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Ministry of Justice

Republic of Tajikistan

  On May 12, 2014 No. 389


of May 3, 2014 No. 296

About the Program of reform (development) of militia for 2014-2020

1. Approve the Program of reform (development) of militia for 2014-2020 it (is applied).

2. To provide to the relevant ministries and departments, executive bodies of the government of the Mountain Badakhshan Autonomous Region, areas, the city of Dushanbe, cities and areas, other organizations and organizations accomplishment of this Program.

3. To the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Tajikistan annually to submit the report to the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan about the course of accomplishment of this Program.

Prime Minister of the Republic of Tajikistan

Emomalii Rahmon


Approved by the Order of the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan of May 3, 2014 No. 296

The program of reform (development) of militia for 2014-2020

1. General provisions

The main contractor of this Program is the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and also the relevant ministries and departments, civil society and the population of the Republic of Tajikistan take part in its implementation. The Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) and the donor countries act as social partners.

Reasons for carrying out reform and development of militia, prospect of the expected social and economic results, data on financing, sources, procedure and terms expenditure (costs) are provided in the Program (appendix 1). The course of implementation of the Actions plan of the Program is performed in interaction with the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan. Bureau of Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe in Tajikistan (further - OSCE Bureau in Tajikistan) and the donor countries.

Reform of militia shall become the first step which will be added and enhanced by proportional changes in work of other law enforcement and judicial authorities.

2. Purposes and tasks of the Program

Main objectives and tasks of the Program are:

- determination of the purposes, priorities and measures for reforming and development of militia, step-by-step improvement of activities of law-enforcement bodies, enhancement of their structure, reduction of activities of bodies in compliance with modern requirements and regulations of the international legal acts provided the Republic of Tajikistan, enhancement of cooperation with the civil public, material security and social protection of staff of law-enforcement bodies:

- further enhancement of the regulatory framework regulating activities of militia;

- development and deployment of complex of the organizational and managerial measures connected with change of criteria for evaluation of activities of militia, improvement and ensuring availability of bodies of militia to the population;

- creation of single state system of the registration and the crime reporting based on modern information technologies;

- increase in the education level and professionalism of staff by implementation of progressive training systems, preparation and retraining of employees;

- introduction of competitive procedure for appointment to vacant positions, movements, elimination of corruption risks and factors, office offenses in this direction;

- enhancement of management system of career development of the police officer, selection, purpose to executive position, maintenance of office success, work with reserve, qualification requirements, competitive position assignment, etc.;

- creation of the modern controling mechanism by structure of militia on the basis of the principles of distribution of obligations and exception of duplicative obligations:

- increase in social and economic and financial level, including the salary of police officers, taking into account the area, importance, danger, complexity and weight of the carried-out tasks, emotional, intellectual and psychological intensity, overtime work;

- minimization of negative consequences from crime, and also forming and maintenance of safe social environment;

- creation of Public council on ensuring public order, development and approval of the Concept of interaction of bodies of militia with civil society, for the purpose of implementation of new methods of interaction with the public, increases in trust of the population to responsibility and conscientiousness of police officers;

- ensuring compliance with rights and freedoms of man and citizen;

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