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Agreement on databank of Regional anti-terrorist structure of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization

of June 17, 2004

State members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, being participants of the Shanghai convention on fight against terrorism, separatism and extremism of June 15, 2001, hereinafter referred to as with the Parties,

being guided by the Agreement between state members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization on Regional anti-terrorist structure of June 7, 2002,

aiming to provide proper conditions for effective activities of Regional anti-terrorist structure of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (further - Regional anti-terrorist structure),

agreed as follows:

Article 1

1. The parties for the purpose of ensuring information exchange of specially authorized bodies of the Parties and increase in its level, and also providing the Parties with information on the questions which are within the competence of Regional anti-terrorist structure create in Executive committee of Regional anti-terrorist structure of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (further - Executive committee) databank of Regional anti-terrorist structure (further - databank) and use information which is available in it.

2. The databank functions on the basis of the automated information system with use of computer aids, and also by accumulating of documentary materials on firm (paper) and other carriers.

Article 2

1. The parties determine specially authorized bodies performing interaction on the questions concerning functioning of databank what in writing notify Executive committee within 60 days after accomplishment of the interstate procedures necessary for entry into force of this agreement on.

2. In case of replacement of specially authorized body the notification on it in writing goes to Executive committee in 10-day time.

3. Information containing in databank is divided on confidential and unclassified.

4. Access to the classified information is provided only to the Parties which are agreement parties about protection of the classified information in Regional anti-terrorist structure of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

5. The structure of databank, procedure for the address with unclassified information and access to it are determined by Council of Regional anti-terrorist structure.

6. The questions concerning the technical information security containing in databank are regulated by the free standing agreement.

Article 3

1. The databank is created at the expense of information which is within the competence of the Regional anti-terrorist structure arriving from specially authorized bodies of the Parties, and also received from bodies of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and from other sources, including mass media, printing editions, telecommunication systems and the international computer Internet.

2. In databank information accumulates:

about the international terrorist, separatist and extremist organizations, their structure, forms and methods of activities, leaders, participants and other persons, involved in these organizations, and also about sources and channels of financing of these organizations, including drug trafficking, psychotropic substances and their precursors;

about condition, dynamics and tendencies of distribution of terrorism, separatism and extremism;

about the organizations and persons giving support to the terrorist, separatist and extremist organizations;

about measures for counteraction to terrorism, separatism and extremism;

about the national legal system of the Parties including regulating activities of the competent authorities performing interaction with Regional anti-terrorist structure;

about the conducted terrorist attacks, forms and methods of their implementation;

about use when making acts of terrorism destructive devices (components of explosive materials), weapon, the ammunition poisoning and other substances.

Article 4

1. The executive committee for the purpose of receipt of information for databank can send inquiries to one or several specially authorized bodies as at the initiative of any of them, and on own initiative.

2. The executive committee on the corresponding requests of specially authorized bodies provides the necessary information which is available in databank within 30 days.

3. The executive committee quarterly sends to specially authorized bodies the register of the data and materials which are available in databank.

4. The procedure for execution of requests of Executive committee about provision of information is regulated by the national legal system of the performing Party. Completion dates of requests shall not exceed 30 days.

5. Execution of requests is performed in the languages determined by Article 7 of this agreement.

6. Specially authorized bodies send information on measure of its receipt to databank, provide its greatest possible completeness and reliability. The provided information is used by specially authorized bodies without prejudice to interests of the Parties and Regional anti-terrorist structure.

Article 5

The executive committee performs organizational technical supply of functioning of databank, including:

bank management of data and its operation;

development and accomplishment of instructions about procedure for access to databank, its operation, the handling of data carriers for databank and information security which affirm Council of Regional anti-terrorist structure;

information security and control of information exchange within databank.

Article 6

The expenses connected with creation, ensuring functioning, development of databank, and also with implementation of measures for protection of information containing in it are made at the expense of the funds allocated from the budget of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization for activities of Regional anti-terrorist structure.

Article 7

The databank can be created in the Russian and Chinese languages.

Article 8

The changes which are drawn up in the form of protocols which are integral parts of this agreement can be made to this agreement with the consent of the Parties and become effective according to the procedure, stipulated in Clause the 10th this agreement.

Article 9

The matters of argument arising in case of interpretation or application of this agreement are solved by consultations and negotiations between concerned parties.

Article 10

1. This agreement is signed sine die and becomes effective for the 30th day from the date of receipt of the fourth notification by depositary in writing about accomplishment of the interstate procedures by the Parties necessary for entry into force of this agreement.

2. Depositary of this agreement is the Secretariat of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization which will send to the Parties its verified copy.


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