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of February 8, 2014 No. 30-V

About organization of the award "Zenan kalby" of Turkmenistan

Article 1. Found the award "Zenan kalby" of Turkmenistan.

Article 2. Approve the Statute and the Description of the award "Zenan kalby" of Turkmenistan (are applied).

Article 3. Recognize invalid:

The law of Turkmenistan "About organization of the award "Gurbansoltan eje" of Turkmenistan, adopted on June 18, 1996 (Sheets of Majlis of Turkmenistan, 1996, Art. No. 1-2, 10);

article 4 of the Law of Turkmenistan "About modification of some legal acts of Turkmenistan concerning the state awards and honorary titles", accepted on October 16, 2001 (Sheets of Majlis of Turkmenistan, 2001, Art. No. 3-4, 40);

part VII of the Law of Turkmenistan "About modification and amendments in some legal acts of Turkmenistan for the state awards and for recognition of some of them voided", accepted on July 13, 2007 (Sheets of Majlis of Turkmenistan, 2007, No. 3, the Art. 55);

part IV of the Law of Turkmenistan "About modification and amendments in some legal acts of Turkmenistan for the state awards", accepted on October 2, 2009 (Sheets of Majlis of Turkmenistan, 2009, No. 4, the Art. 69).

President of Turkmenistan

Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov 


Statute of the award "Zenan kalby" of Turkmenistan

1. Turkmenistan "Zenan kalby" are awarded the order the women who are citizens of Turkmenistan:

for special contribution to strengthening of independence, sovereignty and legal status of permanent neutrality of the country, increase in the international authority of Turkmenistan;

for special merits in implementation of large-scale programs of the President of Turkmenistan for carrying out transformations, for big achievements in this case;

for the high productive and economic rates reached in the industry, agricultural industry, communication and other industries on the basis of use of innovations, application of advanced methods of production;

for achievements in rendering medical services to the population, in development and deployment of modern methods of diagnostics and treatment of diseases, in enhancement of health care system;

for merits in enhancement of education system according to the modern requirements directed to training improvement of quality in training and education of the growing-up younger generation, in training of specialists, in education of the younger generation in the spirit of respect for the national values, historical heritage which are going back to antiquity to traditions and customs of the Turkmen people, love for the country, diligence, courage and courage;

for the discoveries in various branches of science lifting authority of Turkmenistan, and the high rates reached in research activities;

for big personal deposit in strengthening of unity and unity, moral principles of the Turkmen society and each family, ensuring succession of the spiritual beginnings and traditions of the people of Turkmenistan;

for great success achieved in cultural development, literatures, arts, physical culture and sport;

for merits and fruitful work on rapprochement and enrichment of cultures;

for special merits in strengthening of friendship and cooperation between the people;

for especially fruitful state, charitable and public work;

for achievements in maternity welfare and the childhood.

2. Turkmenistan "Zenan kalby" also the women who are citizens of foreign states, having special merits in development of the bilateral relations with Turkmenistan can be awarded the order.

3. The women awarded the awards "Zenan kalby" of Turkmenistan are handed the award "Zenan kalby" of Turkmenistan and the certificate.

4. The one-time award in tenfold size of the average monthly size of the salary is paid to the citizens who are awarded the order Turkmenistan by "Zenan kalby" and the monthly salary supplement, to official pay rate, pension, benefit or grant in the amount of 30 percent from the average monthly size of the salary is established. Persons who are awarded the order Turkmenistan by "Zenan kalby" use the privileges in cases and procedure established by the legislation of Turkmenistan.

5. The award "Zenan kalby" of Turkmenistan has gilded silver chain for carrying on breast.

Description of the award "Zenan kalby" of Turkmenistan

The award "Zenan kalby" consists of three circles which general diameter constitutes 42 mm. On the face of the external circle decorated with gilded lines in the form of sunshine 8 red ruby stones which are at identical distance from each other are placed.

In the upper part of average circle the gilded text of "ZENAN KALBY" is available diameter of 31,5 of mm, the enameled red color, and in the lower part the dispersing gilded olive branches are located.

Guppa of convex form who is in internal circle with a diameter of 23 mm, combining colors and shades inherent in it includes silhouettes of female hand with rose, national ornament and gilded bouquet. The circle is covered with gilding and polished. Rose in hands of the woman and national ornament on the left side - white color.

The award joins chain by means of the special ringlet executed in the form of heart. The chain is made of the silver covered with gilding, chain length - 75 mm. In the upper part of ringlet in the form of heart there are diamond and special tubular ear with a diameter of 5 mm through which the chain is passed.

The award "Zenan kalby" of Turkmenistan and chain are made of the silver 925 of test covered with gilding.

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