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of March 13, 2002

The government of the Republic of Belarus and the Government of the Russian Federation which are hereinafter referred to as with the Parties

being guided by the Agreement on creation of the Union State of December 8, 1999,

proceeding from the aspiration to develop friendly good-neighbourhood,

in view of long economic bonds of two countries in the field of fishery,

aiming more full to meet the consumer demand on fish and fish products of the population of both states,

wishing to establish single understanding of the principles and procedures for the ensuring cooperation and integration between the Parties in the field of fishery which are of mutual interest

agreed as follows:

Article 1

The purpose of this agreement is development between the Parties of mutually beneficial cooperation and integration into areas of fishery and creation for this purpose of the corresponding procedures and mechanisms.

Article 2

The parties are developed and coordinate the fishing activities where it is equitable to their interests and the national legal system, in the following directions:

carrying out regular consultations on the state of affairs in fishery of the states of the Parties;

establishment and development of mutually beneficial cooperation and integration of fisheries management organizations and companies of the states of the Parties for production and business concerns, development of measures for increase in efficiency of industrial fish breeding in cages, pools, fish-breeding installations with the closed water supply, including commodity ugrevodstvo, trout-breeding, sturgeon breeding, and to exchange of information by results of such activities between the production and research organizations;

implementation of regular experience exchange between the production and research organizations for commodity fishery, trade tools, the fish processing equipment and technologies for conversion and sale;

the organization of coproduction of the fish processing equipment, packaging container at the level of the international standards for fish products;

development and implementation of joint projects in the field of fish breeding, production, transportations of fish and storage of fish products;

carrying out coordinated policy in the field of production and sale of fish products, standards, pricing on it for the purpose of consumer protection and economic interests of her producers;

assistance to the interested companies, the organizations of the states of the Parties in creation of joint businesses for production, cultivation, conversion and sale of fish;

joint studying of projects and assistance on investment attraction for reconstruction old and constructions of the new fish-breeding companies, and also companies for conversion of fish on the basis of modern technologies;

exchange of scientific and technical information and specifications and technical documentation in the field of fish breeding and conversion of fish;

holding joint actions in the field of marketing, information sciences and advertizing.

The list of the directions of cooperation provided in part one of this Article is not exhaustive and can be added by agreement of the Parties with other directions of cooperation.

Article 3

The parties assist in implementation on mutually advantageous basis of production and scientific and technical cooperation between the fishery companies and the organizations of the states of the Parties in the field of production, production and the organization of sales of products, rendering services of industry appointment, and also cooperation in case of supply activity of raw materials, materials, semifinished products, components.

Article 4

The parties help cooperation between their companies and the organizations in the field of fishery within the relevant laws and rules of each of the states of the Parties.

The parties according to the legislation encourage contacts and assist cooperation and integration at equal and mutually advantageous basis between legal entities and physical persons of the states of the Parties in creation of joint businesses and organizations in different areas of fishery.

The parties encourage implementation at these companies of new scientific developments and production technologies.

Article 5

The Russian side provides according to the laws and rules fish ports for basing of the fishing fleet of the joint Belarusian-Russian businesses and organizations under the flag of the Republic of Belarus and right to use by these ports on the terms of equality with courts of the state.

The Russian side according to the laws and rules annually considers amounts of allocation of fish resources in exclusive economic zone of the Russian Federation for the Republic of Belarus and grants licenses (permissions) to their trade for the joint Belarusian-Russian businesses and the organizations.

Article 6

For goal achievement of this agreement of the Party will create the Belarusian-Russian mixed commission in the field of fishery (further - the commission).

The commission will consist from appointed each Party of the representative and his deputy.

The commission will gather serially on the territory of each of the countries every two years. Expenses on carrying out commission sessions are incurred by the host party.

Article 7

Each Party takes all necessary measures for ensuring compliance with provisions of this agreement by legal entities and physical persons of the states.

Article 8

The disputes arising from implementation of provisions of this agreement are permitted by consultations and negotiations.

In case of default of agreement between the Parties the specified disputes are submitted to Economic Court of the Commonwealth of Independent States.

Article 9

This agreement becomes effective from the date of the last written notice of accomplishment of the interstate procedures by the Parties necessary for its entry into force, and consists for a period of 10 years.

It will be prolonged automatically for the subsequent five-year periods if any of the Parties at least in six months prior to the expiration of the next period does not send the written notice to other Party about the desire to stop its action.

It is made in Moscow on March 13, 2002 in duplicate in Russian, and both texts are equally authoritative.


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