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of December 19, 2014 No. 1363

About approval of the list of the separate types of the goods made by domestic producers and acquired at them

1. Approve the enclosed list of the separate types of the goods made by domestic producers and acquired at them.

2. This resolution becomes effective from the date of its first official publication.

Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan

K. Masimov

Approved by the Order of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan of December 19, 2014, No. 1363

The list of the separate types of the goods made by domestic producers and acquired at them

1. Nonfoods:

1) clothes fur (natural, artificial) and its accessories, fur headdresses;

2) products of the knitted industry;

3) garments, special and uniform regimentals;

4) footwear;

5) shoe cream;

6) furniture household, school and office;

7) construction materials:

paper wallpaper (wall-paper) and other wall coverings;

plates for paving of floors, furnaces;


joiner's products;

double-glazed windows;


penoplastikovy plates;

details construction of plastic (doors, thresholds, windows, frames, sun blind);

materials and products facing of natural stone, fillers, road materials from natural stone (crushed stone, gravel, sand-crushed-stone mix);

polyethylene pipes;

heat-insulating materials;

linoleum and other polymeric materials for floor coverings; nails;

ceramic tile and plates;

the brick is facing ceramic, silicate;

the brick is ceramic, silicate, zolokeramichesky;

sand natural, quartz;

glass blocks;

pipes are polyethylene, fiberglass, plastic, concrete, steel;

paints and varnishes;

porcelain tile;

doors and windows from high-quality wood;

dry construction mixes;

sanitary products and materials from metal;

heating radiators;

roofing and waterproofing materials;

bitumen construction;

gypsum cardboard;

mobile buildings;

wood-shaving, wood-fiber, cement struzhechnye plates;

sandwich panel;

concrete and concrete goods and designs;

products from concrete not reinforced;

wall blocks from cellular concrete and foam concrete, thermoblocks;


stone blocks;



expanded clay construction;

sheets polyethylene;

mats are mineral-cotton, proshivny;

metalwork construction national teams;



the plinth laminated;



paints water emulsion, other;

glue for gas-blocks, gypsum cardboard, tiled and other;

zatirka for seams;

masonry mix;


keramzitoblok, tile and other products from the burned clay;

pipes pressure head of polyethylene for economic and drinking appointment and pipe from unplasticized polyvinylchloride;

fitting from polyethylene;

hatch polymeric and sand;


pipes steel with thermal isolation from polyurethane foam with protective cover, and also shaped products steel with thermal isolation from polyurethane foam with protective cover;

8) products from aluminum, rubber, metal products;

9) means of communication, cable and consumable materials;

10) detergents;

11) products from tree, ceramics (porcelain, faience), crepe paper;

12) musical instruments;

13) medical equipment and products of medical appointment;

14) irrigating systems: water desalination equipment; systems of drop irrigation; systems of watering, including drop, and other consumable materials to it;

15) medicines;

16) superficial and organic substances:

the caustic soda;

table salt for the technical purposes;

calcium carbide;

caustic soda (rubbed caustic);

acid sulfuric technical;

bioethanol (ethyl alcohol);

17) the organizational equipment, spare parts and the software to it;

18) sheepskin products;

19) astrakhan fur, products from astrakhan fur;

20) products from felt;

21) household products from glass;

22) household products from plastic, packaging materials, including sacks polypropylene, and other;

23) products of handicraftsmen;

24) tools garden, garden;

25) products from skin;

26) sports goods;

27) finished textile products;

28) fire extinguishers and fire extinguishing means;

29) coppers or other steam-generating coppers and their elements;

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