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of September 19, 2014 No. 959

About introduction of import customs duties concerning goods which country of source is Ukraine

(as amended on 26-04-2022)

The government of the Russian Federation decides:

1. Introduce the import customs duties concerning the goods occurring from the territory of Ukraine and imported into the Russian Federation, in the amount of rates of the Common customs tariff of the Customs union (according to regime of the most favored nation) according to the list according to appendix.

2. Form the control mechanism on permanent observation of execution of economic part of the Agreement on association signed by Ukraine with the European Union on June 27, 2014, and in case of identification of actions of the Government of Ukraine for practical application of the specified Agreement or its implementation to notify on it the Government of the Russian Federation.

3. After 10 days after day of receipt of the notification specified in Item 2 of this resolution, the Government of the Russian Federation makes the decision on entry into force of Item 1 of this resolution.

Russian Prime Minister

D. Medvedev

Appendix to the Order of the Government of the Russian Federation of September 19, 2014 No. 959

The inventory, occurring from the territory of Ukraine and imported into the Russian Federation concerning which the import customs duties are introduced


Code of the CN FEA EEU

Description of goods <*>


pigs live


meat of cattle, fresh or cooled


the meat of cattle refrigerated


pork fresh, cooled or refrigerated


food offal of cattle, pigs, sheep, goats, horses, donkeys, mules or hinnies, fresh, cooled or refrigerated


meat and edible offal of the poultry specified in goods item 0105, fresh, cooled or refrigerated


the pork fats separated lean meat, and the fat of poultry which are not melted or not extracted in a different way, fresh, cooled, refrigerated, salty, in brine, dried or smoked


the milk and cream condensed or with addition of sugar or other edulcorant substances

0403 20 900

yogurt other




the butter and other fats and oils made of milk


cheeses and cottage cheese


eggs of birds, in shell, fresh, tinned or boiled


vegetables and some edible root crops and tuber crops

0802 32 000 0

walnuts without shell fresh or dried


apples, pears and quince, fresh


apricots, cherry and sweet cherry, peaches (including nectarines), plums and sloe, fresh

0813 40

fruit dried


wheat and meslin







1101 00

flour wheat or wheat and rye


flour from grain of cereals, except wheat or wheat and rye


grain, coarse flour and granules from grain of cereals


the grain of cereals processed by other methods (for example, shelusheny, swaged, processed into flakes, brought down, in the form of a section or crushed), except rice of goods item 1006; germs of grain of cereals, whole, swaged, in the form of flakes or ground


starch; inulin

1206 00

sunflower seeds, crushed or not crushed

1512 11

crude sunflower oil or safflower and their fractions

1512 19

sunflower oil or safflower and their fractions

1515 21

crude oil corn and its fractions

1515 29

oil corn and its fractions

1515 60 000 0

fats and oils of microbiological origin and their fraction

1515 90

nonvolatile vegetable fats, oils and their fractions


the fats and oils of animal, plant or microbiological origin and their fraction fully or partially hydrogenated, reetherified, reeterifitsirovanny or elaidinizirovanny, not refined or refined, but not subjected to further processing


margarine; mixes, suitable for consumption, or ready-made products from fats or oils of animal, plant or microbiological origin or fractions of different fats or oils of this group, except fats and oils, suitable for consumption, or their fractions of goods item 1516

1518 00

fats and oils of animal, plant or microbiological origin and their fraction, boiled, oxidized, dehydrated, sulphurized, oxidized by air purge, polymerized by heating in vacuum or in inert gas or chemically modified in a different way, except products of goods item of 1516; non-food mixes

1601 00 100 0,

1601 00 910 1,

1601 00 990 1

sausages and similar products from meat, meat offal or blood; the ready foodstuff made on their basis

1602 49

finished products from pork, including mixes

1604 13

sardines, sardinella, sprat or sprats entirely or pieces, but not stuffed

1701 99 900

white sugar

1702 30

the glucose and syrup of glucose which are not containing fructose or containing less than 20 Mas. fructose % in dry condition

1704 90

the confectionery from sugar (including white chocolate) which are not containing some cocoa


chocolate and products from it

1901 90

extract malt, foodstuff from flour, the grain, starch which is not containing some cocoa or containing less than 40 Mas. cocoa %, in other place not named


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