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The document ceased to be valid since  June 10, 2016 according to Item 1 of the Order of the Minister of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan of June 10, 2016 No. 618


of June 2, 2014 No. 267

About approval of Storage precautions, accounting, write-off and utilization of property of civil defense

According to the subitem 31) Item 1 of article 12 of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "About civil protection" of April 11, 2014 PRIKAZYVAYU:

1. Approve the enclosed Storage precautions, accounting, write-off and utilization of property of civil defense.

2. To provide to department of civil defense of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the procedure established by the legislation state registration of this order in the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Kazakhstan and its official publication.

3. To impose control of execution of this order on the vice-Minister of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Kazakhstan Petrov V. V.

4. This order becomes effective after ten calendar days after day of its first official publication.


V. Bozhko

Approved by the Order of the Minister of Emergency Situations of the Republic of Kazakhstan of June 2, 2014 No. 267

Storage precautions, accounting, write-off and utilization of property of civil defense

1. General provisions

1. These rules of storage, accounting, write-off and utilization of property of civil defense (further - Rules) determine procedure for storage, accounting, accumulating, acceptance on long-term storage, replacements, refreshening, issue and preparation of documentation for write-off, utilization of property of civil defense.

2. These rules extend to the organizations performing storage, accounting, write-off and utilization of property of civil defense.

3. Treat property of civil defense: individual protection equipment, devices of radiation, chemical survey and radiation control, means of individual medical protection, means of communication and notifications and other material means. Created or purchased at the expense of budgetary funds of relevant organs of means of the organizations for use for the benefit of civil defense.

2. Storage

Paragraph 1. Warehouse arrangement, territory equipment

4. The warehouse location is chosen taking into account requirements of protection against modern weapons of destruction, ensuring fire safety and on safe distance from the companies which activities can negatively affect high-quality condition of property of civil defense. Sites of the area shall be not flooded flood and other waters.

5. Warehouses are located in close proximity to sidings, sources of electro and water supply.

6. The territory of warehouse is protected and lit at night. The warehouse is protected round the clock and equipped with the security alarm system.

8. On warehouse "The operational card of fire extinguishing" with the detailed description of places of intake of water, fire reservoirs, the scheme of entrance, fire resistance of buildings, constructions, etc. is constituted.

9. Sidings to warehouse contain in good repair and provide journey of transport at all seasons of the year.

10. The territory of warehouse is equipped with the corresponding plates and indexes according to appendix 1 to these rules.

11. The system of installation of telephones to warehouse will be organized taking into account ensuring external and internal communication, on the point duty and fire alarm.

12. In the territory of warehouse storages for stock holding of property of civil defense, capable on the device, the layout, technical condition and equipment to ensure complete safety of the products which are in them, issue of inventories at any time and at the scheduled time are placed.

13. Storages are equipped with means of mechanization of handling works for operational loading of inventories of property of civil defense.

14. Storage facilities can be brick and wooden, from steel concrete or combined iron designs. Wooden storages are processed by impregnating agent, and places of their contact with soil anti-septic tank.

15. All storages are numbered. The sequence number put on face walls in white square of 50х50 cm in size, height of figures of 30 cm, width of red border of 2.5 cm at distance of 0.5 m from eaves is assigned to everyone.

16. Doors (gate) of storages are also numbered by sequence number. Number is applied on doors in white circle with a diameter of 25 cm, height of figures of 15 cm bordered with red strip, 1.5 cm wide.

17. All figures are put in black color. The registration plate for the open areas is made of tin, 0.8 - 1 mm thick., texts are put with cliche. The sign fastens on steel concrete column 2 m high from the earth and is established on the right side in case of entrance on the platform.

18. The warehouse can have the heated, not heated storage warehouses and shall provide storage, placement, observation, work on maintenance in good repair, receiving and delivery of inventories of property of civil defense.

19. In storage facilities it is appointed responsible for operation of the heating equipment (as a rule, the chief of storage), the instruction for their operation, according to requirements of fire safety is developed.

20. Storages can be equipped:

the site for delivery, unpacking and packaging of property of civil defense;

the site for carrying out maintenance;

the site for operation on preservation and represervation of dosimetric devices according to appendix 2 to these rules;

workplace of the chief of storage;

the storage room for storage of stock, the tool, special and outerwear.

21. The workplace of the chief of storage is provided:

special table for card-index;

metal case (box) for storage of the in-house documentation and reference books;

means of communication;

computer equipment;

the tool for unpacking and packaging of products.

22. In each storage devices for measurement of temperature and relative humidity of air (thermometers, hygrometers or psychrometers) are established.

Devices are established at the level 1, by m from floor and 2 m from doors, air vents and heating devices on internal walls of the rooms located in middle part of storage are not closer.

23. The chief of storage keeps the following documentation:

the passport of storage in form according to appendix 3 to these rules;

the magazine of registration of temperature and humidity of air in storage in form according to appendix 4 to these rules;

the blotter checking warehouse (storage) in form according to appendix 5 to these rules;

the book of accounting of property of civil defense by years of production for long and current allowance separately in form according to appendix 6 to these rules;

the table of the terms and the quantity inspected which is selected for laboratory control of products;

plan of placement of inventories of property of civil defense;

regulating documents on acceptance, issue, storage, content and operation of products of property of civil defense, reference books;

24. On board of technical documentation take place:

functional obligations of the chief of storage;

the instruction about actions on notification signals;

the instruction about actions on fire case with calculation of forces and means;

the instruction for observance of rules and security measures during the work in storage;

the scheme of evacuation of inventories of property of civil defense from each storage;

list of fire-fighting crew;

inventory of the equipment and stock. The table for determination of quantity of emergency firefighting equipment for the closed warehouses (storages) is specified in appendix 7 to these rules;

25. Gate (doors) of storages are locked only outside, open outside or are moved apart also on designs and dimensions, provide possibility of use of means of mechanization. The quantity of gate is calculated taking into account providing the maximum front of loading of inventories of property of civil defense and to conform to requirements of fire safety.

Except outside gate in storages it is recommended to establish internal trellised gate or hatches in the lower part of outside gate.

26. Floors of storages provide resistance of surface to formation of crumb, sand, dust, maintain loading of the stored products and established or moving with load of means of mechanization.

27. Thresholds of outside gate of storages for protection from flowing of surface water are established higher than the level of blind area and equipped with protective easily removable peaks from penetration of rodents.

28. Windows of storages equip with window leaves and protective metal lattices (grids), curtain off and glaze semi-transparent glass or paint over from the inside light paint.

29. Lighting in storages can be natural or artificial (electric). In case of electric lighting the electrical wiring meets standards of fire safety. In case of accident provide emergency lighting.

30. For placement of inventories of property of civil defense of storage are equipped with the racks, cases, pallets, supports which are structurally providing normal storage of products in packaging and without it.

31. Racks frame (metal and combined) mine type are the most convenient for storage of means of radiation, chemical protection in packed form on pallets and packets. Depth of section (mines) is at least multiple 800 or 1000 mm. (pallet width).

Width of section (mine) in guides constitutes 1230 mm. (1200 mm. - cross-section of the pallet, 30 mm. - gap between the pallet and guide).

32. Racks half-internal the facilitated design happen wooden and metal folding. Such racks are intended for storage of property in the unpacked type or in consumer pack. Overall dimensions and designs of racks (on number of shelves, distance between them) depend on the sizes of the room and type of the products stored on these racks. Such racks can be 2-3 level. Length of rack is 300 cm, height of 340 cm. Strengthening of rack is made at the expense of foundations of shelves on height through each 100 cm. The basis of rack is at the height of 25 cm, the upper part of rack constitutes 15 cm. Width of rack is 100 cm.

33. For storage of separate products floor racks are made of the planed boards, on racks 25 - 30 cm high from floor. They differ in simplicity of design, possibility of easy assembly, dismantling and change of their sizes. Length is 300 cm (3 sections on 100 cm, 25 cm high and 100 cm wide)

34. The rack equipment is installed with calculation of the most effective use of unobstructed capacity of storage locations, ensuring natural lighting, conveniences to observation of the stored products and accomplishment of necessary transactions.

35. Racks and pallets are established from walls at distance of at least 0,6 of m. Pass between racks, depending on the stored products, is allowed from m 0,8-1,5.

36. On middle part of storage, as a rule, along the axial line, the main gangway m 1,5-2 width is left. When doors (gate) are located in longitudinal walls, leave pass between them to all width of doors (gate) across storage.

37. Airing of storages is made in dry weather, at speed of wind up to 5 m/s, relative humidity of air in storage more than 60% (if at the same time moisture content of outside air is lower, than in storage). For airing of storages open gate (doors), window leaves, air-channels, hatches, etc.

Airing is provided with bystry change of air, but without marked weakening of temperature in rooms.

38. Air temperature should be maintained in heated storage warehouses ranging from +15 to +20 °C, humidity of air is not higher than 70%. Short-term increase in relative humidity of air to 90% is allowed.

Optimal conditions of stock holding of property of civil defense are:

relative humidity of air within 40-55%;

lack of rainfall, wind and condensation of moisture;

lack of direct solar radiation;

absence in air of corrosion and active agents;

lack of impact of biological factors.

39. Measurements of temperature and relative humidity of air in storages are made daily at 9 and 15 hours local time.

40. In storages it is forbidden:

smoke and use naked flame;

use household electric heaters;

arrange temporary electrical wiring;

apply to illumination of storages of candle, kerosene lamps and other devices with open flame;

store (it is even temporary) the property which is not appearing on accounting or in the inventory of stock;

load storage products over adjusting regulations;

irrespective of season to leave without need open for door of storages, to air rooms during strong wind, thunder-storm, fog and rainfall.

Near storage it is not allowed: smoke, make fire, burn out dry grass, dry and store hay, make crops, create petrol filling centers and store fuels and lubricants.


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