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Criminal Code of the Republic of Kazakhstan

of July 3, 2014 No. 226-V ZRK

(The last edition from 28-10-2019)

General part

Section 1. Penal statute

Article 1. Penal legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan

1. The penal legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan consists of this Criminal Code of Kazakhstan, other laws providing criminal liability are subject to application only after their inclusion in this Code.

2. This Code is based on the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the conventional principles and rules of international law. The constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan has the highest legal force and direct action in all territory of the Republic. In case of contradictions between regulations of this Code and the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan Constitution provisions are effective. The regulations of this Code recognized unconstitutional, including infringing the rights and freedoms of man and citizen affirmed by the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan, lose legal force and are not subject to application. Normative resolutions of the Constitutional Council and Supreme Court of the Republic of Kazakhstan are component of the penal legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

3. The international agreements ratified by the Republic of Kazakhstan have priority before this Code. The procedure and conditions of action in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan of international treaties which participant is the Republic of Kazakhstan are determined by the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Article 2. Tasks of the Criminal code

1. Tasks of this Code are: protection of the rights, freedoms and legitimate interests of man and citizen, property, the rights and legitimate interests of the organizations, public order and safety, the environment, the constitutional system and territorial integrity of the Republic of Kazakhstan protected by the law of interests of society and state from socially dangerous encroachments, protection of the world and safety of mankind, and also the prevention of criminal offenses.

2. For implementation of these tasks this Code establishes the bases of criminal liability, determines what dangerous to the personality, societies or the states of act are criminal offenses, that is crimes or criminal offenses, establishes punishments and other measures of criminal law action for their making.

Article 3. Explanation of some concepts containing in this Code

The concepts containing in this Code have if there are no special instructions in the law, the following values:

1) exploitation of the person - use by the guilty person of forced labor, that is any work or service required from the face by use of violence or threat of its application for which accomplishment this person did not offer voluntarily the services, except as specified, provided by the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

use by the guilty person of occupation prostitution by other person or other services rendered to them for the purpose of assignment of the gained income, and is equal compulsion of person to rendering services of sexual nature without prosecution by the guilty person of this purpose;

compulsion of person to occupation begging, that is to making of the antisocial act connected with begging at other persons of money and (or) other property;

other actions connected with implementation guilty powers of the owner concerning person who for the reasons which are not depending on it cannot refuse performance of works and (or) services for guilty and (or) other person;

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