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Approved and accepted by the solution of joint sitting of the XIV State Council of elders of Turkmenistan, Hulk Maslakhata and National movement Galkynysh on August 15, 2003

National Program "The Strategy of Economic, Political and Cultural Development of Turkmenistan for the Period till 2020"

On joint sitting of the XIV State Council of elders of Turkmenistan, Hulk Maslakhata and National movement Galkynysh Hulk Maslakhata's Resolution of Turkmenistan on approval of the domestic and foreign policy pursued by the President of Turkmenistan Saparmurat Niyazov aimed at strengthening of firm state bases of Turkmenistan, providing happy life of the Turkmen people was accepted.

For the term, small to historical measures, which passed after independence finding in Turkmenistan the huge political, legal and economic transformations promoting strengthening of independence of Turkmenistan are performed. All this became possible thanks to creation of the situation of national consent, permanent growth of welfare of citizens allowing to carry out at the same time and harmoniously political, economic, social and spiritual transformations, to mobilize people for dedicated work for prosperity of the Homeland, to provide dynamic development of economy, all aspects of life of independent neutral Turkmenistan.

Members of the XIV State Council of elders of Turkmenistan, Hulk Maslakhata and National movement Galkynysh made number of important decisions, one of which is the National program "The Strategy of Economic, Political and Cultural Development of Turkmenistan for the Period till 2020".

The national program was developed according to the solution of the XII joint sitting of the State Council of elders of Turkmenistan, Hulk Maslakhata and National movement Galkynysh. Its preparation was performed by State commission under direct management of the President of Turkmenistan Saparmurat Niyazov. His ideas and recommendations, instruction for the priorities of economic development designated by it found reflection in the developed Program.

Consecutive implementation of the National program will allow Turkmenistan to enter qualitatively new, in many respects determining its future development stage as to the state having the high national capacity, solid base of economic growth. Turkmenistan will be among the most developed countries of the world, the range of its economic interaction with other states will significantly extend.

Main objectives and tasks for the period till 2020

Strategic objective of the National program is directed to transformation of Turkmenistan into dynamically developing strong power having the high world level on indicators of social and economic development providing high standards of life of the population.

In the National program three priority tasks are determined:

I. Achievement of the level of developed countries of the world by Turkmenistan, preserving its economic independence and safety due to high rates of economic growth, implementation of new technologies and productions and performance improvement of work.

II. Steady growth of gross production on one person.

III. High investment activity and increase in construction of facilities of production appointment.

The solution of the set priority tasks will allow to lift level of living of citizens of Turkmenistan to the level of the developed world powers and will provide happy life of the Turkmen people.

For the solution of these tasks Turkmenistan has powerful economic, natural, spiritual and moral and intellectual potential.

The positive neutrality, non-interference to internal affairs of other states, and also other principles determined by the Constitution of Turkmenistan, the international obligations of our state became basis of the relations of Turkmenistan with the states of the world community. The Concept of foreign policy activities developed on their basis will gain further natural development. It will be promoted by the mutually beneficial economic cooperation of Turkmenistan with other countries directed, first of all, to growth of economic power of our state.

Taking into account the rates of annual average surplus which developed in recent years connected with improvement of demographic country situation till 2020 the high growth of population of Turkmenistan at the expense of natural increase is predicted. The natural increase will be provided with essential increase in rates of birth rate and decline in mortality, especially infantile. As a result of it average life expectancy of the population will increase.

The social and economic policy of Turkmenistan for the period till 2020 will keep the direction providing creating favorable conditions and equal opportunities to citizens for receipt of the income, growth of their main sources and achievement of the international standards of level of living of the population. In no small measure it will be promoted further development of Turkmenistan on the way of market transformations, by development of entrepreneurship and the favorable investment climate.

For increase in living standards of the population, first of all, increase in real incomes of the population and strengthening of incentives to work, transformation of the salary into the reliable and main source providing worthy existence to the worker and his family is provided.

Within enhancement of policy of the income of the population essential wages increase will be the main task. Increase in its absolute sizes will increase efficiency of work and its prestige.

Proceeding from it, implementation of measures for transformation of wages system, strengthening of commercial tie between skill level, quality of work of workers and its payment will become the priority direction.

Till 2005 the salary of workers at the companies of public sector will increase in comparison with 2003 for 50%. Each next five years the salary will raise twice and in 2020 will increase by 12 times in comparison with 2003. It will be provided due to increase in production, release of the high-quality products conforming to the international standards, increases in export of products.

The state will remain the main guarantor of ensuring social protection of citizens of the country. Hulk Maslakhata's resolution of Turkmenistan "About free providing the population of Turkmenistan with the electric power, gas, water and table salt" prolonged free use of the population of Turkmenistan of gas, the electric power, water and salt till 2020. Public financing in 2020 will increase by these purposes in comparison with 2000 in time 5,3. It should be noted that the cost of these vital requirements constitutes about 60% of the household budget.

The state support on rent for municipal housing will remain. Further also the taxation of private housing is not provided. Thanks to it expenses on housing and communal services in Turkmenistan will constitute the minimum percent in consumer spendings of the population. Price subsidies will remain for residents of Turkmenistan when using of public transport, on license fee of the population for services of telephone communication.

According to the Constitution of Turkmenistan practically all population, in addition to price subsidies, will use free services in education and health care.


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