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of February 8, 2014 No. 29-V

About organization of the award "Oguzhanyn Yyldyzy" of Turkmenistan

Article 1. Found the award "Oguzhanyn Yyldyzy" of Turkmenistan.

Article 2. Approve the Statute and the Description of the award "Oguzhanyn Yyldyzy" of Turkmenistan (are applied).

President of Turkmenistan

Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov


Statute of the award "Oguzhanyn Yyldyzy" of Turkmenistan

1. The award "Oguzhanyn Yyldyzy" of Turkmenistan is the state award of Turkmenistan.

2. Turkmenistan "Oguzhanyn Yyldyzy" are awarded the order:

for especially significant merits in ensuring military safety, strengthening of defense capability of the state;

for special merits in approximate management of military units which provided model accomplishment of military obligations by the military personnel of the military units which are under their supervision, faultless execution of obligations of military service by them and achievement of high rates of combat readiness and for the high personal rates reached in military service;

for high merits in development of military science and technology, in training for Armed Forces of Turkmenistan, in development of large-scale military educational operations, successful conducting military exercises and maintenance of high combat readiness of army;

for the shown special courage, significant personal deposit in protection of the Homeland, the shown special fearlessness and courage in ensuring immunity of Frontier of Turkmenistan, in protection of law and order with risk for own life;

for the shown courage, special fearlessness and courage in approximate accomplishment of special orders in peace time.

3. Turkmenistan "Oguzhanyn Yyldyzy" are awarded the order military personnel of the senior and highest officers of Armed Forces, other troops and military bodies of Turkmenistan and other military personnel.

4. Persons awarded the awards "Oguzhanyn Yyldyzy" of Turkmenistan are handed the award "Oguzhanyn Yyldyzy" of Turkmenistan and the certificate.

5. The one-time award in thirtyfold size of the average monthly size of the salary is paid to the citizens who are awarded the order Turkmenistan by "Oguzhanyn Yyldyzy" and the monthly salary supplement, to official pay rate, pension, benefit or grant in the amount of 30 percent from the average monthly size of the salary is established. The citizens who are awarded the order Turkmenistan by "Oguzhanyn Yyldyzy" use the privileges in cases and procedure established by the legislation of Turkmenistan.

6. The medal "Oguzhanyn Yyldyzy" of Turkmenistan is worn on the left side of breast and is located before the award "Turkmenbasy" of Turkmenistan.

7. Rewarding of citizens with the award "Oguzhanyn Yyldyzy" of Turkmenistan can be also made posthumously.

Description of the award "Oguzhanyn Yyldyzy" of Turkmenistan

The award "Oguzhanyn Yyldyzy" of Turkmenistan is made of the silver 925 of test covered with gilding and consists of three organically connected octagons, and is inlaid with gemstones.

The external fringing of the first octagon with a diameter of 44 mm which basis is enameled green color is gilded and corners adjoin to convex gilded lines and corners of octagon diameter of 35,5 of the mm which is from above.

The appearing corners of average octagon with a diameter of 50 mm topped with roundish jingles are executed in gilded convex form.

In the upper octagon which basis is enameled red color two circles which external diameter - 26 mm are placed. In each corner of octagon three diamonds are placed. External circle white color is enameled, in its upper part there is gilded text of "OGUZHANYN YYLDYZY", and in the lower part in intervals between six diamonds located at equidistant distance there are images of five gilded Turkmen carpet gels.

The middle of internal circle diameter of 18,5 of mm has concave appearance, on it the dispersing golden beams of the sun which light up silhouette of Oguzkhan who raised hand in greeting astride the Turkmen horse are represented. In the lower part of circle three small gilded octagons are located.

The award unites by means of ringlet with the block edged by gilded ornament enameled green color in the form of the open book the size on height - 15 mm, width - mm 30,5. In the middle of block, on column, enameled red color, there are five gilded Turkmen carpet gels.

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