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The document ceased to be valid since January 4, 2021 according to Item 1 of the Order of the Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan of December 20, 2020 No. 393


of January 21, 2014 No. 20/46

About approval of the professional standard in activities for conversion of milk and dairy products

According to Item 3 of Article 138-5 of the Labor code of the Republic of Kazakhstan of May 15, 2007 and the order of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan of April 29, 2013 No. 406 "About approval of distribution and Rules of use of funds for development of professional standards for 2013" PRIKAZYVAYU:

1. Approve the professional standard in activities for conversion of milk and dairy products.

2. To department of conversion and agrofood markets (Kusainova A. B.) take measures to implementation of the professional standard according to the procedure, established by the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

3. To provide to management of social policy (Lepeshko S. S.) in the procedure established by the legislation state registration of this order in the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan and its official publication.

4. To impose control of execution of this order on Management of social policy (Lepeshko S. S.

5. This order becomes effective after ten calendar days from the date of the first official publication.


A. Mamytbekov

It is approved

Minister of Labour and Social Protection of the population of the Republic of Kazakhstan

April 7, 2014


T. Duysenova

Approved by the Order of the Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan of January 21, 2014, No. 20/46

The professional standard in activities for conversion of milk and dairy products

1. General provisions

1. The professional standard in activities for conversion of milk and dairy products (further - PS) is intended for:

1) regulations of interaction of the labor sphere and sphere of professional education;

2) regulations of requirements for development of programs of preparation, advanced training and occupational retraining;

3) regulations of requirements for employee competence rating in case of certification and certification of personnel;

4) developments of single requirements to content of professional activity, updating of the qualification requirements meeting modern requirements of the labor market;

5) solutions of wide range of tasks in the field of personnel management;

6) developments of educational standards, curricula, modular training programs, and also developments of the corresponding educational and methodical materials;

7) evaluating professional readiness and confirmation of conformity of qualification of specialists.

2. The main users of PS are:

1) graduates of the organizations of education, workers;

2) heads and employees of the organizations, heads and specialists of divisions of personnel management of the organizations;

3) the specialists developing educational programs;

4) specialists in the field of assessment of professional readiness and confirmation of conformity of qualification of specialists.

3. On the basis of PS internal, corporate standards of the organizations on functional models of activities, position, advanced training, employee assessment, incentive system of work and others can be developed.

4. In this PS the following terms and determinations are applied:

1) qualification - degree of professional readiness of the worker to accomplishment of specific work type;

2) qualification level / skill level - the level of requirements to qualification (competences) of the worker reflecting complexity, independence and responsibility of the performed works;

3) object of the labor - subject to which actions of the worker for the purpose of creation of product by means of certain labor instruments are directed;

4) labor instruments - the means used by the worker for transformation of object of the labor from initial condition in product;

5) type of labor activity - the component of area of professional activity created by complete set of labor functions and competences, necessary for their accomplishment;

6) labor function - the integrated and rather autonomous set of the labor actions determined by business process and assuming availability of necessary competences for their accomplishment within specific type of labor activity;

7) area of professional activity - the set of types of labor activity of industry having general integration basis (similar or close appointment, objects, technologies, including labor instruments) and assuming similar set of labor functions and competences for their accomplishment;

8) PS - the standard determining in specific area of professional activity of the requirement to skill level, competences, to content, quality and working conditions;

9) unit of PS - the structural element of the professional standard containing the developed characteristic of specific labor function which is labor activity, complete, complete, rather autonomous and significant for this type;

10) profession - the main occupation of labor activity of the person requiring the certain knowledge, abilities and practical skills acquired as a result of special preparation and confirmed by the relevant documents on education;

11) competence - employee ability to apply in professional activity of knowledge and ability;

12) position - structural unit of the employer to which the circle of ex-officio full powers and job responsibilities is assigned;

13) task - set of the actions connected with realization of labor function and achievement of result with use of specific objects and labor instruments;

14) industry - set of the companies and organizations of which the community of products, the production technology, fixed assets and professional skills working is characteristic;

15) industry frame of qualifications - the structured description of the qualification levels recognized in industry;

16) national frame of qualifications - the structured description of the qualification levels recognized in the labor market;

17) the functional card - the structured description of the labor functions and tasks which are carried out by the worker of certain type of activity within this or that area of professional activity.

2. Passport of PS

5. Type of economic activity (area of professional activity) State qualifier of the Republic of Kazakhstan 03-2007: 10:51 Conversions of milk and production of cheese.

6. Main objective of type of economic activity - food independence, in case of which physical availability of food products due to national production and creation of economic conditions for production of competitive agricultural products and products of its conversion.

7. Types of activity, professions, qualification levels are determined in Appendix 1 to this PS.

Requirements of the standard belong to types of activity and the following professions of this area:

bureaucrat of pasteurization;

bureaucrat of production of ferments;

bureaucrat of production of sour-milk products and nurseries

dairy products;

bureaucrat of evaporation and condensation of products;

operator of the automatic transfer line of production of dairy products;


manufacturer of cottage cheese;

manufacturer of sour cream.

3. Card of types of labor activity (professions)

Paragraph 1. Bureaucrat of pasteurization

8. Qualification level on ORK-2-3.

9. Possible names of positions: bureaucrat of pasteurization

10. The profession "the bureaucrat of pasteurization" obliges the subject to know and be able to carry out the tasks connected with realization of the main function: conducting processes of pasteurization, chilling and separation of milk.

11. Communication with the existing regulating documents is specified in table 1 of Appendix 2 to this this PS.

12. Requirements to working conditions, education and work experience of the bureaucrat of pasteurization are provided in table 2 of Appendix 2 to this PS.

13. The list of units of PS determining the labor functions which are carried out by the bureaucrat of pasteurization are specified in table 3 of Appendix 2 to this PS.

14. The description of units of PS and the labor operations performed by the bureaucrat of pasteurization are given in table 4 of Appendix 2 to this PS.


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