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of April 30, 2014 No. 149-Z

(The last edition from 18-06-2019)

It is accepted by the House of Representatives on April 2, 2014

Approved by Council of the Republic on April 11, 2014

This Code governs the relations arising in case of ownership, use and the order of waters and water objects and is directed to protection and rational (steady) use of water resources, and also to protection of the rights and legitimate interests of water users.

Chapter 1. General provisions

Article 1. The main terms used in this Code and their determinations

1. Water resources - surface and underground water which is used or can be used in economic and other activity.

2. Water object - concentration of waters in artificial or natural deepenings of the land surface or in subsoil, having certain borders, amount and signs of the hydrological mode or the mode of underground waters.

3. Reservoir - the superficial water object in deepening of the land surface which is characterized by the slowed-down water movement (flowing) or its total absence (landlocked).

4. Water intaking constructions - the hydraulic engineering constructions and devices intended for production (withdrawal) of waters.

5. The water protection zone - the territory adjacent to superficial water objects in which the mode of implementation of economic and other activity providing prevention of their pollution, contamination is set.

6. Water use - use of water resources and (or) impact on water objects when implementing economic and other activity.

7. Water users - legal entities, citizens, including individual entrepreneurs who use water resources and (or) make impact on water objects when implementing economic and other activity.

8. Waterway - the superficial water object which is characterized by movement of water in the direction of bias.

9. Water management system - set of water objects and hydraulic engineering constructions and devices, functionally connected among themselves.

10. Water storage basin - the artificial reservoir surface area of water more than 100 hectares created for the purpose of accumulating, storage of water and regulation of drain.

11. Recovery of water object - carrying out complex of the actions directed to achievement of standard rates of quality of water of superficial water objects and hygienic standard rates of safety of water of water objects for economic and drinking and cultural and community (recreational) use.

12. The hydrological mode - changes in time and space of condition of superficial water object, including the changes of depth, speed of current, amount and water temperature in superficial water object including caused by climatic conditions, effects of implementation of economic and other activity.

13. Hydraulic engineering constructions and devices - the engineering constructions and devices intended for production (withdrawal), transportation, processing of waters, dumping of sewage, regulation of water flows, needs of navigation, protection of waters and prevention of harmful effects of waters (water intaking constructions, channels, dikes, dams, locks, water-engineering systems, pumping points, conduits, collectors and other similar engineering constructions and devices).

14. Drainage waters - the waters collected by hydraulic engineering constructions and devices for the purpose of lowering of the level of waters, drainage of the territories (lands) and dumped to the environment.

15. Pollution of waters - receipt in waters (water objects), stay and (or) origin in them as a result of harmful effects on water objects of substances, physical factors, microorganisms, properties, location or the number of whom is led to negative changes of physical, chemical, biological and other indicators of condition of water objects, including to exceeding of standard rates in the field of protection and use of waters.

16. Contamination of waters - hit of solid waste in superficial water objects.

17. Artificial reservoir - the reservoir created by means of carrying out construction works and (or) as a result of mining.

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