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of January 5, 2015 No. 231-Z

About the security market

It is accepted by the House of Representatives on December 17, 2014

Approved by Council of the Republic on December 18, 2014

(The last edition from 17-07-2017)

Section I. General provisions

Chapter 1. Basic provisions

Article 1. The main terms used in this Law and their determinations

For the purposes of this Law the following main terms and their determinations are used:

the share - the personalized issued security testimonial of contribution to authorized capital of joint-stock company emitted sine die in paperless form and certifying certain amount of the rights of the owner depending on its category (simple (ordinary) or exclusive), type (for preferred share);

exchange bonds - the bonds nominated in Belarusian rubles, emitted in paperless form, placement and which address are performed only in trade system of stock exchange;

the owner - the subject of the civil law to whom the security belongs on the property right or other corporeal right;

the bank statement of "depot" - the document issued by depositary, containing information on the depositor, securities which are considered on its account by "depot" for certain date, and confirming the rights to securities;

the statement about account transactions of "depot" - the document issued by depositary, containing consecutive list of the depository operations performed by depositary on the corresponding account of "depot" for certain period of time;

release of issued securities - set of the issued securities of one issuer who is certifying identical amount of the rights of their owners and having identical nominal value if for this type of issued security availability of nominal value is provided;

depositary - the legal entity of the Republic of Belarus who got special permission (license) for implementation of professional and exchange activity on securities (the constituting works and services - depository activity);

nonresident depositary - the foreign or international legal entity (the organization, not being the legal entity) performing depository activity out of the territory of the Republic of Belarus according to foreign law;

depository operations - set of the actions made by depositary with securities, records on accounts of "depot", questionnaires of depositors with reference books and other documents which are conducted and kept in the depositary, according to the procedure, established by the republican state body performing state regulation of the security market;

the depositor - the subject of the civil law for whom in depositary the account of "depot" is opened;

discount - the income on the bond in the form of difference between the price of acquisition of the bond and nominal value of the bond paid by the issuer in case of repayment of this bond;

additional release of issued securities - set of the shares placed in addition to earlier placed shares of the same release, with the same amount of the certified rights and with the same nominal value;

personalized issued security - issued security, information on which owner contains in the register of owners of issued securities (further, if other is not established, - the register of owners of securities), transition of the rights to which and implementation of the rights certified by it require identification of the owner;

the investor - the subject of the civil law which investment object are issued securities;

correspondence relations - the relations between two depositaries on accounting (accounting and storage) by one of them of the securities which are on centralized accounting (accounting and storage) in other depositary, to accounting of the rights to them and encumbrances (restrictions) of these rights, to implementation of depository operations with these securities;

the quoted sheet - the list of the issued securities corresponding to the criteria determined by the organizer of the securities trading, admitted by it to trading;

listing - the procedure of inclusion by the organizer of the securities trading of issued securities in quoted leaf;

accumulation account of "depot" - the account of "depot" opened in depositary of the issuer without the conclusion of the depositary contract between depositary of the issuer and the depositor - the owner of the securities emitted by the issuer;

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