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of December 2, 2004 No. 3-III

About the republican budget for 2005

(as of May 16, 2005)

Article 1. Approve the republican budget for 2005 according to appendix 1 in the following amounts:

1) the income - 1 230 826 352 thousand tenges, including on:

to tax revenues - 1 090 664 073 thousand tenges;

to non-tax receipts - 36 624 437 thousand tenges;

to sales proceeds of fixed capital - 8 529 327 thousand tenges;

to receipts of official transfers - 95 008 515 thousand tenges;

2) costs - 1 196 359 917 thousand tenges;

3) operational balance - 34 466 435 thousand tenges;

4) net budget crediting - 48 002 548 thousand tenges, including:

budget credits - 60 459 925 thousand tenges;

repayment of budget credits - 12 457 377 thousand tenges;

5) balance on transactions with financial assets - 100 228 111 thousand tenges, including:

acquisition of financial assets - 102 228 111 thousand tenges;

sales proceeds of financial assets of the state - 2 000 000 thousand tenges;

6) deficit - 113 764 224 thousand tenges, or percent 1,7 to country gross domestic product;

7) budget deficit financing - 113 764 224 thousand tenges.

Article 2. Provide in the republican budget for 2005 of receipt:

the rent for use of the Russian Federation of the Baikonur complex in the amount of 14 950 000 thousand tenges;

the rent for use of the Russian Federation of proving grounds reflected in the income of the republican budget, in the amount of 3 575 000 thousand tenges, from which:

416 000 thousand tenges arrive in cash;

3 159 000 thousand tenges are performed on the conditions stipulated by contracts between the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation on lease of proving grounds and "Training of specialists with the higher and postgraduate professional education" is used by the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Kazakhstan with reflection of expenditure according to republican budget programs 007 "Delivery and repair of arms and military equipment according to interstate leases of grounds" and 011.

Article 3. Approve amounts of receipts for 2005 from the organizations of the raw sector enlisted in the republican budget according to appendix 2.

Article 4. Approve amounts of receipts in the republican budget for 2005 from privatization of the property which is in republican property both relating to the mining and processing industries according to appendix 3.

Article 5. Determine that are enlisted in the income of the relevant budget:

by the Royalty code of classification of the income of single budget classification - debt of subsoil users to Republican fund of protection of subsoil and reproduction of mineral resources, and also amount of the historical costs incurred by the state for geological studying of contract areas which are compensated by the subsoil users operating these fields based on contracts for subsurface use;

by the Social tax code of classification of the income of single budget classification - debt on the fees which were earlier listed in the Pension fund, the State center for pension payment, Fund of compulsory medical insurance, Fund of the national social insurance, Fund of assistance of employment, and also the expels of users of highways which were earlier arriving in Road fund;

by the "Gasoline (Except for Aviation) Self-produced, Realized by Producers Wholesale" code - debt on the collection from gasoline which was earlier arriving in Road fund;

by the "Self-produced Diesel Fuel Realized by Producers Wholesale" code - debt on the collection from diesel fuel which was earlier arriving in Road fund.

Article 6. The negative balance formed as of December 31, 1998 as a result of excess of the amounts of the temporary disability benefits added by employers, to pregnancy and childbirth, in case of the child's birth, on burial, paid from Fund of the national social insurance, over the added amount of contributions to the specified fund, is monthly set off on account of payment of the social tax within 3 percent from salary fund.

Article 7. Establish for 2005 amounts of the budget withdrawals from regional budgets, budgets of the cities of Astana and Almaty in the republican budget in the amount of 95 008 515 thousand tenges, including:

Aktyubinsk - 1 371 334 thousand tenges;

Atyrau - 28 989 102 thousand tenges;

Mangystau - 15 989 138 thousand tenges;

the city of Almaty - 45 357 967 thousand tenges;

the city of Astana - 3 300 974 thousand tenges.

Article 8. Establish since January 1, 2005:

1) the minimum size of the salary - 7 000 tenges;

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