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The document ceased to be valid since April 11, 2016 in compliance with article 34 of the Law of Turkmenistan of March 26, 2016 "About religious liberty and the religious organizations"


of October 21, 2003 No. 199-II

About religious liberty and the religious organizations

(as amended on 23-05-2015)

Turkmenistan, confirming the right of everyone to religious liberty, and also to equality before the law irrespective of the relation to religion and belief, that Turkmenistan is the secular state, recognizing special role of Moslem in centuries-old history of Turkmenistan, in formation and development of his spirituality and culture, respecting other religions, considering important to assist achievement of mutual understanding, tolerance and respect in religious liberty questions, adopts this Law.

Chapter 1. General provisions

Article 1. Subject of regulation of this Law

This Law according to the Constitution of Turkmenistan regulates legal relationship in the sphere of rights of man and citizen on religious liberty, and also legal status of religious groups and the religious organizations (further - the religious organization).

Article 2. Legislation on religious liberty and religious organizations

The legislation on religious liberty and the religious organizations is based on the Constitution of Turkmenistan, consists of this Law and other regulatory legal acts of Turkmenistan.

If international treaties of Turkmenistan establish other rules than containing in this Law, then rules of international treaties are applied.

Article 3. Religion right to liberty

Religious liberty is the guaranteed constitutional right of citizens to practise any religion or not to profess any, to express and extend the beliefs connected with the relation to religion, to participate in departure of religious cults, rituals, ceremonies.

Any coercion in case of determination by the citizen of the relation to religion, is not allowed to shriving or not shriving of religion, to participation or nonparticipation in church services, religious practices and ceremonies, in receipt of spiritual education.

Involvement of minors in the religious organizations, and also training of their religion contrary to their will, will of the parents and persons replacing them are not allowed.

Implementation of right to liberty of religion cannot contradict the established public law and order, it can be temporarily limited in need of ensuring national security and protection of public order, life, health, morals, the rights and freedoms of other citizens.

The foreign citizens and persons without citizenship who are constantly living or temporarily being in the territory of Turkmenistan have right to liberty of religion on an equal basis with citizens of Turkmenistan and bear responsibility according to the legislation of Turkmenistan.

Article 4. Equality of citizens irrespective of their relation to religion

Citizens of Turkmenistan are equal before the law in all areas of civil, political, economic, social and cultural life, irrespective of their religious beliefs. Instruction in official documents on the citizen's relation to religion is not allowed.

Any direct or indirect restriction of the rights and establishment of any benefits of citizens depending on their religious and atheistic beliefs, is equal as excitement of the hostility or hatred connected with it, or insult of feelings of citizens, attract responsibility according to the legislation of Turkmenistan.

Nobody can evade based on the religious beliefs from fulfillment of duties established by the legislation of Turkmenistan. Replacement of execution of one obligation by another based on religious beliefs is allowed only in cases, stipulated by the legislation Turkmenistan.

Article 5. State and religious organizations

Turkmenistan - the secular state. The religious organizations in Turkmenistan are separated the state.

Establishment of any benefits or restrictions for one religion or religion in relation to others is not allowed.

The state promotes establishment of situation of mutual tolerance and respect between citizens, the organizations and not practising religion, between the religious organizations and their members of various religions, does not allow manifestation of religious or other fanaticism and extremism, actions directed to opposition and strain of relations, kindling of hostility between various religious organizations.

Turkmenistan does not assign to the religious organizations of any state functions, does not interfere with activities of the religious organizations if it does not contradict the legislation of Turkmenistan.

The state does not finance activities of the religious organizations and activities for promotion of atheism.

In Turkmenistan creation and activities of political parties and social movements for religious sign, and also branches and departments of the religious parties created out of the state are not allowed.

Activities of the religious organizations are incompatible with conducting political propaganda.

The religious organizations shall observe requirements of the legislation of Turkmenistan. Use of religion for the purpose of antistate, anticonstitutional promotion, excitement of hostility, hatred, ethnic strife, violation of moral principles and civil consent in society, distribution of the slanderous, destabilizing situation fabrications, creations of panic among the population and unhealthy human relations, and also making of other actions directed against the state, society and the personality is inadmissible. Activities of the religious organizations, currents, sects and other organizations promoting terrorism, drug trafficking or psychotropic substances and to making of other crimes, and also propagandizing them, besides, which are secretly performing religious activities, including carrying out it in house conditions are forbidden.

Activities of the religious organizations, currents, sects and other organizations promoting terrorism, drug trafficking and other crimes, and also propagandizing them are forbidden.

Any attempts to put pressure upon state bodies, officials, and also the illegal religious activities including which are carried out in house conditions are pursued by the legislation of Turkmenistan.

Article 6. Education system and religion

The education system in Turkmenistan is separated the religious organizations and has secular character.

The right to secular education is provided to citizens of Turkmenistan, irrespective of their relation to religion.

Citizens of Turkmenistan have the right to study spiritual dogma, to get spiritual education at the choice individually or together with others.


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