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of May 3, 2014 No. 70-V

About public associations

(In edition of the Law of Turkmenistan of 04.02.2017 No. 503-V)

This Law according to the Constitution of Turkmenistan is directed to realization of the right of citizens to creation of public associations and determines organization-legal bases of their activities, and also governs the public relations arising in this sphere.

Chapter I. General provisions

Article 1. Concept of public association

The public association is the voluntary, self-governed, non-commercial forming created by the citizens of Turkmenistan who united on the basis of community of interests for realization of the common goals reflected in the charter of public association.

Article 2. Legislation of Turkmenistan on public associations

1. The legislation of Turkmenistan on public associations is based on the Constitution of Turkmenistan, the conventional principles and rules of international law and consists of this Law and other regulatory legal acts of Turkmenistan.

2. If the international agreement of Turkmenistan establishes other rules than provided in this Law, then rules of the international treaty are applied.

Article 3. Coverage of this Law

Operation of this Law extends to the public associations created by citizens of Turkmenistan, except for the religious organizations, political parties, labor unions, and also the non-commercial unions and other public associations created by the commercial organizations, procedure for creation and which activities it is regulated by special laws.

Article 4. Right of citizens to creation of public associations

1. The right of citizens to creation of public associations is exercised as it is direct by merging of physical persons, and through legal entities - public associations.

2. The right of citizens to consolidation includes the right to create public associations for protection of common interests and achievement of common goals, the right to enter the existing public associations or to abstain from the introduction in them, and also is right to leave public associations freely.

3. Citizens have the right to create at the choice public associations without preliminary permission of public authorities and local self-government, and also the right to enter such public associations on condition of observance of provisions of their charters.

Article 5. State and public associations

1. The state provides observance of the rights and legitimate interests of public associations, gives support in their activities, legislatively regulates provision of tax and other benefits and benefits by it.

2. Intervention of the state in activities of public associations and public associations in cases of the state, assignment on public associations of functions of state bodies is not allowed.

3. Public associations can cooperate and interact with state bodies, signing with them agreements, and on contracts with state bodies to perform for them certain work.

4. The questions infringing on interests of public associations in cases, stipulated by the legislation Turkmenistan, are solved state bodies with participation of public associations or in coordination with them.

5. The labor law of Turkmenistan, and also the legislation of Turkmenistan on social protection of the population extends to workers of offices of public associations.

Article 6. Purposes of creation and activities of public associations

1. Public associations are created and perform the activities in the following purposes:

1) realization and protection of the rights and freedoms of citizens;

2) developments of initiative and amateur performance of citizens;

3) developments of scientific, technical and art creativity;

4) public health cares;

5) participations in charity;

6) carrying out cultural and educational, sports and improving and sports work;

7) conservation, historical and cultural monuments;

8) patriotic and humanistic education, and also preserving national traditions;

9) expansions of international backgrounds, strengthenings of the world and friendship between the people;

10) implementation of other activities which are not forbidden by the law.

2. Public associations the activities can promote public authorities in realization of the socially important, and also socially useful purposes and tasks.

Article 7. Restrictions for creation and activities of public associations

1. Creation and activities of the public associations aiming at violent change of the constitutional system, harming of safety of the state, allowing violence in the activities, opposing the constitutional rights and freedoms of the citizens propagandizing war, racial, race, religious strife, encroaching on health and morality of citizens, and also which are engaged in extremist activities are forbidden.

2. Activities of the unregistered public associations in the territory of Turkmenistan are forbidden.

Article 8. Principles of creation and activities of public associations

1. Public associations are created and act on the basis of the principles of voluntariness, equality, self-government, legality and publicity.

2. Public associations are free in determination of the purposes, forms and methods of activities, an also of the internal structure.

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