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The agreement between the Government of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Government of the Russian Federation on cooperation of Customs Services concerning detention and return illegally the exported and imported cultural values

of March 2, 1994

The government of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Government of the Russian Federation which are hereinafter referred to as with the Parties

noting that illegal export, transit and import of cultural values cause damage to cultural property of the people which protection shall be promoted customs and other competent authorities of the Parties,

in view of regulations of the Convention of UNESCO on the measures directed to prohibition and the prevention of illegal import, export and transfer of property to cultural values of 1970

aiming to strengthen fight against illegal transportation of cultural values through frontiers and to strengthen customs cooperation in this area,

agreed as follows:

Article 1

For the purposes of this agreement the applied terms mean:

"Customs Services" - the Head customs authority of the State Tax Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the State Customs Committee of the Russian Federation;

"cultural values" - values of religious or svetstky nature which are considered by the Parties as representing value for archeology, including the prehistoric period, history, literature, art and science;

"the state of export" - the states, the Republic of Uzbekistan or the Russian Federation from which cultural values were originally exported;

"transit State" - the state, the Republic of Uzbekistan or the Russian Federation through which territory cultural values follow from the state of export to other states;

"the state of import" - the state, the Republic of Uzbekistan or the Russian Federation into which cultural values were imported;

"illicit movement of cultural values" - the export, transit and import of such values made in defiance of provisions of this agreement, other international obligations of the Parties and their legislation;

"return of cultural values" - the actual transfer of export to the state by the state of import or the transit State of the cultural values detained in connection with their illicit movement.

Article 2

Cultural values in cases, the stipulated by the legislation Parties, can be exported based on allowing documents.

Allowing documents for export of cultural values are issued by authorized bodies of the state of export.

Customs Services of the Parties will provide each other within one month after entry into force of this agreement samples of forms of allowing documents and prints of seals with which they are fastened, and further will inform without delay each other about all of them changes.

Article 3

The physical persons or representatives of legal entities moving cultural values shall declare availability at them such values and show them for control to customs authorities of the Parties together with allowing documents for export.

Article 4

The parties will take measures providing detention of the cultural values which are not accompanied with allowing documents for export, the immediate notice on such detention of the state of export and their return to this state.

In cases of attraction to administrative or criminal liability of persons which moved the cultural values which are not accompanied with allowing documents return of these values to the state of export is made after the introduction in legal force according to the decision on imposing of administrative punishment or sentence.

Article 5

The parties will appoint the authorized representatives for transfer and acceptance of the returned cultural values.

The cultural values detained by customs authorities of the Parties return to directly authorized representatives.

All claims connected with return of cultural values are considered by the state of export.

Article 6

The parties gratuitously give each other mutual aid on implementation of this agreement.

In case of return of cultural values according to this agreement customs payments are not levied.

Article 7

The parties will perform exchange:

information on cultural values which according to the legislation of the Parties can be exported abroad according to allowing documents, and also about cultural values which are not subject to export;

information on methods of fight against illegal export, transit and import of cultural values;

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