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The document ceased to be valid since  January 16, 2018 according to Item 5 of the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan of January 12, 2018 No. 22


of June 24, 2014 No. 169

About approval of Instructions for use gas in economy industries

(as amended on 24-08-2016)

According to article 15 of the Law "About Rational Energy Use", and also in pursuance of the resolution of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan of July 15, 2013 No. PP-2003 "About approval of plans of development of the normative and legal and other acts directed to realization of referential regulations of the laws" the Cabinet of Ministers decides:

1. Approve Instructions for use by gas in economy industries, according to appendix.

2. Uzgosneftegazinspektion, NHK "Uzbekneftegaz" together with the interested ministries and departments to make in the Cabinet of Ministers offers on the changes and amendments in the legislation following from this resolution in a month. To the ministries and departments to bring the regulatory legal acts adopted by them into accord with this resolution in a month.

3. To impose control over the implementation of this resolution on the deputy prime minister of the Republic of Uzbekistan G. I. Ibragimov.

Prime Minister of the Republic of Uzbekistan

Shavkat Mirziyoyev


to the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan of June 24, 2014 No. 169

Instructions for use gas in economy industries

I. General provisions

1. These rules are developed according to the Civil code of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the laws of the Republic of Uzbekistan "About rational energy use", "About the contractual legal base of activities of business entities", "About natural monopolies" and other regulatory legal acts and determine relations between suppliers and consumers of gas.

Relations between suppliers and consumers of natural gas are performed according to the scheme according to appendix No. 1 to these rules.

2. These rules are obligatory for execution by suppliers and consumers, the construction, project, commissioning organizations, irrespective of their departmental accessory and patterns of ownership.

3. These rules do not extend to the consumers using gas on domestic needs in premises and public buildings for autonomous heating, hot water supply and cooking in case of total settlement capacity of the gas-using equipment (installation) to 100 kW.

II. Basic concepts

4. In these rules the following concepts are applied:

emergency schedules - delivery schedules of gas to consumers taking into account priority of their disconnection (in parts or in full) from gas networks in cases of accident or violation of technological operating mode of the trunk and gas distribution pipelines;

gas - natural gas, the oil (passing) gas extracted by the gas, oil-extracting or gas-oil-extracting organizations, made by the gas-processing organizations, transported by the gas transmission organizations and also the fuel gas produced by the oil processing organizations held for use in fuel quality or raw materials;

the gas transmission organization - the organization which performs acceptance, gas transportation and supply of gas to consumers;

the gas supplying organization - the organization providing acceptance, distribution and supply of gas to consumers;

the gas-using equipment - the coppers, production furnaces, utilizers, processing lines and other installations meeting the requirements of energy efficiency and energy saving and using gas in fuel quality for the purpose of development of heat energy for centralized heating and hot water supply in engineering procedures of different productions, and also other installations using gas as raw materials;

limit of the Section of gas network - the point of the Section of gas network between the gas transmission organization, the gas supplying organization and the consumer determined by their balance sheet accessory where gas metering devices shall be established;

the delivery agreement of gas - the agreement according to which the supplier shall give to the consumer through the gas networks and the consumer shall pay for the accepted natural gas, and also observe the mode of its consumption provided by the agreement, ensure safety of operation of the gas networks which are under its authority and operability of the devices used by it and the equipment connected with gas consumption;

the supplier - the owner of gas or the person authorized by it performing gas supply;

the consumer - the legal entity acquiring gas at the supplier and using it in fuel quality or raw materials. Consumers are subdivided into the following categories:

the main consumers who are not belonging to the categories of consumers of strategic importance and the social importance;

the consumers of strategic importance having production and technological objects of continued operation, the list and conditions of supply of gas which are determined by the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan;

the consumers of the social importance including the organizations of the social sphere and state-financed organizations requiring uninterrupted supply of gas, the list and conditions of supply of gas which are determined by public authorities on places;

gas metering devices - the means of the measuring equipment intended for accomplishment of one or several functions: measurement of expense (amount), temperature and pressure of gas; time management of operation of devices; accumulating, storage and display of information on the measured indicators;

commissioning - the complex of works including preparation for start-up and launch of the gas-using equipment with communications and armature, bringing loading of the gas-using equipment to the level approved with the organization - the owner of the gas-using equipment, and also adjustment of the furnace mode of the gas-using equipment without optimization of efficiency;

settlement month - month of season for which settlement between the supplier and the consumer for delivered gas shall be made;

reserve fuel - fuel, held for use during reducing or the termination of supply of gas;

regime and adjustment works - the complex of works including adjustment of the gas-using equipment, for the purpose of achievement of project (passport) efficiency in the range of operational loads, adjustment of means of regulation of processes of combustion of fuel, the warm utilizing installations and the service equipment;

reserve fuel facility - complex of the equipment and the devices intended for storage, giving and use of reserve fuel;

specifications on connection - the initial allowing document implying conditions in case of which observance there is technical capability of connection of gas-using consumer equipment to gas networks of the supplier and being the basis for gas supply project development.

III. Determination of need for natural gas

5. The consumer submits to the gas supplying organization till July 15 of the current year the request for the predicted gas consumption amount forthcoming year with breakdown on quarters (for the winter period on months).

6. The national holding company "Uzbekneftegaz" (further - NHK "Uzbekneftegaz") till August 1 of the current year determines the need for gas for own needs and technological losses in case of production, conversion, transport, storage, distribution the forthcoming year.

7. The need for gas the forthcoming year shall be proved by the corresponding calculations based on biennial (quarterly) actual consumption of gas and production taking into account the predicted production amounts on the basis technically and evidence-based regulations per unit of products (works, services).

8. The gas supplying organization annually till September 1 of the current year creates the forecast of need for gas for the forthcoming year (providing reserve amounts for again entered objects within the forthcoming year) with breakdown on quarters (for the winter period on months) and sends to JSC Uztransgaz for the subsequent representation in NHK "Uzbekneftegaz".

9. NHK "Uzbekneftegaz" based on the submitted requests, taking into account resource and gas transmission opportunities, and also intra-branch requirement and export volumes of gas constitutes balance of resources and distribution of natural gas on the republic the forthcoming year with breakdown on quarters (for the winter period on months) and submits till September 15 of the current year in the Ministry of Economics of the Republic of Uzbekistan for preparation of the project of balance of resources and distribution of natural gas on the republic the forthcoming year.

10. According to the approved balance of resources and distributions of gas on the republic the forthcoming year NHK "Uzbekneftegaz" represents to JSC Uztransgaz annual and quarter amounts (for the winter period on months) gas supply to consumers for the further direction them in the gas supplying organizations.

IV. Document creation in case of project development of gas supply of the organizations

11. Consumers in case of decision making about input of the new gas-using equipment, reconstruction or modernization of the operated capacities for connection to gas networks of the gas supplying organizations agree with them technical capabilities of supply of gas according to the represented calculations for the established form.

In case of the positive decision the gas supplying organizations issue to the consumer specifications (further - TU) on connection, proceeding from resource and technical capabilities.

12. The consumer for receipt of TU in the request sent to the gas supplying organization specifies the period of use of natural gas connection and attaches to it the plan of arrangement of production capacities, data on type and technical characteristics of the gas-using equipment, calculation of the planned gas consumption amounts taking into account use of reserve fuel. For prolongation and repeated receipt of TU on connection the consumer needs also to submit above-mentioned documents.

13. The gas supplying organization issues new, repeated TU on connection in case of prolongation of effective period of TU on connection without collection of payment or refuses their issue within 3 working days from the date of filing of application on connection to gas networks.

14. In case of refusal in issue of TU the gas supplying organization within 3 working days from the date of filing of application directs to connection to the applicant the written notice with motivated refusal and returns the submitted documents.

15. The basis for refusal in issue of TU on connection is representation by the consumer of the documents provided in Item 12 of these rules, not in full.

16. TU on connection is the basis for gas supply project development.

17. In THAT are specified connection to the gas pipeline:

place of connection to the gas pipeline;

installation site of metering devices of gas;

the maximum sentry, daily, annual issue and working pressure of gas in the attached gas pipeline, and also limits of change of this pressure;

need of construction of gas distribution point (GRP), technical requirements to GRP, automatic equipment type, the number of gas pipelines and pressure of gas in each of them, measure for protection against corrosion etc.;

extra works on construction of gas pipelines;

requirements to the gas-using equipment and gas burner devices (type, brand, quantity), availability of the certificate of conformity to technical requirements;

requirements to gas accounting;

the period (on months) uses of natural gas as main type of fuel;

requirements to reserve fuel facility with indication of the period of use of reserve fuel.

TU effective period on connection constitutes 2 years from the date of its issue. After fixed term the consumer shall extend TU validity on connection or receive new TU on connection.

18. Fulfillment of requirements of TU on connection is obligatory for consumers and the project organization which are entrusted with the gas supply project development. Departure from specifications is allowed only in case of their approval of the gas supplying organization.

19. Change of capacity of the gas-using equipment towards increase, without entering of the corresponding changes into THAT on connection issued by the gas supplying organization is forbidden.

20. In case of change of the status or the owner of the legal entity the agreement on supply of gas is renewed with the new consumer or the owner. At the same time repeated registration of TU on connection is not required.

V. Requirements to project technical documentation of gas supply

21. Project technical documentation (further - PTD) gas supply shall contain:

explanatory note;

heatmechanical part;

technological part;

parts of instrumentations and automatic equipment;

parts of gas supply;

parts of reserve fuel facility;

parts of the specification of the equipment and materials;

electric part etc.

22. The project of gas supply (the gas-using equipment, installation bringing of distribution and intra shop gas pipelines of the companies) is developed by the project organizations having the license for the right of implementation of activities for designing of gas supply systems which is drawn up in the procedure established by the legislation.

The project organization bears responsibility for compliance of the developed project of gas supply to the operating normative and technical regulations and rules.

23. PTD of gas supply shall provide:

application of the most economic technological schemes, processes and the certified energetically effective gas-using equipment and gas burner devices;


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