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of October 22, 2003 No. ZR-11

About freedom of information

Accepted by National Assembly of the Republic of Armenia on September 23, 2003

Article 1. Subject of regulation of this law and field of activity

1. This law governs the relations connected with freedom of information, determines the rights of managers of information in the field of provision of information, and also procedure, type and conditions of receipt of information.

2. Operation of this law extends to public authorities and local self-government, the public institutions, the organizations financed by the budget, and also to the organizations having social significance and their leading persons.

Article 2. Legislation on freedom of information

1. The legislation on freedom of information consists of the Constitution of the Republic of Armenia, this law and other legal acts.

2. If international agreements of the Republic of Armenia determine others, than the regulations provided by this law, then regulations of the international agreement are effective.

Article 3. The basic concepts used in this law

In this Law the following basic concepts are used:

freedom of information - implementation of the right to information search and its obtaining from the manager of information in the procedure determined by the legislation;

information - the data on the personality, subject, the fact, circumstance, event, incident, the phenomenon received and drawn up in the procedure established by the legislation irrespective of form of their ownership or the material carrier (textual, electronic records, sound recordings, videos, films, drawings, schemes, notes, cards);

the manager of information - the bodies of local and state self-government, public institutions financed by the budget of the organization, and also organization of social significance and their officials having information;

the organization of social significance - the private organizations having monopoly or dominant position on commodity market and also in the field of health care, sport, education, cultures, social security, transport and communication providing services to the public in the utility sphere;

request - the written or oral statement addressed to the manager of information for the purpose of search and (or) receipt of information in the procedure established by this law;

publication - informing the public and ensuring availability of information through the press and other mass media, the Internet, and also other means, stipulated by the legislation.

Article 4. Basic principles of ensuring freedom of information

The basic principles of ensuring freedom of information are:

1) establishment of single registration procedure, classification and preserving information;

2) protection of freedom of search and receipt of information;

3) ensuring availability of provision of information;

4) publicity.

Article 5. Registration, classification and preserving information

Registration, classification and preserving information processed by the manager or transferred to it is performed according to the procedure, provided by the Government of RA.

Article 6. Implementation of freedom of information

1. Each person has the right to acquaintance with required information and (or) for the purpose of its obtaining in the procedure established by the law to make inquiry to the manager of information and to obtain this information.

2. Foreign persons can have the rights and freedoms provided by this law only in the cases established by the law of the Republic of Armenia and (or) the international agreement.

3. The freedom of information can be limited to the Constitution of the Republic of Armenia and in the cases provided by the law.

Article 7. Ensuring availability and publicity of information

1. The manager of information in the procedure established by the law develops and publishes the procedure for provision of information established by it, placing it in the place of the stay in the place, visible to all.

2. The manager of information immediately publishes or by other available method informs the public on information which is at its disposal which announcement can prevent the danger menacing to the state and public security, public order, health and customs of society, the rights and freedoms of others, the environment, property of the personality.

3. If the Constitution of RA and (or) the law do not provide other, then the manager of information at least publishes once a year the following information concerning it activities and the changes made in it:

1) performed (subject to implementation) for society of work and service;

2) budget;

3) forms of written requests and advisory instructions for occasion of their filling;

4) staff lists, and also names of the leading persons, surnames, education, specialty, position, office phones, e-mail addresses;

5) procedure for acceptance for work and vacant workplaces;

6) environmental impact;

7) schedules of public actions;

8) procedure, day, hour and place of reception of citizens;

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