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of January 7, 2005 No. 29-III ZRK

About defense and Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan

(The last edition from 18-03-2019)

This Law governs the public relations in the field of the organization of defense and Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan, function and power of state bodies in ensuring defense capability of the country, the right and obligation of citizens and the organizations in the field of defense.

Chapter 1. General provisions

Article 1. The basic concepts used in this Law

In this Law the following basic concepts are used:

1) civil personnel - the citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan who are in public service or consisting in employment relationships in Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

2) special troops - the military units and divisions of engineering and chemical support, investigation, communication, radio-electronic fight, information security intended for accomplishment of special tasks on ensuring fighting activities of Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan, other troops and military forming;

3) special forming - the forming created by state bodies and the organizations irrespective of pattern of ownership in system of defense in case of the announcement of mobilization for protection and performance of works on recovery of objects of the industry, agricultural industry, transport, transport infrastructure and communication, delivery of health care, and also localization and liquidation of emergency situations;

4) the operational equipment of the territory - complex of the actions directed to preparation and maintenance in permanent readiness of transport constructions, road nets, warehouse economy, communication water - heat and power supply to operation for the operational solution of tasks for the purpose of defense;

5) territorial troops - military units and divisions (forming) of territorial defense which are component of Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan, intended for accomplishment of the corresponding tasks within border of administrative and territorial unit of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

6) special expansion of territorial troops - completing of military units and divisions (forming) of territorial defense by appeal of persons liable for call-up on special military charges on accomplishment of actions in case of introduction and providing emergency rule, liquidation of emergency situations of natural and technogenic nature and their effects and in other cases determined by the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

6-1) territorial authorities of territorial troops - the tactical bodies of military management of territorial defense of areas, cities of republican value, the capitals functioning as military units and divisions of Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

7) territorial defense - set of the actions performed by the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the purpose of protection of the population, objects and communications of the Republic of Kazakhstan against actions of the opponent, acts of sabotage or acts of terrorism, and also introduction and providing the modes of emergency or warlike situation;

8) the device of the military attache - the attache concerning defense (the military attache), his deputies and assistants who are the military personnel representing the interests of Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan in foreign state;

9) bodies of military management - strategic, operational and strategic, operational and territorial, operational and tactical, tactical and local authorities of military management;

10) military unit - the republican public institution which is organizational and independent unit of Armed Forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan, other troops and military forming to which it is appropriated conditional and (or) valid names;

11) military automated control system - the system intended for collection, processing, storage, search, distribution, transfer and provision of information using the hardware and software for decision making, planning, statement and bringing tasks to troops (forces), control of their execution for the purpose of management of troops (forces) in peace and wartime;

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