.

The alarm system - set jointly the operating technical means of detection of penetration (penetration attempt) on the protected object, collection, processing, transfer and idea in the set type of information of penetration (penetration attempt) and other office information.

The object security system - includes set of forces and means for accomplishment of tasks on protection and defense of object, and shall correspond to technological features of the protected object, level of its equipment technical means of protection, situation in its environment and to provide the most effective and economically rational use of the available forces and means.

System of the alarming alarm system - set jointly the operating technical means allowing to issue automatically or manually alarm signals on Item of centralized protection (in control room of law-enforcement bodies) in case of unauthorized access to object during its work.

Strategic object (further - object) - is the property having social and economic value for sustainable development of society, ownership, use and (or) the order to which will exert impact on condition of homeland security of the Kyrgyz Republic. The list of strategic objects of the Kyrgyz Republic affirms the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic.

The technical tool of protection which - is structurally finished, performing independent functions the device which is part of systems of the security, alarming alarm system, control and management of access, the security television, lighting, the notification and other systems intended for protection of object.

3. Organization of security system of object

4. The security system is developed individually for each object, taking into account category and features of object, on the basis of the provisions stated in these Requirements and other regulatory legal acts of the Kyrgyz Republic, and also recommendations of bodies of homeland security, internal affairs and emergency situations of the Kyrgyz Republic.

5. Financing of measures for the organization and safety of strategic objects is performed by the organizations and organizations irrespective of patterns of ownership from the means provided on the specified purposes.

6. Responsibility for the organization of security system of object is born by his head.

7. The organization performing protection of strategic object bears responsibility according to the legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic and the signed contract for protection of object.

8. On objects there shall be following documents:

- the plan of localization and liquidation of emergencies on object;

- technical and operational documentation of the constructions and installations containing toxic and (or) explosion-fire-hazardous substances;

- the scheme of the notification of the employees involved in actions for prevention or elimination of effects of non-staff situations.

9. On protection posts taking into account their functionality there shall be following documentation:

- the job description (the statement from the sheet to posts, the instruction sheet) the security guard of object;

- instruction on the access and inside control;

- instructions for use technical means of protection;

- magazine of acceptance and delivery of watch;


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